Mike S.

Mike S.

Kenzai Body | Day 20
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:
night exercise

I like exercising at night. It feels like a healthy alternative to other things I have preferred to spend my nights doing: drinking, smoking and eating nut butter.

Into the groove

Inconsistent with the exercises in first week. Week two I am on it. Verily enjoying the large portions o’ chowdown. A bit of trepidation about having to eat less. I am so used to late night snacks used (abused) to stave off some insecurity I have around paucity in general after dark. I used to booze at night. Haven’t had booze for 10 years. But been filling that gap with nut butter. Cashew butter night cap, anyone? Peanut butter and raisin digestif? Oh, well. I’ll be happy to give them up too. Every thing I ever gave up has claw marks all over it, as they saying goes. Been exercising at night. That kinda fits the bill.

Day 3

Feeling like I could do this kind of workout every day on the regular. Glad Kenzai is clueing me in


I’m glad to be getting some guidance in fitness and diet.