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Silver Day13

The second time this week that I woke up a bit too late to do my morning exercises as I had a train/metro/bus ride planned to do a hike north of Amsterdam.
I walked along what we call 'De Waterlinie' (The Waterline) which is a military defence line to protect the city of Amsterdam that has its early foundation somewhere in the 16th century. The latest fortresses, canals and dikes were build late 1800 / early 1900. After that they became obsolete by modern warfare of tanks and airplanes but because of the constructions and water-management it is now a world heritage and great place for hiking.
I did a 19,5 km hike today.

When I came home (after a relaxing lunch and 1.5 hours train ride) I did my workout with 14 minutes on the bicycle trainer instead of a brisk walk. It felt really good. The advantage of doing the workout late afternoon I think is that the body is more flexible than early morning.

The first picture is a pittoreske view of Edam. The small village many of you may have hear of because of the small round Edammer Cheese usually packed in red paper.
The picture of the lunch salad shows that restaurant food can still be an option in a Kenzai Diet. Smoked eel and salmon with shrimps on a mixed salad with toast. I asked for the dressing separated and they did so I took it out.

Finally I wonder if you will be able to see this movie of my hike track:

Silver Day12

Today was the first day in many weeks that I have not been out of the house! Cold, rain and wind kept me in. Did the 17 minutes cardio/warm-up for the workout on my race bicycle in a Tacx Vortex Smart trainer. Ideal for days like this. Shoulders still complaining 😀 but completed the workout.

Yesterday's lesson was asking about sleep patterns ...
Since a the beginning of this year, being serious in Kenzai programs, I started to stop my habit of not hitting the sack before midnight. I try to be in bed by 11pm. No matter how late I go to bed I am up around 6 am. For me ideal time for workout before breakfast. Also this year probably due to the cancer treatment I have been taking a nap once in a while early or late afternoon. But I must say it is getting less as I'm feeling better all the time.
My biggest issue is the need to go to the bathroom during the night ... often 2 times a night.

Silver Day11

Even though I did my 5km walk in the morning also for me today this was a Kenzai rest day and I was planning not to blog. However I just had a 'Kenzai family experience' that I want to share with all of you.

I was introduced to Kenzai 2 years ago while working in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by my good friend and colleague Joy, originally from Switzerland. We have worked together in many countries around the world including Hong Kong and I know that she was introduced to Kenzai by one of her friends, Jerome, whom I also met in Hong Kong.

I was just talking with Joy on the phone while she was walking in Santiago de Chile where she lives nowadays to pick up her little boy from nursery home. We also talked about our current Kenzai programs and she told me that she had a chat with her friend Jerome who told her that he introduced his mother in law to Kenzai and she was in Silver with me now.

So I guess Tina that your son in law, whom you mentioned a few times, is Jerome!
Really funny to meet people you know in the Kenzai family! Say hello to him from me please! 😀
The world seems to be so small these days!

Silver Day10

Really noticing the workout is getting heavier by what my shoulders tell me. Think I need to watch my right shoulder during the day as I am not always positioned right behind the 2 laptops. Start getting the hang of the after workout stretches and they feel relaxing.

Last night I had Chinese stir fried veggies and chicken with rice.
Stir fry some onions, garlic and chili in a wok with a bit of sesame oil. Add the broccoli and few spoons of chicken broth and cook for few minutes. Put the veggies on a plate and fry the sliced chicken in the same wok until brown, add some hoisin and oyster sauce and the veggies. Serve with steamed rice. Quick and easy and I love the taste.
I think/hope the spoon each of sauces per portion should not hurt in a Kenzai diet.

Silver Day09

This morning the Kenzai App on my iPhone crashed each time when it started to countdown the rest time between sets. Did not have the issue on the iPad. I really love the app for the workouts so I hope it is fixed soon. Yesterday I downloaded an Apple update on my phone so I guess that is the reason.

Seen several questions about how to manage the diet in the blogs. Perhaps we can share a meal/recipe every day? I will make a start.
Thanks to Kenzai I am weighing my food now for almost a year and am quite used to that. I decide every evening what I will eat the next day and make my shopping list for the things I need. I am lucky by having a good supermarket in the basement of my apartment building and do my shopping at the end of the 5km walk before breakfast. I often cook for 2 or 3 meals that I eat during the week but getting better in preparing just one meal (for 1 person) at the time which I prefer.

For yesterday's lunch I baked sweet potato fries cut in smaller peaces in the oven for 12 minuter with some pepper and few drops of olive oil. I steam cooked broccoli for 6 minutes mixed it with cherry tomatoes, pepper and a few drops of olive oil, added it with the salmon to the potatoes in the oven and cooked all together for another 12 minutes.
At the same time cooked some pasta.

Finally I weighted 150 grams salmon and placed in the middle of a small oven dish, mixed 230 grams of veggies and potatoes with 100 grams of pasta and added it to the salmon.
If necessary reheat. Enjoy!

Silver Day08

Those Rocking Lunges seemed so simple but how difficult it was to keep my balance!
Completed the rest of the workout with no issues.

I'm doing my workouts from my living room or bedroom of my apartment. Just when completing the stretches I had this amazing view of ships at sea in bright sunlight and the city between me and the sea semi dark in the rain.
You can also see a faint rainbow behind the tall building in the distance.


I made today's brisk walk a serious 8 kilometer walk as I wanted to be on the beach in the first autumn storm. When the rain reduced a bit I walked from my apartment through the city center to the fishing harbour of Scheveningen and then 2 kilometers over the beach to the center of the town where I took a tram (mini rail) back home.

