Mohammed N.

Mohammed N.


In our part of the world we wont be having any holiday break for the upcoming 2 weeks, while I understand the pause for ever one on holiday (BTW Happy Holiday everyone!!) I don't think I will be taking a break since nothing has changed for me.

I just thought about a plan, over that last month I have missed reading some lessons on a couple days and some days I missed my workout. I will be following the regular workout schedule to make up for the lost time. As for the lessons, I will gather all the lessons that I haven't read and I will read one lesson everyday to keep the routine going!

BTW since we have been reset to day 25 then I believe we got ourselves another free indulgence since that is what the lesson on day 25 says ;)

Again happy holidays everyone and have a merry christmas!

I did indulge quit a sew time during last week, and honestly I thought it would feel better but it didn't. I feel much better going back to the healthy eating habits. I have a feeling that by the end of the program I will not want any of the sugars and oily food I was used to!!

Kenzai all the way!!

Although I haven't been posting much but I've been following everything else in a much better way especially my diet, and honestly thus gas been a life changing experience so far. I feel much lighter and healthier and my clothes fit me much better now. I can't believe that doing 500 jump ropes one shot is such an easy task!

But honestly what I'm enjoying the most is none of the stuff above, it's the change I see in my lifestyle. I wake up early now to prepare my breakfast, I go workout during my lunch break which is much better than going to the burger place under work!! I have a much clearer pace to my day now. Nowadays when I walk into the super market I know the value of everything I buy and how I'll eat it.

This program is even making me and my wife much closer since we started to work out together and make our meals together.

I can go on for a much longer talking about what I'm enjoying and how my life as a whole has become better. But I think I'll stop here since I have an indulgence to plan for ;)

Day 1 down

Day 1 down! I was feeling a bit lazy after work but got it through and did the workout since I haven't worked out and stuck to a full program in a year so I'm excited on what this journey will bring me!!

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