Miya P.

Miya P.

Kenzai Body | Day 85
Kenzai Body
Day 85
Program progress:
Final Week

We leave for Europe tomorrow which means my final week will be on vacation. This will make avoiding the Senioritis week tough. BUT I have my jump rope packed and my exercise bands.

Tomorrow will be a big travel day and I know there will be exercise in it, but was hoping to eat pretty clean...until I saw that the airport we are flying out of has abysmal food options. (Kit, does Peet’s offer hard-boiled eggs?) Does anyone have any tips? Was going to bring a salad and lunch for the kids but am also trying to clean out the fridge so not too much rots while we’re gone.

Immediately following this program, I’ll be on vacation in Europe but intend to continue eating clean (as much as I can) and hope to get some exercise in, but will also be trying to relax and enjoy some time not planning.

When we return, I will look into more Kenzai programs. I read the email/lesson about other programs but didn’t see the Kenzai Body 2 program that others have talked about. I’m already planning on taking the Kenzai beach body next year before summer hits ;-) So I guess the membership is in my future...

my gym

My gym has cardio machines as its centerpiece with exercise rooms off to one side and a weight floor off the the other. Surrounding all of the machines are TRX, kettlebell stations which have step blocks, stability balls and exercise bands.

The members seem to be divided between the cardio machines and the weights with most people doing a combo. The other big draw are the exercise classes—mostly Zumba but all of the cardio ones seem to be full. The gym has a diverse age range with many of the senior citizens taking the tai chi and gentle yoga classes.

This is what I observe during mid-morning. There are some kind of circuit training cardio weight classes that have been given prime real estate but I have never seen one in session.

Most of the people at my gym seem to be pretty fit—though a lot of them are also graduate students. They do a combo of cardio and weights. One guy jumps about 3’ up onto a stand with weights. Cray cray.

Also, totally unrelated, on super hot days cool dairy treat are ok, right?!?

Week 11 Question

When I started this program, exercise was the easiest part and diet was challenging. Counting all of those grams and figuring out the daily schedule.

Now, towards the end, the exercises and finding the energy and time for them are the most challenging and the diet feels pretty easy. We’ve been having a bit of a heat wave where I am and jumping rope (or any intense cardio even in the cooler evening makes me feel faintly sick.

= Off Program

No exercises and off diet. Turns out carbs travel much better than fresh fruit and dairy plus they need much less prep. Plus we had unplanned for adventures which meant I had no on-diet food for our day getting home.

Here’s to locking it down for the last 3 weeks.✊👊💪

After 10 weeks of Kenzai both my eating habits and exercise habits have improved. I now look forward to eating all of the vegetables on the diet, especially at breakfast. A salad at least once a day is craved. Also, eating fruit as a an in-between meal holdover helps me get through the day. I eat meals regularly instead of catch as catch can which in turn has my energy levels stable throughout the day. I still don’t like hardboiled eggs or yogurt, but I am able to eat them now.

Exercise-wise, I’ve come to look forward to my daily jumps (though I’m still not very good). Most of the time I’m able to do my exercises in the mornings, but there is still some variability. It is easy being able to do everything at home and I am wondering what will happen when the program ends and I don’t have daily exercises that I can do at home...


After single parenting for the whole week, and staying totally true to Kenzai, I caved last night at dinner. I had our youngest for most of the day and then had a play date for the oldest and still managed to ferment some sourdough for pizza. By the time dinner arrived, I was hungry and homemade pizza looked so good. Also, I was just too tired to finish the exercises (I jumped in the morning with the 1.5 hrs of free time I had for the day.) The pizza was good, though...

Week 8

My energy has been great, though the appeal of an afternoon coffee is still great—especially when I have an afternoon of kid-taxiing and then dinner, bedtime, lunchmaking ahead of me.

It was a busy, kid-heavy weekend and didn’t get all of my exercises in but stuck to the meal plan. I’m excited about no more measuring of veggies and fruit!

I skipped yesterday’s workout cuz I just felt too tired and drained...and super tight all over. I did a simple side stretch and felt a twinge in my back that made me fear for my back giving out. I did yoga instead and my body felt great afterwards.

Today I’m running on little sleep due to toddler getting a fever in the middle of the night (which also means, no preschool today...which means little chance of catching up on rest.)

Worst Day of the Week

Weekends, either Sat or Sun or both, tend to be the worst days of the week for me. We usually have one or more child-oriented social events and then maybe one grown-up date. Though the eating part is not too bad to stick to, I find it hard to fit in the exercises in at least one of those days. I also find it hard to do both exercises and a full yoga practice, which is kind of a bummer for me, but that amounts to almost 3 hrs of combined exercise.

In other news, I did manage to make some bread for the week...

Indulgence: Curry Udon

We thoroughly indulged: I with a bowl of curry udon and some vegetable tempura. So many carbs! So much fat! So good. I do feel a bit sick but I am still enjoying it. I may crash in 30 min though...


Given how much yogurt we now consume, I’ve started making yogurt to save some $$! (3.5 jars from 1/2 gallon of milk)

Today’s Lesson

I really like today’s lesson—it’s ultimately about getting away from numbers to how we feel, but using numbers to make that connection initially. I like knowing that I won’t have to carry a scale around with me wherever I go and that I don’t have to stress too much on counting (though I’m easing myself off of that as it was a good way to focus my mind while jumping).

End of Week 6

Why am I not quitting?

I’m not quitting because despite missing having a real dinner (carbs, veg and protein) I do like the way I feel on this program. I like eating mostly vegetables for every meal. I could do with less protein for every meal, especially lunch, though I suppose my body needs it.

I do notice a difference in how I look and I still have a ways to go before I’m totally comfortable in a bathing suit. I also like feeling stronger and seeing more definition in different muscles.

Starting with the flat tire Thursday that left us a car down with 2 kids and different after school activities, followed by Grandparents Day at our school which brought all of the grandparents to town, add-on with a soccer game that my husband had to substitute coach as the other coaches were out of town (it’s only kindergarten) and (3) family birthdays to celebrate (cuz the grandparents are in town) and finishing with our son’s birthday party tomorrow, I just did not have it in me to also measure and pack all of my separate food and carry it around with me (not to mention I just didn’t have time to prep). Did I mention my husband made 15 monster trucks out of cardboard boxes and painted them so we could launch them through a cardboard box wall with a homemade rocket launcher? While he was doing that I was baking cookies, making party favors, and gathering the party supplies. I still need to buy and prep the snacks. I’m so tired. And after the party tomorrow I need to prepare snacks for our kindergartener’s class and also prepare treats for our preschooler’s teachers. If you made it to the end of this post, you’re s dedicated. I will be back on the plan tomorrow as no grandparents and I think I’ll have 2 hours to just sit...