Mike C.

Mike C.

Feeling good ...

The march to the end is in on us.

Feeling grand and mentally re-programmed to some degree. Went out on Saturday to a surprise party and didn’t even fancy drinking so didn’t. Desire to get up the following morning and exercise was much stronger than to get smashed (though I have to admit I am looking forward to a loooooooooong champagne brunch post Kenzai)

Nothing fits me anymore ... I mean seriously nothing. Great problem to have and I have now put my ‘fat’ clothes in the St Vinnies basket and am now setting my permanent baseline trigger for re-starting Kenzai as 34 inches and 90 kgs. Bring on the new tailored suits in a couple of weeks ...


Hope everyone else is finishing 💪

Cheers Mike

New York New York

Just back from a business trip.

Took my bike and managed some good riding so cardio not too bad.

Didn’t drink at all until the business class flight back when I had a serious blow out; wine, fizz, cheese, ice cream, the works baby!!!

Not sure why the plane blow out happened as there was more incentive with colleagues during the week, but somehow just seemed like a good thing to do! Felt marginally guilty, but oh God how I enjoyed it!

No workouts for me for several weeks now and I’m not planning to start any. Very happy with my weight loss and overall sense of control and well being so just going to go with that, stick to the diet principles and keep letting the bike be my exercise ..

Getting close to the magic 90 kegs ... hopefully this week :-)

Have a great week all

perfect kenzai!

Well maybe not! 3000 calories burned on day 1 of the big ride. Reckon we might have these calories covered :-)

first indulgence

Enjoyed my first drink yesterday celebrating a good mate’s birthday on Rawa Island ... and then immediately felt the need to burn an extra 100 calories 😀

Buffet has plenty of decent options. Won’t be perfect Kenzai this weekend but will uphold the principles.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

good week ...

Lots of riding, perfect food and booze abstinence and continued weight loss. Under 97 kegs today which was pleasing.

The only challenge continues to be getting the workouts done on the ride days but will keep pushing ..

Have a good week all


Planned to sleep in as I was feeling knackered and sore last night. But there I was, wide awake at 6 am and then I found myself getting out of bed, going downstairs, and doing the workout. Certainly need to build in more time now though. Took me well over an hour to compete all the sets. Anyone else finding them quite Long? Don’t mind the duration per se and I enjoyed today’s exercises a lot but as I wrote in the last post it is a lot to cram into a day (particularly when you are riding 2 hours in the am as well) so that’s a bit of a struggle ...

Ken harassed me for a photo which I duly took and am pretty happy with, compared to my week one pic ... still weird sharing one’s gut with the world but, as the saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved and I would my gut halved so sharing away 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Getting up at 5 to ride, home by 7.15, breakfast with Bella, take her to school, ride to work, work all day, ride home, dinner with Bella, dinner with Nicky, night calls with the US, bed, rinse repeat.

On these ride days I am finding it sooooo hard to fit the workout in. Did it at 930 the other night, first chance i had to get to it ... and was completely wiped, and then when done I couldn’t sleep.

riding is not optional, we have a 500km ride in 4 weeks. Kenzai workout is not optional, I can feel how much tougher it is getting and I am miles behind on the workouts and frustrated.

How do you make it fit?????!!!!!

Back to working out ...

Struggled to find the motivation for the workouts this week on top of riding. Did great on diet (even managing a mate’s 50th) and no booze, and am feeling good with good weight loss and noticeable shrinkage. Some nice comments from friends who can see the difference. But definitely behind the curve on the strength exercises so I am sure ‘this week is gonna hurt like a mutha ahaaaaaa’ ....

It has been a while since my last post, long enough to get a ‘oy’ reminder from Kenzai!

I am travelling for work in India, which has proven pretty tough in terms of the diet. I have manage to stay the course on my workouts, at least until an attack of the Delhi Belly yesterday which wiped me out for Sunday.

Diet wise within the available menu choices I have been trying to stick to high-protein, relatively low carbs and lots of vegetables, which is easier to have prepared by the hotel. No slippage on the booze which is great and I have decided I like sparkling water a lot!

Exercise wise, I have really enjoyed the workout but something strange happened two days ago. I was jumping rope, when I was suddenly struck by a splitting headache. I read up on this symptom and it seems to be quite common. Something called an exertion headache Which can be apparently be caused
by tied neck muscles, dehydration, lack of sleep, or a host of other things apparently. I really hope it doesn’t continue because I’m enjoying the skipping a lot. Still feel wiped today so I think it will be another day off the exercise which is a shame.

Overall I can see some visible changes in my body, I am definitely losing some off my waist, the belt is definitely looser but I’m feeling “at risk “given I have not been able to be religiously focused on the diet since being away. Looking forward to getting back to Singapore and getting back onto my bike ...

Will weigh in when I get back to see what, if any damage, this trip has done. Fingers crossed.

Good luck with week 3 people ....

Ouch!!!! #lovetheburn

Double down on today’s workout to make up for the one I missed yesterday. Legs, knees and abs are in shock 😊

Frustrated to miss workout day 2.

Rode for 2 hours today so plenty of calories burned but no time to complete the workout as had calls all night. I need to figure out how to blend the two activities efficiently as already feel I have dropped the ball even though my workout was probably a lot harder at Thai stage ... Ken?

Still, did well with food today

workout 1

Enjoyed the workout. Skipping great, have always loved that. Easy 100 rotations per min. Crunches also fine but the old shoulder injury is going to be a challenge. No chance of doing press ups in the plank position so tried them from my knees. Managed 5 reps per set and the injury site hurts a fair bit now. Here’s hoping the shoulder builds up over time, would love to think I could do some sets by the end of the program.

Stretching feels great. Am so tight; found it interesting to see that I couldn’t do the chest expansion exercise without assistance; clearly that should has seized heavily over the past 18 months to the point that I could barely interlock my fingers. With a bit of help from my Friend

Great steak and veggie dinner to celebrate .. yes Ken, 1/4 left 😊

confusion reigns

Lighting conditions? Meal plans? Huh?
Anyway we’re off and running. Hurrah! 10kgs and hopefully a better body and mind, with a 500km bike ride and a 90 day cleanse can’t be all bad.

Breakfast was half an Avo and an egg on toast. Does it count if I ate a quarter less than normal rather than leaving it? No? Ok ...

Let’s do this!

Starting Photo