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Mohit S.

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‘I have traveling for the last 2 week, however, I have tried to keep up with my exercise and diet. I will seriously feeling much lighter and better .... often too tired.


The last couple of weeks, owing to the hectic travel and work schedules, keeping up with the diet and exercises, have been a bit difficult. Having 6 meals a day, was at times, not possible. I even missed exercising for 3 days, but I am trying to make up by exercise more each day.

Though, I have not lost weight however, I am fitting into my old shirts..…..probably, fat is getting converted into muscle. Quantum of exercise has significantly increased…. I feel exhausted throughout the day.

I am exercising pretty regularly,however there are still irregularities as far as my diet is concerned... largely on account of my traveling. In spite of this, I am still trying my best to eat, in line with the advise. Where I go wrong is in consumption of wine .. It is very difficult to regulate as I am often hosting clients for lunches or dinners. I had, in between, lost 1 kg, but have since gained it back. Though I am feeling slimmer and fitter, yet weight from my belly area has not come down.

Feel better!


Its been 10 days since I am back home, after my travels. Being back home, I am able to exercise regularly and follow the diet and I am beginning to feel much better. My body pain has reduced to a large extent and I have lost 2kgs. All in all, I feel good. Though I must admit that the program is getting tougher yet, I am confident that I will be able to keep to it and follow it.


i have been exercising regularly but It is impossible for me to do 1200 jump ropes in one go – I am able to complete max 200 jump rope as one set, after which I need to take some rest, including doing some stretching exercise. Also, since I have never exercised to this extent before, I often feel fatigued in the morning. I have also not lost any weight and this is becoming a big concern to me. Sometimes I feel that maybe I am not following the instructions for exercises correctly and perhaps that may be the reason why I am not losing weight. I often host people for lunches or dinners, because of which I am not able to strictly follow the diet. I was reading lessons and it did suggest that if you are not losing weight maybe the fat is getting converted into muscle. I hope this is true in my case.

I have been traveling extensively, since the last 2 weeks and have been experiencing a lot of pain in my calf muscles. Also, I have not lost any weight. Unfortunately, because of my extensive traveling, I have not been able to stick to my diet and have, on occasions, had a glass of wine, however, I have been exercising regularly.


Growing up, I had never been a ‘sporty’ or physically active person. However 5 years back I decided to participate in the Kenzia programe. Kenzai did not help me to lose weight, but I started looking slimmer, I became active, felt energized and good about myself. The Kezai programe stayed as a good memory, tough but good.

For the last one year, I have been trying to lose weight, but to no avail. I have undergone many diet programs but those have not helped me. Initially, I felt that I would not be able to do Kenzia, due to the skipping routine as it aggravates my back pain. Fortunately, I joined Kenzai a month back and could not continue but used that one month to prepare myself.

Its now been 13 days and I have not had a back pain since, rather I am doing more skipping than what Kenzia is asking me to do. I am feeling better, and mentally very determined to continue these 90 days, thus making it my lifestyle.

Day 87 

I still remember I had gone visiting a friend and was complaining of leg aches. He recommended that I do the PCP. While I signed up for the PCP and even convinced my wife to do so but I was unsure if I really needed something like the PCP to get me going and whether it would really be that effective. Life is all about choices and this is a choice I am glad I made. I have not exercised till date but I believe I have come to that point where I will not like to give it up. This transformation in me is a testament to PCP.

Day 80

When I finish the program I am going to continue to exercise and keep my promise made to myself. I am also going to party hard.


With my travel and business socialising both diet and exercises have been tough to follow. Apart from cheating a few times I have done okay. Though I crib about exercising but I feel happier after doing my exercises. Easiest have been various exercises using the Band. 

Question of the Week

I have to admit that the most significant lifestyle change I have made is introduced exercises in my daily routine. From a lazy morning to a morning which oscillates between being tired and energetic is a journey which was difficult to embark on initially and then sustain but having been there and done that probably difficult to abandon. 

Week 9

I keep very long working hours and do travel extensively. That has not changed. Despite that, I managing to find time to exercise is new. Its now almost 2 months and i start my day with my exercises and pretty much accomplish what I set out for myself. There is time for everything and it's not a race anymore.


I wish I could pin point a day. To be honest each day is tough.  And to be regimented about food and exercise makes it tougher.


I have been fairly disciplined in terms of my diet but this is the first time that I have lead a regulated 40 days in terms of exercises. Barring 3 days I have not missed a single day. I am feeling much better though exhausted. Not only do I want to see myself complete the other half I definitely want this to become a lifestyle issue.  

I generally enjoy my workout regime.  However there are days when the exercises leave me completely exhausted and tired with a busy schedule to follow. Those are the only days I really get fed up as I get no time to relax during the course of the day.

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