Mike B.

Mike B.

A Toast to The K Team  

WOW! So much to say! Today’s workout was a Breeze! Hard to believe on Day 8 I did all my Push ups on my knees! Patrick you have a tremendous process! Your message today was so simple yet so true! Our ancestors did a lot right! Kim & Talya thanks for all your encouragement throughout! Shoutouts: Steph thanks for asking & being a Can Do Role Model! Teo thanks for emphasizing focus on Safety & Progress! Matt thanks for suggesting Music 🎶- I just can’t trip up to U2! Cindy couldn’t do it without you! 80% diet & you kept me dialed in! And finally Thanks to my Team! Margaret & Ian for setting the Bar each week! Mary Alice for her sheer determination! Cheri & Zoe for driving thru this while raising kids - sometimes on their backs! Jessi....persevering even with a new born 👶! Ines & Sri somehow fitting all this in even with your travels! Kevin & Jenny hanging in there through some tough weeks! I always looked at you all & thought if they can get it done then I’ve got no Excuse! Thx for helping me through! This is definitely not the end but the Beginning! So....a Toast to you All! Thx! Mike

Day 90!

I liked the 5X Cycles this week - my body is stronger than I thought! I got out of the US Navy in 1983. Today I weigh the same! Never saw that coming again! 3 notches on the belt too! Thx Kenzai!

The Belt!

It’s pretty worn but steadily moving to the right! Had to use the last loophole today! I am going to have to get a new one soon thanks to Kenzai!


With my family out of town I had to purchase the groceries and prepare the meals! I miss them! Really good day today with the jump ropes. Only four trips in 21 minutes! Have a good week everyone!

Attended a birthday party for One of my wife’s cousins this weekend. Several from the family have done Kenzai! I received many compliments on my efforts to date but more importantly heard from each of them how they have continued to keep the lessons learned in their routines! They all looked great And shared a lot of their positive experiences! The program has been a step change in diet & exercise for sure but listening to the “family” it really seems sustainable! Ready for week 11!

Lifestyle changes?

No trips in my first five minute set of jump ropes tonight! The next three sets weren’t quite as good, but hey…… as far as lifestyle changes, I have really made an effort to make this program a priority each day. It’s much easier for me than many of my teammates! Not raising young kids, have not traveled, no injuries yet and have not been sick! I figure that fitness mind and body is the foundation for everything else and this program fits the bill! I know many of us are wondering what’s next?! For me, I think making better choices each day is helping me develop better routines. I will likely scale back some on the amount of exercise and hopefully maintain the lessons of nutrition and diet! I like everyone Want to sustain our gains! Week 10 here we come!

Team Brewster

This is my team from a couple of weeks ago! My wife Cindy is the chef cooking all the great Kenzai Meals & My sons provide excellent music for the work outs! Could not do it without them! All I have to do is eat and work out occasionally!


No doubt anything we gain each day is earned! Have a good week 8 everyone!

Definitely not quitting! I’m not quitting because I have been seeing decent results! I like the process, it makes a lot of sense to me! The workouts are definitely getting longer and harder! The key for me the rest of the way will be To know when to say when, stay injury free And stay on point with the diet!


A Grocery cart full of the right stuff for Team Brewster!

I’d say this was the first week my energy level dipped a little. I guess it makes sense with the increased exercises and cutting back a little on the diet. Anything with chairs and bars still remains challenging! I’m always aware of my lower back - previous wear & tear! I’m really hoping with all the core work & stretching that my back will improve! Onward to WEEK 6!

D 28 Done

D 28 done really no change socially. I did have a couple beers to celebrate my birthday! Many folks are interested in the program and we talk about different exercise and diet processes that we have all done! My family has been very supportive! Especially my wife Cindy who is still the MVP with all the cooking! The Bar is not one of my favorites!

Day 21 Done

Mentally I feel pretty good. I like the routines I’m developing- I’m very lucky I don’t do the traveling that many of you have to deal with! I’m eating consistently & work out when I get home each night. Physically I’m OK. Trouble with the chair & pull up bar. Still managing slight lower back pain but it’s better than a month ago! Have lost several pounds & 1 belt loop. Clothes are definitely looser! Onward to week 4!👍

These two are kicking 🦵 my butt! My whole body shakes! Thankful for the weekend!


Extra credit for snowstorms? Hey Kim, do we get extra credit for shoveling snow?!




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