Mridul G.

Mridul G.


I keep faltering with a little bit of chocolates and carb portions. So this time I decided not to use my indulgence! Unfortunately, for dinner we had a nice combination of black daal and cottage cheese at home and I couldn't resist!

Usually, post such a meal I would feel very full and heavy (pre-Kenzai) but surprisingly this felt good.

Other (pics): Kenzai compliant pizza and beetroot/ Zucchini salad.


Back home after a month of traveling! Very excited to hit bike and swim workouts. Now need to get some rhythm back for Kenzai routine :))

Choppy week!

Have been traveling over the past two weeks for work. Whilst traveling, also catching up with friends in London/Milan. Have been stringent with the diet/workouts and can feel the change!

London weather has been kind for a change! It's been around 15 degrees with little to no-rain. I have taken advantage of the weather to focus on my running and I am very happy to see the pace I am able to maintain (5.15/km for 8-12k runs). Would like to continue with this pace when I am back in Delhi...which will be humid and hot!

On the diet front, I have probably pitched Kenzai to more than a dozen friends who had to bear with my excuses for not going out and staying away from alcohol . Well, occasionally I had a glass of wine or gin (and felt guilty the next day!).

Now coming to the guilty part...been in Chiavari and Santa Margherita (small towns in Italy, close to Genoa) for the past few days. Have skipped 3-4 Kenzai sessions this week and have also compromised with the diet. Traveling to Italy and resisting the food and the wine has been the ultimate test of my will power over the past two months. I am flying back to London tomorrow and expecting things to be in control!

1. Chicken with Avocado and spinach
2. Salmon with rice, potatoes and caprese
3. Omelette with avocado at airport
4. Pizza slice (w/o cheese) at Spontini
5. Indulgence at Gymkhana in London with
6. The real Spontini (the one I had to resist)

Apologies to all for the passive participation over the last one week. Was trying to get my start up LIVE! Will be spending the next few weeks in London recruiting campus reps and promotion the venture. Excited for whats to come...

On the Kenzai front, I have adhered to the diet and the workouts over the last one week. I am noticing my eating patters or 'desires' as I would call them have embraced the Kenzai routine and I now crave less for sugar during the day and carbs at night! This is great and I feel I can maintain this as a lifestyle (whilst adding few glasses of wine :))

Over the next few weeks in London, I am hoping to be strict with the meals and sip coffee for all meetings, I will surely have to resist the temptations of those long pints!!!

Next week...

I was trying to get a sneak peak into the next week's diet, bad idea!

For this week:
On the workout front, have maintained 6/7 workouts and happy with the skipping and exercises. The pain point has been the dinner portion (carbs). Seeing that the carbs went from 50g to zero for next week was slightly worrying.


I have missed 3 workouts in the past 2 weeks. So post todays 'lesson' I decided to double my workout for this weekend to compensate for the ones that I have missed! I know its not a good idea but would like to be on track :)

I am hungry!

The first day of the diet is going well. I have resisted my urge to not have chocolates after every meal. I feel I am probably consuming 60% of my usual calorie intake, so if I stick to the plan (which is the plan)...I should start seeing some differences by the end of this week.

Lunch (pic) attached!

Hey Ho

Saw the 'Octane group' this morning. A big hello to all in the group :) Hope everyone is doing great and settling in well!

Day 3: Going smooth till now and mentally preparing myself for what's to come (diet!).

In Bali for work/holidays - happy that first week doesn't involve any stringent diet. Had a smooth start to the program. Really excited to see how this journey unfolds :))




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