Mohit S.

Mohit S.

Day 87 

I still remember I had gone visiting a friend and was complaining of leg aches. He recommended that I do the PCP. While I signed up for the PCP and even convinced my wife to do so but I was unsure if I really needed something like the PCP to get me going and whether it would really be that effective. Life is all about choices and this is a choice I am glad I made. I have not exercised till date but I believe I have come to that point where I will not like to give it up. This transformation in me is a testament to PCP.

Day 80

When I finish the program I am going to continue to exercise and keep my promise made to myself. I am also going to party hard.


With my travel and business socialising both diet and exercises have been tough to follow. Apart from cheating a few times I have done okay. Though I crib about exercising but I feel happier after doing my exercises. Easiest have been various exercises using the Band. 

Question of the Week

I have to admit that the most significant lifestyle change I have made is introduced exercises in my daily routine. From a lazy morning to a morning which oscillates between being tired and energetic is a journey which was difficult to embark on initially and then sustain but having been there and done that probably difficult to abandon. 

Week 9

I keep very long working hours and do travel extensively. That has not changed. Despite that, I managing to find time to exercise is new. Its now almost 2 months and i start my day with my exercises and pretty much accomplish what I set out for myself. There is time for everything and it's not a race anymore.


I wish I could pin point a day. To be honest each day is tough.  And to be regimented about food and exercise makes it tougher.


I have been fairly disciplined in terms of my diet but this is the first time that I have lead a regulated 40 days in terms of exercises. Barring 3 days I have not missed a single day. I am feeling much better though exhausted. Not only do I want to see myself complete the other half I definitely want this to become a lifestyle issue.  

I generally enjoy my workout regime.  However there are days when the exercises leave me completely exhausted and tired with a busy schedule to follow. Those are the only days I really get fed up as I get no time to relax during the course of the day.

I am in the US for the past few days. Had never imagined that I would be working out so diligently in my hotel room.  Morning work out is a priority.  My social life has undergone a  change to the extent that late nights have become fewer and there are no excuses for waking up early to follow the exercise regime.

Good Morning

How is everybody doing?


I generally feel much calmer, happier and fresher throughout the day. Though exercises does leave me exhausted and tired for sometime however I feel more charged throughout the day. I have an old history of body ache and cramps, but now gradually I feel my pain too is less.

Week Two

I guess the hardest part was when I had to do those 600 Skips which left me exhausted. Diet definitely has been the easiest part so far for me.

Day 15

It feels good though sometimes exercises do leave me tired. Once I ended up getting cramps with skipping but I assume that's normal. Today was the first night minus carbs but food wise there are no cravings.


Hello friends - On Day 9 I feel exhausted and fatigued. Last week breezed away smoothly but today was a bit of a struggle. PCP has raised the workout bar and I hope my body will be able to cope up in a day or two. I am exercising and enjoying. 

As far as the diet is concerned, I am doing great. I have always regulated my eating habit. I hope everybody else is also enjoying PCP as much as I am.


The first week was surprisingly smooth and kept me motivated throughout. The exercises were fun and I did them comfortably. I have always been a non-athletic person and I am amazed at the amount of effort pcp has made me put in with such ease.

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