Mohammed N.

Mohammed N.

Thank you Kenzai! Thank you Everyone! 

I had to take sometime after the program the to see how I feel and get my ideas together, so here goes....

I tried this program a year ago around December and didn't finish it and didn't go beyond week 5, due to multiple reasons. I was wanting to do it again as I saw some merit in sticking to the program in full. The plan was to enroll in the March 2018 program. Unfortunately, in February I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in my bowel and from there stuff spiraled out of control. I was taking an upwards of 5 different medications daily, my weight started fluctuating, I lost my energy completely and some days I couldn't even think clearly, which lead me to quit my job. It took 8 months to get 80% of my condition in control with some experimental medicine and get on a steady group of medications to control my disease.

At this point I have gained over 35 kilograms, and just the act of going up the stairs at home would take me out of breath for a while. I even ran out of clothes to wear. With the improvement I was feeling I was determined to get better and improvement my lifestyle and diet, as I have to adjust my life to living with such disease. I felt that Kenzai which I have been wanting to do since the beginning of the year was an option, and indeed it was! Honestly, all my expectation of what the program would do to me were underestimated these past 3 months were both an eye opener and the change of lifestyle I needed to.

The results:
Since the program ended, I indulged a couple of times in those No No food I was avoiding during the 90 days, and my experience was always the same "I said I don't want to do it again or at least not so often". Me and my wife enjoy eating at home much more now, and if my table doesn't have that plate of vegetables something feels off. I recall a period during the program where everything started fitting with each other and I was dieting and working out seamlessly, and that was the best period I felt in my life. I could feel the improvement on my everyday life and at work. I could really say I am healthy, and feel it at the same moment.

Furthermore, I would like to proudly say that I have stopped most of my medications under my doctors recommendation except for one small pill a day and I am feeling 100%. Without a doubt this program was the reason I could improve from 80% to 100% (Something medicine couldn't do). I initially joined Kenzai in 2017 to lose weight. Today I can tell you Kenzai is not about losing weight it is about becoming a healthy person. Moreover, you only know the true value of health when you lose it (god forbid it from happening to anyone).

First and foremost I would like to thank my wife Dina who has supported me tremendously during the program, and by coming with creative Kenzai recipes. Also, thanks to my head trainer Thomas for being always there and responsive. A big thanks to all my group mates you were all really inspiring and supportive. Finally thanks to Shermali (my previous trainer) and to Patrick and Kenzai team for creating this amazing program.

Note: for anyone seeing the pictures and wondering how many kilos did I lose, I honestly don't know I learned in Kenzai that the scale is for fish I never weighed myself since we don't use it over here ;)

See you guys in January !!
Mohammed Nahhas

I have busy lately so I haven't been blogging much but knowing that the program is coming to an end feels like an achievement but honestly for the past week or two I have been operating on auto pilot and it's working great. I feel the diet is on point and working out is going great. I am happy we got here! way to go everyone!

I'll save the longer post for the graduation post

On the parts of the diet where you can eat AMAYW, I've been easily eyeballing the portions I need and it's been going great so far. I haven't felt any dip in my performance or weight issues. I am also getting getting the sense of doing the same with the carbs where I have been filling up my plate just based on what I feel is good and after I weigh it it turns out very close to my daily grams!

Finally More Carbs!

I've been wanting to write this since this weeks diet came up. I got carbs returned to my breakfast meal and can't believe it, I'm a happy man again !! with that increase hopefully i''ll be giving much better energy in the workouts!

maybe it's the carbs

I just had my hardest day of workout yet! Maybe it's one of those day thaty body is feeling off or maybe it's the carbs deficit. But I struggles with the jump ropes and kept taking breaks every minute or so. I had to add an extra fifth set of jump rope because I felt I took close to two minutes break. I'll try working out tomorrow morning maybe I'll be feeling more energetic after a good sleep.

a bit of a two day dip

The last two days we had a national holiday, and with holidays organization goes out of the window. I missed my workouts and unfortunately I couldn't stick to the diet. The good thing is I came and read a couple of blogs and realized that we hit 50 days which is a milestone, so I'm fired up again to get back to it! Now if you will excuse me I gotta go workout.


Since I prepared my breakfast from the night before, I have some time to spare before work so be here is a short story about me.

Many years back in college I used to do a lot of weight lifting and used to be somewhat fit. I signed up to new gym and received private training sessions. When I first met my trainer I explained to him that I'm in great shape and I need to do more intense weight lifting and work a bit on my diet to get that elusive six pack. He asked how much cardio do I do and I said none since I don't like it.

