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Miyuki B.

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Half way!

Hello everyone,
I am terribly sorry about hiding from team. It's been really busy at house, work and being mom.
I enjoy stretching and more more than that I like Shavasana. ^^; My left shoulder has been in pain for a long time. (10 days) It seems like I am so stiff.
Hope you all are doing well!
Have a great Monday!

Reach - Day 17

Ouch!! 💢
Am I trying too hard?
The evening stretches are long!
How is everyone doing?

Reach - Day 8

It's been great 8 days and just finished my evening stretching. I didn't push too hard but it's ouch!
Do I need to stretch after the stretch? I feel like I need to loosen up.
Hope everyone is having a good time as well!

Reach - Day 4

Good morning, everyone!
Driving my daughter to the station, so we left the house at 5:10 this morning, it was crazy!
But it's all done by 6:30 and relaxed, I feel great! (I am not a morning person)
Have a wonderful day!

Kenzai Reach - Day 1

I knew that I was stiff. But it was good to know exactly how stiff I was and I am looking forward to see myself grow in the following 8 weeks.
Here are my sad looking photos of Day 1.

Day 90!

We are here now!
I just finished my workout. How easy when I did jump roping then...
I don't know if my arms are usable today and tomorrow.
Everyone eat well!

Well done!

Day 87!! WooHoo!!

I did my workout on 87th!
I almost, almost, almost suspended the program, though.
Everyone don't forget to up your weekly photo and blog post. :)

Hang in there! We are almost there.

3rd Indulgence

Here is my 3rd one on last weekend.
We went to Okonomiyaki(veggie pancake?!) - restaurant.
I had 2 glasses of beer and Okonomiyaki. It was great!

But one of my special friend, she is amazing and inspire me all the time, she brought her bread dough to finishing up her bread ready for the next day. She is very into it for last couple of month. She is taking care of her own starter and bake it everyday. What a amazing lady!!

Yes, I did bake a bread the next day. :)
Hang in there! We are almost there!


Day 71!!!

Hello everyone!
I missed many days of blog post and got notification! Ooops!
It is scary.... hehehe

I missed full workout yesterday. I woke up late and just made for work in the morning and after work my daughter's friend came for a sleepover. I totally forgot...
So I did jump roping + 30 min run. Is it okay?? Did I fail?
I hope not... Please!

Full Cherry Blossom is almost there in Tokyo!
Have a wonderful weekend!


One more month to go!!

Hello everyone!
It was a bit difficult to go back to Kenzai exercises after the run. I felt like finished my goal and worn out. But I am still hanging in there. :)
I hope everyone is doing well!!

I did run my annual 10k with 5000 women this weekend!
I was over tired last couple of days and couldn't sleep much. It was tough on up and down road but I finished it in one hour!
I am gov to skip my today's exercise but having my special beer for indulgence !

Day 50

Good morning!
(Sunrise shot at this morning)

It's still cold but felt so good!
I dicided that I don't like Butt-ups. That means that it would work very well.
Hang in there!

jump roping

OMG! it was so long!
My earphones were dead, so without the music was not helping me at all.
(finally I tried it with no music)
But I did it!!

Hang in there, team!

Day 37

For my 10k marathon in two weeks, I decide to run this morning.
I am a bit heavier from ski trip, but made 10k in 1 hour.
It is time for healthy breakfast!
Hope everyone enjoy your Sunday!

Day 35

It is a fun ski day!
Beautiful contrast of the sky and snow!
I can do this kind of cardio many hours! :)

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