My intention is to be proud of what is staring back at me when I look into the mirror each morning.
I have already lost a lot of weight and when I look at myself into the mirror I see a weak mass of skin, fat and muscles. I'm not expecting to see a sixpack but a better shape than the front picture taken at the start of this program.

Silver Day06

Started the day as usual but a bit later with my daily walk and the Silver exercises.
What I was thinking today was that although I did Kenzai Reach before this program I still feel like an old man when I need to move to the floor as for the Drawbridge or to get up again. Hope that will improve during the course of Silver.

Barbara asked me about where I do my daily walk and from the map I upload in this blog you can see my walk starts and ends on the right (in the middle of the neighbourhood 'Uilebomen') and I walk clockwise around the city center of my hometown The Hague (yellow area is the pedestrian area) and then around an event area/park on the right top.

In the afternoon I walked 12 km from the train station nearest to my sisters place to her house. The first hour in the rain but the 2nd hour the sun tried to dry me up again. The second picture shows a cycle path on the side of a river. In the Netherlands we have many 2 way cycle lanes like that without any motorised traffic.

Silver Day05

My shoulders were definitely noticing the exercises of this morning!
Sitting behind a laptop (or 2) the whole day certainly does not practice that part of the body so I see the 'pain' as a positive result. Also the Seated Flutter Kicks were tough or was that because I did them after my 5k morning walk?
But the body felt so energetic after the workout, a shower and breakfast!

Silver Day04

What a happy surprise to open my Kenzai App this morning and read that today is a Silver Rest day.
Still did my morning stretches and completed my 5km walk.
Another surprise was the number of messages from the team!

Yesterday's hike had some surprises as well! Most important: we stayed dry the whole hike!
The small pedestrian and cyclists ferry across the Amstel river that me and my sister were supposed to cross on our trail was not operating (I had not found a notice of that on the internet the day before). So we decided to continue following the river into Amsterdam.
The city was named after the river as first settlers build a dam to protect them against floods after which Amstel and dam that they were referring to explaining where they lived became Amsterdam.

After 22 kilometers of hiking we were downtown in the canal area where we had a lovely Vietnamese dinner.
I will post some pictures of the river, a Dutch windmill, houseboats on the side of the river in the city, a city canal and the dinner.

Silver Day03

If I am left alone on a deserted island I hope it is in Asia so at least the weather is warm and not cold and rainy as at home right now. The dessert to take with me should be sticky rice and mango! How I love that after a good spicy Thai or Vietnamese dinner!

Todays workout done and my shoulders were noticing that. Funny to struggle finding a place in my small apartment where to do the Reclining Arm Swing and then to get into the right position. 🙂

Today I will meet my one year older sister for a 17km hike in the center of the country. The question will not be if but how wet we will be in the rain. 🙁🌂🌨☔️

Silver Day02

Being a morning person I already have the routine to exercise before breakfast and since Kenzai Reach I start my day out of bed with morning stretches and a 5 km walk. So that will be my daily warmup for the strength training of Silver. Just completed day 2 and enjoying my breakfast.

Silver Day01

Hi All,

I am a 65 year old Dutchman living in The Hague, Netherlands, who is happy to be back in another Kenzai program where this time the focus is on shaping our bodies. Last year was a bad year for me with lots of work stress, no time taken for exercise and for being an emotional eater the result was a weight as heavy as I had never seen in my life and a body unable to move.
So in December last year I told myself this should change and I am already so happy that thanks to Kenzai I am really better now. The 2 programs that made me focus were Kenzai Mind and Kenzai Reach that I really would recommend to anyone!

To cut a long story short this is what I achieved since last December:
- reduced my weight from 134 kg to 102 kg at the start of this program.
- from not being capable to walk comfortable more than 20 minutes I did a 20 kilometer hike last Saturday.
On top of that I am convinced that living and eating healthy is the strongest support for recovery of prostate cancer that I was diagnosed with. The brachytherapy that I got in early June is showing good results.

I have my end goal in terms of loosing weight but that is not the most important. Shaping my body is and I am sure that while doing that through Kenzai Silver the correct weight will come. The Kenzai diet is more a lifestyle than a diet to me. There is no processed food in my kitchen and I love the balance of carbs, protein and veggies as in the picture of today's lunch that I will post as well as a picture of Saturday's hike.

Looking forward to meet the team and trainer in the blogs!

More flexibility noted! 

Some of the Reach skillful movement and evening stretches were difficult for me and sometimes made me wonder if I was ever making progress. It was on a hike on Saturday where I had to climb over a fence that I realised that my overall flexibility was much better then when I started 8 weeks ago.
The assessment yesterday also showed the progress I have made as I try top show in the 2 pictures I upload. So in all I am happy about my achievements and for sure need to maintain and improve my flexibility even more.

My holiday break had a negative effect on my exercise routine and as I went back to work again today I started doing the Day36 workouts again with the intention to repeat the last 3 weeks properly. Also I need to tighten the diet regime again that went so well in the beginning but was also suffered from my holiday break.

Thanks Ward and Ed for the encouragement and video's of other ways to do the stretches.
Congratulations to all team members and I guess we meet again someday on another Kenzai experience!

Although this weeks stretches are going well I feel I suffer from my own inconsistency of the 2 weeks before. Particularly on exercises like Triangle Flow and Gate it feels as if I am more stiff when twisting the torso and stretching the arm and shoulders.
Will try next week after the program is finished to repeat the last 3 weeks.

End of Week 4





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