Michelle K.

Michelle K.

The prince who ran away 

So i finished my mind program by reading "The prince who ran away" with my son, he picked it out. It was a fun kids book about the Buddha. It was a great reminder of why you sit. I haven't finished strong but hope to include sitting as a part of my week, at least a few times a week. I plan to re-read some of the training to remind me why and how.

Suffering and Compassion

Today's lesson is very topical for me... my 6 year old son and I have been butting heads about things that are very important to him and he feels like i'm dismissing him... i'll have to put some of this in practice.


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I traveled all week last week, which is not normal for me so getting back in the swing of things has been difficult. I was able to sit most days, but did miss a few. I took time during my flight out to meditate and meditating definitely helped on my way back when we had over 30 minutes of really rough turbulence. yiykes!

I hope everyone else is feeling good with their practice.

Walking meditation

I did my walking meditation walking around my yard in the woods. It was pretty hard. I just didn’t know how fast to walk. It felt like I was walking down the isle to get married or something. Then a grasshopper jumped, flew and landed right on my chest. It startled me and I tripped and stepped on my shoelace. My shoe came undone and I had to retie it, but I was fine. It gave me a little chuckle. It was nice to get out and move instead of sit.


Hey team. i've decided not to blog much this time around. One of the chains i keep getting stuck on is "what am i going to blog about?" "am I going to talk about where i sat? what i thought about?" so unless i have a question i'm going to be pretty quiet. I'll try to come on and comment on other people but want to stay quiet in my head.

I do have a couple questions though. Anyone else sitting outside while meditating? i did today. It was really nice but i felt strange doing it with my eyes shut. Thus, i kept my eyes open. It felt a little strange. Like i wasn't really meditating, like i was just sitting by the river. does that make sense. Any thoughts about eyes open or closed?

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Hello team. Busy mind today while trying to get my 5 minutes done. Lots going on but it was nice to be still and quiet for a short time.

Intro time:

- Where are you?
+ New Hampshire, USA. Just winding down the summer and starting to have nice cool nights.
- How do you spend your time?
+I work, play with my two kids, renovate my home with my husband and if I’m lucky I do pottery as a hobby.
- Why Kenzai Mind?
+I’ve got a lot going on. I need some mental me time and some slowing down.
- What scares/excites you about this course?
+ Nothing scares me. I’m excited to have some quiet me time.
- What's your favorite season? Why?
+ Summer, I love the warm weather and swimming.
- Are you facing obstacles to this training cycle? This might be injury, travel, or even some cosmic dissonance of some nature.
+ my knee is injured so I’ve had to bail out of a couple programs. I’m looking forward to this one.

Take care everyone.


Hey everyone, intro blog time...
I live in New Hampshire, USA where we are finally having a summer. I have two kids who are excited to do a little exercise with me and always willing to be a little added weight on my back while i try to exercise. I turn 40 in August so i want to be in a less fluffy state by then...

My favorite beach vacation was when i went to Hawaii all by myself last year for a friends wedding. I was able to do all the things i wanted to in just a few days, hike, surf, kayak and art museum... it was great.

I'm lucky to say i almost have my dream job. I work for my friend and college roommate. She and her husband started a small company and i do their accounting work... it's my first job after taking a few years off from being an auditor to have a family. We're in a fun, up and coming industry and working with friends is great. And i was able to talk her into only a 30 hour week so i have a day off each week to spend with my family and renovate my house. Lots going on!

i look forward to meeting you all :-)

Day 1

I'm excited to be back on program. I wasn't able to finish bells strong due to an injured knee. I've fell pretty hard off the wagon. Now, i'm getting PT for my knee, feeling stronger and ready to go. I'm turning 40 in a few weeks so i hope to end my 30's in good form.

Have a great week everyone!

Bum knee 

I wasn’t able to finish. My knees were acting up. I loved what I did do and hope to try again later.

Bowing out

I'm really sad to say, i'm bowing out of this program. I am supper sad because I love the exercises and this has been a fantastic group to be part of. But, every day i look at the exercises and get really sad i'm not taking part so for my mental health i've got to go. I hope to get my knees all better and do this program again and earn that badge and feel good about having it.

Best of luck everyone! I hope to see you in another program soon.

taking it easy

So my knees are not doing well 😫. I took 4 days off after shooting pain just going up/down stairs at work. I tried to do the workout today and got it done but again, the shooting pain in my knees. I guess time for ice and to see a doctor.

I’m so bummed because I’m loving these workouts. I was seeing some great results. But I guess it’s a step too far for my knees.

I’m going to stay with the diet and try to do the non-knee parts but we will see how that goes.

Have a great week everyone.

Alt cardio

Instead of jumping rope today (I just couldn’t stomach 4 rounds!) I did a sprint through the woods, along the river to the old train bridge. It takes 2 minutes each way so it’s perfect. It was great fun and my heart was pounding.

Still a little hungry after my egg white and veg dinner. Looking forward to my fruit snack tonigh.


All these “eat local” lessons are just at the right time. I’ve been wanting chickens and I finally made the plunge this week. 6 baby chicks in the house! So cute!!

For my free cardio today I gardened like a mad woman. Shoveled, turned soil and dug out huge rocks. I’m sore everywhere.

Let’s have a great week. I’m on egg white dinners now so now it really feels like ZENZAI!!


I woke up with a crook in my neck. Our know the one, when it hurts to look over your shoulder. Ouch! I may lay low in the workouts for the next couple days while I heal. I’ll play it by ear.

But (before that) I’m loving my workouts. Getting firm and fit and enjoying swinging the bell. Diet is on point too.

Life is good

Life is good. I missed a couple workouts due to bad planning and after work events that snuck up. But still doing well. Had a few treats yesterday but I don’t feel bad about it.

Also, I made this ceramic bowl to eat my giant lunch salads out of. Now I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow.

Have a happy week everyone.




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