Mona G.

Mona G.

Day 22

Pretty good week all in all last week. Didn’t keep the diet as tight as it should but no major fails 😬

Photos is from my Apple
Watch and I was happy with the exercise and calories burnt last week. Expect for Friday which was the only day I didn’t hit my goals...

K-Beach day 14

This week has been tough. I had a cold mid week so couldn’t train but on the plus side I didn’t have an appetite and wasn’t eating much.
Big walk yesterday 15km so that was good cardio!
Got some new trainers 👟 and absolutely love them, by far the comfiest pair I’ve ever had.


To answer Patrick’s question, I need that body fat to go down and to loose some kgs!

Diet started today and I’ve been a good girl and weighed everything and been a 100% compliant and prepped food for tomorrow so all set for a good start!

I have to be honest 😬 exercise wise I have not been very good...done some but not all and oh boy does it look tough!!! I’m getting on track and will be doing it ALL starting tomorrow! Wish me luck! 💪🏼

Final Blog 

Kenzai Body was not a success for me. I’m signing up for the Beach Body Program today! 💪🏼


Best Kenzai week last week! Exercise done and diet clean! Gotta keep it tight again this week 💪🏼


Yesterday was a good day!

I went for a run 🏃🏼‍♀️ for the first time since my back injury from a few months ago. I did a 3km run on the treadmil at the gym and I also went for a 5km walk in the evening so happy on the exercise front.

Foodwise probably the best Kenzai compliant day so far!

I’ve not been that strict diet wise (read wine here and there!) and for exercise I’ve been limited to what I’ve been able to do because of my back injury. But I’ve now reduced my physio visits to once per week 🎉 and feel very enthusiastic about exercising “properly” again 🙌🏼.

No weight loss so far, so planning on finishing this strong 💪🏼


😏 not a good week last week. Need to stick to being Kenzai compliant. My back is still a mess...I’m going to physio twice a week but I’m seeing improvement so that is something to be happy about.


Not been perfect so far but working on it.
I’ve got a back injury and I’m seeing the physio for it but I can still get my cardio in (walking). Keeping the diet mega tight at the moment 👊🏼


Weekend was a total disaster 🙈
I’m blogging it out, I’m being honest and I’m going to have to up my game this week.

As I said my biggest weakness is socializing and that’s exactly what happened. Dinner with friends turned into a creamy pasta and many glasses of wine 🤦🏼‍♀️

KB1-Day 10

Loving all the food! I know it’s cause we’ll be decreasing soon so I’m enjoying it while it lasts 😋

Tonight I had some left over tofu (with teaspoon of chili sauce), I fried the broccoli in garlic today for variety (no oil, more like Chinese style steamed with a tablespoon of water), fried mushrooms with herbs & balsamic and for the carbs a bread roll with teaspoon of low fat cream cheese.

I have to say that this time round I love how there a big change in the vegetarian diet! I’m allowed tofu, tempeh, beans etc with make a big difference in how full I feel 😊

I saw a few blogs about not liking eating all the food...Anyone else loving it? 🥰

Dinner post 🥗

For dinner tonight I made pan fried firm tofu (I’m on a vegetarian diet), roasted broccoli 🥦, tarragon carrots and bread roll with teaspoon of cream cheese (low cal).

I weighed the broccoli before I roasted thinking it the weight wouldn’t be that much different once it is roasted. I put 150g of broccoli in the oven and “for fun” I weighed it when I came out as it did look quite a bit smaller and it was only 70g! So I ended up adding 80g of cucumber with a little of balsamic to get all my veggie grams in.

I took a picture of my plate before eating and only realized after I had eaten all my food that I forgot to serve my carrots on the plate! Felt like tonight’s dinner was huge 😋.


In reply to Patrick’s questions to us:

1. What inspired you to sign up for Kenzai Body?
I’ve done quite a few Kenzai programs and love the Kenzai way. So far I’ve done KB, KB2, KB3, Reboot and Kenzai Iron. This is within the last 3 years. I’m redoing KB as it worked timing wise and I thought it would be interesting to go back to Kenzai “basics”.

2. In terms of the Kenzai Body challenge, what do you think is your greatest strength?
I think my knowledge around Kenzai will be my strength. Since I’ve done so many programs I know what to do so to speak.

3. What do you think will be your greatest weakness?
Definately socializing! I’m a very social person, I love to meet up with friends and go for adinners & wine 🍷 so that is going to be very tough to cut out! I mean so far so good... 😬
Also just in general sticking to the program for 90 days is tough (trust me!) so I’m hoping we can all support each other and finish Kenzai Body strong!

So first week is behind and I feel positive about re-doing KB1. The timing of the program worked and will be good to go back to Kenzai “basics”. Here’s to a Kenzai compliant week 2! 💪🏼👊🏼

Kenzai Iron 

I’ve learnt so much from this program. I’ve never been comfortable going and doing weights and when I did go to try I had no idea of how to structure a session or how many reps and sets to do. I really enjoyed the program and learnt so much!!! And I’m fairly confident i will be doing it again soon as I wasn’t very strict with the diet this time 😬🙈 .

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️

I’m Alive 😬

Quick post to say I’m alive and still training. Diet hasn’t been great though 🙈

End of Week 3





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