I remember very well the answer he had! he said listen I'll follow the training program you want if you can get on a treadmill now and do 10 minute of running. I thought well that shouldn't be hard, little I knew it was never going to be possible for me. I barely made 6 minutes of continuous running. He later explained to me that being in "great shape" or "healthy" is not about a six pack or how you look from the outside but actually how your body performs from the inside. I later switched many of my daily workouts into jogging to improve my endurance, and that period of my life was the healthiest I've ever felt thanks to a small treadmill test, and a wise coach.

To cut it short what I am trying to say here is that many of us joined this program to lose weight and to get that great looking body (I certainly joined for that) but let us also consider the other aspects of our body that are improving.

I have attached a picture I found online that might explain what I am trying to say

I've been thinking what is a victory I gained and yes I am doing great with my diet and rapidly improving in the rope jumping. But I just realized that what improved the most is my energy level and how active I have become without even noticing. Before the program I was at my highest weight ever and over the months I could not go up and down my home stairs without running out of breath. I now go up and down the stairs many times a day to grab stuff and just yesterday I realized that I've been doing it effortlessly and I don't even feel any change in my breathing pace!

So I will take the quality of life victory over everything

After 5 Weeks this program was about weight loss and exercise but honestly it really organized my life. I have waking up early consistently to cook my breakfast before work, which I previously never did. Same goes for my other meals and workout I have a clear schedule during the and that really feels good. On Saturdays I usually spend it lazing around playing video games and sleeping till late, and sometime in the afternoon I go with my family to have lunch somewhere. This is the 3rd week in a row that I have been waking up early on a Saturday and get my breakfast and lunch done early before I go out with my family this way I am not tempted to eat out with them. my trusty apple is what I eat when I'm out in restaurant.

Long story short I'm loving the organization, and I will make sure to keep that up

again more travel!

This week I got an unexpected travel plan for work for 3 days. I was worried I would fall off the diet again, but I found an apartment hotel with a kitchen and that was the solution I was looking for. I cooked my food for all 3 days and was able to get kenzai going in my life without an issue. I even took a late night flight today and arrived at 12 am but I still did my workout ! I'm so happy with that.

The good news is until next December i wont be traveling any more !

I had a short holiday last week, and traveled with my wife. I was reluctant to travel because I was not sure if sticking to such a program is possible. As it turned out it was indeed a challenge especially in the food part. for the first 3 days I was insistent that I can follow the diet plan 100% and tried to make the food with the available resources available in the hotel. It worked for some meals specifically the breakfast but during lunch and dinner I couldn't do it, and I started skipping meals because all the options I found either had salt or cheese in it. by the second half of the trip I gave in and decided to switch the plan and try to make better choices with whatever was available at the restaurants. I also use to split my plat into 2/4 of vegetables and 1/4 of protein and 1/4 of carbs. Now I am back home and I'm excited to get back on track !!!

As for the workout I actually managed to do it for most of the days since I carried the resistant bands and jump rope during travel.

One last note, the hardest part during the trip was holding back on the desserts and ice cream being sold in the street! but I kept it together and didn't have any :)

I prepared all the meals the night before to make it easy to just reheat them and go. Unfortunately, I came back home late (I was doing field work so I couldn't take my meal with me) and I had a late lunch by 6:30 or 7:00. Once I finished it I realized that I will not be able to eat my dinner meal since I was still very full. I guess I'll try to have the meals at an early time everyday to leave enough time for my body to get hungry.

The workout was great! and preparing the meals needs some getting used to but I managed to follow all my requirements for today. What I feel is that the food was too much for one day, but on the upside I don't feel bloated from all the food :)

In our part of the world we wont be having any holiday break for the upcoming 2 weeks, while I understand the pause for ever one on holiday (BTW Happy Holiday everyone!!) I don't think I will be taking a break since nothing has changed for me.

I just thought about a plan, over that last month I have missed reading some lessons on a couple days and some days I missed my workout. I will be following the regular workout schedule to make up for the lost time. As for the lessons, I will gather all the lessons that I haven't read and I will read one lesson everyday to keep the routine going!

BTW since we have been reset to day 25 then I believe we got ourselves another free indulgence since that is what the lesson on day 25 says ;)

Again happy holidays everyone and have a merry christmas!

I did indulge quit a sew time during last week, and honestly I thought it would feel better but it didn't. I feel much better going back to the healthy eating habits. I have a feeling that by the end of the program I will not want any of the sugars and oily food I was used to!!

Kenzai all the way!!

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