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Ming Lai C.

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In and out  

Thank you Team for your support and encouragements, especially during the difficult moments. Just got back from San Diego! Enjoyed the beach and all the indulgences! Can’t wait for the next Kenzai and train train train!

In and out

Just got back from San Diego! Feeling refreshed and enjoyed the beach and all the yummy indulgence! Can’t wait for the next program and train train train!

Stronger than I thought 

I feel a little sad that 90 days are done - what am I doing tomorrow? But I am proud - I never ever thought I could get fitter with more muscles, thank you amazing Kenzai! I have learned that it’s all about being balanced - there will always be days when things are not perfect. It’s up to me to do my very best still and get over the hiccups. I think I will sign up for another program because I want to train again and go to a higher level. Thought it maybe cool to have Kenzai boxing. Thank you Matt, Patrick and all my Teammates!

The Iron Lady

“Power is like being a lady... If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Margaret Thatcher

Getting ready for my Kenzai Iron mentally, physically & emotionally...

Perfect Ending 
Perfect ending 1

My bootcamp girlfriends, Lisa, Jade, Michelle and Sharon are the best - they shouted me my long-awaited glass of rose. Felt nothing when I was drinking it - very strange - I thought I was craving some real juice.

Looking for my PCPeers in the outside area of the IFC Red Bar. Lucky my friends recognized Sreenivas. I had to take a very good look at my fellow Indigos and one Jade to make sure they are real, and not my imaginary friends! Hanged out a little and chatted about the slip-offs over the 90 long days.

Joined my fierce buddies for dinner at Maxims. Had fishies, pork and Chinese veggies. Very yummy and satisfying. We were still talking about my first week of indulgence...

Jade was hoping that you would chop the complete stamp on my blog. Glad I could sneak this perfect ending in. Alrighty, thanks heaps Team, ciao ciao.

Thank you, Thomas for all your always positive encouragements and support!

Thank you, Ward for your tough love, I really appreciated your help especially in the rainy days!

Thank you, Lynx, Jennifer, Ethan, Tristan, DJ, Jeff, Jonathan, and Myron, and the wider Indigo group. It's been inspiring to read your blogs and share this journey with you.

Thank you, Lisa, Jade, May, and Sharon. It's been wonderful to be watched, told off about indulgences, and supported when it got out of control and unbearable...

Thank you, Brad for all the hilarious posts. It makes the whole process so much more fun!

Thank you, Brian for regularly checking in and posting uplifting notes!

Now God is telling me to "Eat the Fat, Drink the Sweet" (Neh 8:10)! So let me share with you my preliminary indulgence plan - I haven't really stopped indulging from Day 1, have I?

MON Japanese Mochi

THU PCP Drinks Celebration

FRI Hot Pot Night

SAT Ball

NEXT WEEK Sydney - Hunter Valley wine tour, Darrell Lea white chocolate rocky road, coconut ice, rock oysters, sashimi, roast chicken, Aussie barbie, Tim Tams, cheese, fudge, salted caramel white chocolate gelato ...

Not too crazy a plan. Some treats here and there. May also get my favorite Garrett popcorn, a rare steak and some cheese this week.

As for my last photo, no abs to show, only bits of my rib cage. But this is truly my very best - at least for now. Will see you again at repeak.

P.S. Just done an egg white face mask to celebrate, my skin is feeling fantastic!

Once in a Lifetime
Cans plans

I love PCP and the transformation that it brings. Everyone should do it at least once in a lifetime! The people who are already thinking repeak is a little mad in my humble opinion... But look at the muscles and health glow - pure beauty that is! I am amazed at how this program has brought me to a completely new terrain in my personal growth on so many levels!

Commercial Time:

Sreenivas J has invited the Hong Kong crew to hang out at the Red Bar in the IFC next Thursday night. I am in for a real juice! My awesome bootcamp PCP alumni buddies were already talking about celebation at the beginning of the week. Please come Jade, Lisa, Sharon, Jennifer and perhaps also May who is on Day 40 something in the Jade Group.

