Michael L.

Michael L.

Rough go

I’ve been having a hard time this week staying on track. There were a lot of changes at my job which have kept me in the office most of the week. I also feel like I’m fighting a cold (probably from stress). I will just try to take this one day at a time.

Almost there

We’re getting close to the end and I’m looking forward to knowing how I will fee physically at that point. It’s been a long journey and easy to end up in the kenzai tunnel. Hope everyone is doing well

What a difference

What a difference a. Couple of months makes. I feel great getting through these workouts now and even better when I’m not working out. I’d be dying if I attempted these routines before. The diet isn’t bad either once you fall into a groove. Let’s keep it going, only 4 more weeks!

Mental Benefit

The biggest plus I’ve found so far that I didn’t quite anticipate has been the mental benefit of this program. I would equate it to being on par with the physical benefit at a minimum. It really is amazing how what we eat can effect our mood, attitude, mental energy, and overall clarity. Thanks Kenzai!!


I have to say as happy as I am with the way things are going sometimes I find it really difficult getting up in the morning after a long day. I am thinking it’s the cutting back on food a bit that maybe adding to my feeling of tiredness. I am powering through. Just thought I would share.

Back from travel

I’m back from a rough week of travel. I got my workouts in but the diet started better than it ended. I had some late nights and travel days which took a toll. Anyway I’m not focusing on what could have been better but on getting the next several weeks right. Here’s to staying focused!

Feeling great

I have to say I feel great. While this is not super easy, I can totally see the benefits and it’s still early which is exciting. I already have much less joint pain and feel
Much more energetic than I have in a long time. Who knows what’s to come!

Travel tips?

I’m going to be traveling for 5 days in a couple weeks and I’d like to ask the group if anyone has any good tips for staying on track with the diet while away? I’m away for business so I’m not always in control of my schedule. Any thoughts are appreciated!!


I get what the lessons are saying about being a mule. The Routine is starting to get to me. That being said, I'm having moments where I feel really good and I'm taking it as a sign of what's to come. It's been a long time since I felt fit and in control of my body and I'm really looking forward to it. Let's go team!


While nothing is individually difficult, this diet takes a ton of prep to follow. Not a bad thing but I find the prep is 90% of the battle. I'm also finding it difficult to eat all the food at breakfast as it's more than I would normally take in.

Leaving 1/4

Pretty amazing what power leaving 1/4 of your food on the plate has both mentally and physically. I'm finding that one I put the fork down and wait a bit I'm usually satisfied even though I would have gladly finished. It also seems like a nice mental win taking back control over eating.

Day 1

First workout in the books!! Super excited to be back on the path to a better body. Looking forward to the journey!!

Final Blog... 
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Final results: Weight loss 26.6 lbs (224.6 to 198), total body fat loss 7%, 4 inches off my waist.  Not only were the results amazing but I feel like I am in the best shape & conditioning of my life.  Prior to beginning this program I began to feel joint pain which I accepted as something I would have to deal with as I got older.  Any pain I was feeling is gone now...I now know that was caused by my weight and poor fitness level.

When I look back at the past 90 days I realize that participating in this has project has been one of the best decisions of my
life to date.  The learning experience alone has been fantastic and is filled with core principles that will guide my life going forward.  PCP should be a required course for America’s youth (then we wouldn't have such an obesity epidemic in this country).  Several realizations were made during this process that I would like to share:

1 - You can lose weight while not being hungry!
2- A gym and weights are NOT required for building muscle and getting fit.(and probably will only lead to setbacks from injuries)

3- Calories shouldn’t be relevant in your daily routine if you are smart about how you approach a diet (not diet in the weight
loss sense but as a lifestyle). This is amazing to me because prior to pcp I constantly thought in calories and was crunching numbers in my head all day while thinking about what to eat next.
4- You CAN get into a  solid workout routine even if you feel like you never have time or energy.  Sure its very difficult at first to break the cycle but working out will give you more energy throughout the day and if you prioritize it then you will make time.

5- Food intake affects all facets of life, mood, general feelings, irritability, energy levels and overall well being.

6 - Anybody can lose weight, there is no "I’m prone to being fat so my body won’t respond".  i am proof.  Sure you may gain easier than others but proper diet and exercise will get results.  Nobody said it was easy, but with the right plan of attack it’s very possible.

7 – You’ll never make progress if you’re not honest with yourself.  We need to be completely honest about what we put into our bodies as well as how hard we are really working out  (ie – going to the gym but not breaking a sweat is a waste of time).

I went shopping for clothes yesterday and felt like a kid in the dressing room as shirt after shirt fit really well which is something i haven't experienced in a very long time...its a great feeling and i intend to hold onto it.

I'd like to extend a big thanks to Patrick and Sarah for showing us the way and providing motivation when times were tough.
 The results and lessons which are now strongly ingrained in my regime far surpassed my expectations.  I also owe a special thanks to the Hidaka brothers for their encouragement and support In joining pcp as well as throughout the program.  One last big thank you needs to go to my wife who also had to alter her lifestyle to help me conquer the program.  She put up with a lot in the last 3 months and i owe her big time, I couldn't have done this without her.

Final Blog to Come...

Still gathering my thoughts...

1 Week Left

The daily notes have been very appropriate pushing us to maintain motivation as it's easy at this point to relax a bit given all the progress up to this point.  I am keeping my head down and driving forward with the goal finishing this program strong and have a killer final pic.  

Final Photo

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