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Not my best program, but it did help to get me mindful of my diet again. I’m happy to be done with the dynamic full body exercises as I do much better with the standard Kenzai exercises.

Kind of back it...

After a mini break to rest my back and fight a cold I’m getting back into everything, though modifying as needed to keep my sacrum stable and not overtax my body as it finishes killing off the last of this bug. I’m feeling good though fatiguing quickly...

Diet has been ok but not great as I’ve been super tired and not very hungry and my husband has been out of town so I’ve used most of my energy to keep the kids fed and cleaned etc. I am wondering if kefir can substitute for yogurt...?

Though I have completed 2 previous programs and felt better and stronger after having done them, the exercises in this program seem to exacerbate by sacral instability. I have been feeling the first twinges of low back pain and today had the brief shooting twinges that tell me I need to stop and rest and reset or I will be out for a week (or more).

Though I love the dynamic exercises but given my struggles I think they are too much for me. The sets and reps exercises help me but I am not yet ready for a string of full body blasts.

I guess I will just do a light version of this blast...


It’s the end of my first (half) week as I started late. The diet part is the most challenging part for me on any program. I love to cook a variety of foods but right now I also seem to have NO time to prepare anything. I was hoping this program would help focus me and motivate me to find time to prepare food. I did manage to do a little better this half week, so we’ll see how I do going forward.

Exercise has always been fun for me, even though I don’t manage to find time to do it every day when I’m not on a program. However, these full body exercises are a killer! Holy cow. I do them, but rather than the graceful and fluid movements I imagine Patrick doing based on the photos, I am clunky and awkward. These explosive movements really tire my legs and butt—way more than the sculpt workouts did.

When I am feeling strong and lean I really like to move and be active, especially with my kids...and get dressed up and go out with my husband.

I am not a Halloween dresser upper. My mom used to force me to wear the same costume every year and I just grew to hate the holiday. I am rediscovering the fun of it through my kids, but I still do not dress up. Maybe one day...

(Oh, I got the new Tartine cookbook on Friday and had to make the gf salted chocolate buckwheat cookies for friends that came over...;-)

Late joiner!

Hi all,

I just joined this Blast as a very last minute add-on. Like Kit, this is my 3rd program (I’ve also done KB1 and Sculpt with Kit). I was going to wait for the New Year to do another program just to see how I did “on my own”, but I missed the structure that Kenzai provides. Without a program, I seem to be a little rudderless. Also, I love to bake and make sweets and though I really don’t eat most of what I make, one does have to taste things to make sure they turn out right...

Anyway, I’m hoping to commit to this program and THEN make it to the end of the year sticking to what I learn through the holidays;-) So, I plan on giving away a lot of what I make.

Thought I had already written this... 

Oops—I thought the post I had written yesterday through the app was my graduation post. See that post?

A day late but I nailed it! My legs feel tired but strong :-)

Highlight from the weekend was a massage—yes, it was wonderful but afterward during the recap of what was going on with my body the therapist said, “Your legs...wow, yeah, your legs are really strong.” (Woohoo!!!) That felt good :-)

With regard to the Sculpt Workout add-ons, how do we access them from our workout tab? (I haven’t checked yet, just wondering...)

I’ve been fighting something for the past few days (unsuccessfully as my throat hurts more each day) and trying to remember what we are supposed to do when we are fighting something off? I took yesterday off except for a light long walk. Today I did 1/3 of everything...thinking I’ll be able to just rest over the weekend on this therapeutic yoga retreat ❤️

Final Week

This program seems to have flown by, but I can tell by how much my hair has grown that it has been a little while ;-)

My legs are definitely feeling much stronger! My jump roping skills atrophied over the summer but they've come back and on the free cardio days when I try to take it easy on my legs I'm finding I need to still make them work a bit.

I am glad that our 6th and 7th day are switched as I will be a yoga retreat this coming weekend--totally offline--and was wondering how to fit in the final barre workout. Now, I can just do it when I return!

Good week

We spent last week at my cousin’s place in the country which is always fun, though food is challenging because they eat very differently from us. A lot of meat and starch and very little vegetables. The grocery store is a long ways away, but luckily their son was able to pick me up a cauliflower ;-) I did the best I could and embraced the variety of vegetables I have available to me in the city.

I did get all of my exercises in. My husband missed my Kenzai bag next to my weekend bag, but luckily it was a barre exercise day followed by free cardio AND my cousins had a jump rope I could use. Whew!

I missed a day of exercise and diet on the trip back but got right back to it all. Having fun with the exercises. The barre exercises are fun and challenging and wondering if we’ll get some of these to do after this blast is over.


Dude, today’s barre workout was TOUGH. Double-time is more than twice as hard. And what was up with that arabesque lunge?! My legs are shot. So glad I kept to the 5 min jump rope instead of going to 10 like I was thinking about. Holy cow. My legs are shot.

Week 4

Back at home and back to school for the kids. Getting into our new groove. Enjoying having both kids at school for 7 hrs and getting as much as I can into those hours. I’m managing to get the workouts in and sticking close to the eating plan (though dairy and some fruit snacks fall through the cracks...)


I was planning on writing about how I’m really starting to feel my legs and butt after each workout and how I’m enjoying the barre work as a reminder of my ballet days as a youth and how my diet is still not great but it’s pretty good all things considered...

But then we had to give refuge to 20-30 people, half of which were kids, from a potential active shooter at a nearby local beach. I hate that this is our reality in the summer of 2019 in the US. Parents and the millennials knew the drill—doors locked, shades drawn, stay close to the floor, kids in the farthest darkest room that can be found. Mothers trying to keep kids quietly entertained so that they aren’t too loud but also not super scared by the situation. Fathers patrolling the doors and windows. Everyone checking their phones to find out what the situation is and if it’s safe to go outside.

So, after the situation resolved (turns out no shots were fired, but a man was walking around with 2 guns on the public beach) and the refugees had left, I ate what my husband made for me (a sandwich) and then had a cocktail to soothe my nerves. I may even have a square of dark chocolate as I’ve heard that is good for the adrenals...

Full Kenzai compliance will resume tomorrow...

Week 2

I must admit that I took FULL advantage of week 1 to get in any last treats before going super clean this week. I had to at least taste the desserts that friends and family were making during our lake holiday. However, also getting all of my vegetables in! I am loving the daily exercises, too.

I graduated at the beginning of summer from Kenzai Body 1 and then spent most of the summer in Barcelona and Sardegna. It was amazing, but people there don’t seem to eat vegetables. That coupled with spending most of the days sightseeing or at the beach with little time to exercise (though I did still manage at least 2 workouts each week) left me feeling like I needed a little jumpstart to getting back on my Kenzai feet.

My back and leg chain has always been a bit weak so this seemed like a good program for me. I’m looking forward to this 6-week blast!




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