WOW is it only 1 or 2 days to go? Proud that I have made it so close to accomplishing one of my New Year Resolutions! Yay!

I can see the finish line
640 martinatazzioli photochristianprestegaard

Just came across this Skaala Uphill Mountain race photo and feel inspired by the focus of this lady.


Photo Caption: Martina Tazzioli, Italia, Finished in 11th position in 1.41.52. At this point she can see the finish line at the famous and spectacular Skaala Tower for the first time. She has only 25 metres more to climb in 150 metres of running distance. Photo Christian Prestegaard

Start over 01

Look back at your thoughts and feelings from the first week. What has changed?

"There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time." Anne Lamott

To all my friends who encouraged me in my last struggling post, thank you very much. I had a valley week and was in the narrowest tunnel vision. The allergy and medicines threw me off the track momentarily - I was probably allergic to those horrible stuff, how ironic. I have rested. I have recovered. I am back.

The main motivation for me to join PCP at the beginning was to start my year right. A quarter of the year has gone by, I now have a healthy diet, more toned muscles, and a lot more focus and discipline. I love it.

I ditched the gym today. It made me a little nervous but it's time for a change. My membership has served its purpose over the last 5 years or so. I would rather cut the ties and continue exercising self-mastery than going back to air-conditioned repetitive sessions.


I am struggling... I can no longer get up early to work out and in the evening I don't want to do it! I am failing at every workout set. Still sticking to my diet but feeling really hungry, tired & exhausted. The drugs must be affecting me too. What have I done wrong? Why is my tummy still stuck with me? This is a boring post but how do I stay strong & finish strong?

Mini indulgences

Hanged out with mum and had a famous freshly baked Tai Cheong egg tart. Had a coffee with a little honey in the morning too.

A little sick but spoiled
Yummy salad

My dear friend has blessed me with tonnes of designer items. If it wasn't for PCP, I wouldn't need a new wardrobe. But if it wasn't for PCP, there is no way I could have fit in those XS clothes! She even made a very delicious salad to go with the toasted sunflower bread. I need some of those domestic skills.

Sort of fasted in the morning, I did not mean to. I did not touch the Easter bunnies and eggs. Just didn't feel like it. Could have indulged when I was at yum cha with my friends. Also didn't feel like it. Actually feeling a little sick - having a terrible allergic reaction to the mossie bites. Managed to do my exercise quietly in the rain. Figured my jump counts did not drop - it's just that the counter is not working properly.


Had a slow and sleepy good Friday. Slept in and for about 11 hours. Did my exercise. My body was so tired that my jump count dropped from 1800 to 800 per 18 mins. Added in the 8min abs. Squeezed in my brekky and morning snack. Enjoyed an afternoon nap and did not want to get up! Hanged out with my friend, played with her gorgeous dog. Had a very late lunch, a very late afternoon snack, a very late dinner, and a very late evening snack.

Love Bootcamp!

What's been the easiest part of this process? What's been the hardest?

The easiest part of the process is now my diet. I'm really used to it and very happy that I have got this important aspect of my life sorted. The exercise is the hardest. Getting up early is tiring. But I am still amazed that I manage to work out every day. It is a good personal record.

So happy that I went to bootcamp this evening. My buddies are just plain awesome! I asked the question why my 6 packs are all so unified and compact. Apparently, it's the lack of 8 mins abs...

Plank with the Kids!
Plank with the kids

A bunch of kiddies spectators were admiring my perfect form at the park this arvo. This is part of the conversation:

Kid: Why are you doing this?
Me: Because I am exercising.

Kid: Why are you exercising?
Me: Because I want to get fit.

Kid: Why do you want to get fit?
Me: Because I want to be healthy.

Kid: Why can't you pull that [the band] all the way up?
Me: Because I am doing curls... and it is tight.

Kid: What is tight?
Me: ... ...

The kiddies enjoyed playing with my toys. They did standing ovation, outside curls, otter kicks and plank with me. They said it was too easy and they will be eating 100 choccies for Easter. What a life!

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