Miya P.

Miya P.

Kenzai Body | Day 18
Kenzai Body
Day 18
Program progress:
Favorite Meal?

I’m just wondering if any of you have a favorite kenzai meal that you’ve made? If so, can you share the recipe?

Hungry, anyone?

Is anyone else feeling hungry after meals? Crazy to think that I couldn’t finish my meals last week and this week I just want more...😬

End of Week 2

I like my new diet—I definitely feel better eating so many vegetables! Plus, I’ve found that the loose diet guidelines allow me to be creative with my cooking. I’ve been making more varied foods all around, from vegetables, to grains, to proteins and even fruit (it helps that spring brings plenty of abundance that way). Additionally, I feel that our new healthier eating is a good example for our children, though their plate has stayed pretty much evenly divided between carbs, proteins and vegetables.

I’m pleased with the progress i’ve Made jump roping, too. I was a bit intimidated by the 600 jumps number but I was able to hammer them out (5 sets of 120). I still have a long ways to go before jump roping for 20 min seems at all possible, but won’t that be nice if/when that day comes.

I’m also especially happy that my husband and I are doing this together as we’ve been at a few social events this week where it would have been so easy to cave and make an “exception” but being together we were able to reinforce each other.

The toughest part of this week has been adjusting to everything. Time to make each of the meals and then to eat them. Time to workout given sometimes very crazy days. Having a completely stuff full fridge that by the end of the day seems empty because we’ve eaten all of the vegtables. Along those lines, making multiple trips to the grocery store and finding time for that. Finally, with increased workouts comes increased laundry! So...time has been the hardest part.

What inspired you to sign up for Kenzai Body?

The prospect of spending the summer at the beach and tired of my mom pooch. My friend who is a Kenzai member told me about it when I asked and voila.

In terms of the Kenzai Body challenge, what do you think is your greatest strength?

I actually like regimented things like this. I like eating this way and I like exercising every day--which probably leads to the last question...

What do you think will be your greatest weakness?

My motivation can wane, especially when faced with demands of others (kids, husband, friends). Luckily, I got my husband to join me in this so I won't have him asking to take me to a gourmet restaurant 2x/month or eating nut butter at all hours of the night ;-)

Is it me or did jumping rope just get a lot harder? It's like for the first little while my body was like, "OK, we can do this thing..." and then it was like, "Whoa whoa whoa. You want to do this EVERY DAY? Let's have a little chat..." Maybe I just need to sleep more. This week has been super hectic and today is the first "normal" day in almost 2 weeks so we'll see what real rest does. (Also, throwing it out there, I feel like my Yoga Nidra practice will also contribute to this deep rest and repair thing. Thoughts, Patrick?) . All that being said, the rest of the workouts are great. (I do want to add that with regard to the stretches, a lot of the info says to not engage the muscles but speaking as a hypermobile person I always need to engage my muscles when I stretch or I will injury my joints very quickly. Along those lines, pregnant ladies or nursing moms will be more mobile than normal and should use extra care when stretching.)

With regard to diet, my body very quickly adjusted to actually being regularly nourished throughout the day (who'd a thought? ;-) . I can get most of my meals and snacks down. The one sticky part is that dairy. Oh, I just don't like dairy. That has never been difficult for me to give up on any cleanse.

However, with regard to diet, are there tips for what to do when we're traveling or have to eat outside of home? Will we just get better at eyeballing portions or is there a better reference for us?

Too much food

Starting Day 2 and I’m still full from all of the food from yesterday...and i couldn’t eat it all. I skipped 2 snacks and only ate 1/2 of the dairy. I’m used to going most of the day with just an energy bar or banana :-( My body loves all of the vegetables and food, but it takes me an hour to make it through a meal. I never thought that not eating enough food would be the source of not being able to follow a health program...

Just made it through the first Week 2 breakfast—that is a LOT of food and I still need to fit the dairy in...(what to do with dairy when you’re sick? I really don’t need the extra mucus right now. Will coconut yogurt work?) I definitely like having more vegetables—I always crave them but they do take time to prepare, unlike a piece of bread with almond butter that you can eat driving the kids to school

Week 1 workouts were nice but i’m glad to see the workouts ramping up. Any other moms having pelvic floor troubles with the jump rope? My friend who recommended this program said she did but eventually her body adapted...hoping that’s true for me.


We are on a spring break trip with the family so it’s a little hard to really get in the groove...but probably best that it is this first week instead of the second! We are able to fit in the workouts, albeit at odd hours. The leaving 1/4 behind is easier at some places than others plus my normal eating schedule is out of whack because of the time change and vacation schedule. Overall, feeling a little out of it.

I am very excited to start this program. I’m looking forward to changing eating habits I’ve fallen into as well as trying new exercises (like jump rope ;-)