Mrunal S.

Mrunal S.


I am bad at the RUN.. running has slowed down.
Trying to get back. Last two days off diet plan too.
This weekend will be giving one more try to get back on track. Dont want to be off for long.

Coming back though slow..

After a pause, and going through a rough patch, trying to get back on track for the run program.
Running for 5kms at stretch is still far away for me.
But I am hoping to get there. I am competing against me of yesterday and thats the focus now.

Everyday trying to be better than the day before..

Will keep going.. Running..

Have been trying to do the 5km run at stretch, trying to break it in smaller parts. Unsuccessful in completing though. Will keep trying...

Meantime heavy rains in Mumbai, spoiled two days of running. Now have got enrolled in a gym nearby home to atleast get going on tread mill if it rains.

Keep RUNning..

I was traveling for work for last 4 days and couldn't manage to be on track with diet and exercise as per desired schedule. I did do some cardio and exercise here and there but not all.

What is gone is gone and cannot change, but I am back today with all the vigour and inclination to run with the RUN.

Fast week 1

Week 1 passed by faster than expected. Interesting lesson today on - Be on track- Do what is asked to and don't try to overdo.
I am sure there are many who would do that extra 10 or 20 mins as "feeling good" has started.
I did that too. And now understand its a Rookie mistake :). Not anymore.
Stick to the plan will be the aim.

Let's RUN as per the plan!

Run .. Circle

The circle run from today was fantastic.
An eyeopener I would say. How the mind reacts when you run backwards trying to make a circle.
Yeah, I couldn't resist but looked down trying not to touch the yoga brick I kept there.
It was 7 failures and one success out of the 8 circle runs I did. I will need to work hard here. Nevertheless it was fun. Enjoying the 'RUN'

Best luck to all my RUNning fellas...

Final but not finished... 

The Kenzai reach program was eye-opener in terms of knowing, how one can train his/her brain to know the extent of flexibility one has. The 20point stretches on Day1 and Day last were amazingly different in terms of
improvement. Though it was not visible in all, I could feel it. Unfortunately, I didn't get anyone else to photo me.
But I want to do that soon.

The best part of any Kenzai program ( have done 2 so far) and experienced in both, is the trainers and group mates are really supportive. The program teaches not only the required functionalities/exercises but at end helps to know what our body exactly wants and how to relate our mind to body.

As for Kenzai reach thanks once again to my group and trainers.


Saving Grace...

It's rainy season here in Mumbai, and roads tend to get slippery with small (or larger) water park ches and muddy puddles.
While on my way back home as soon as I got off the Uber, and two steps away from the car, was maybe some puddle and I didn't notice - thanks to the evening business calls.
Suddenly my eyes saw the puddle and I took a long leap. This was all in fraction of seconds maybe less.
I was saved, though there was some splashing of water on the trousers.

After reading today's lesson I am sure it was a
"Saving Grace"

Missing the exercises ..

No excuses.. truth is I missed my exercise on Saturday. Not feeling good about it.
Also was completely off diet schedule for last 3 days.
I know it happens and back to Kenzai diet and exercise today.

Hope this don't repeat..

Day 36 Reach - PNF...

We are half done on the Reach program, but with the introduction of PNF style, it seems way to go.
Interesting is one word for PNF I would say.
Still learning to hold and release per PNF - inhale/exhale I mean.
The awkward movements are when you try to stretch the PNF style and then go back to read when to exhale. Mind is like - " sorry come again?"
Learning interesting stuff- true for all Kenzai programs

Day -26

Wide angle stretch is still not so wide. Working on it.
Are we allowed to take back support (wall) to go for wider angle? I tried doing that wide angle and it got me bit improved. Leg spreading I mean.

Was not sure so did the exercise without taking the support- if any of the Kenzai team/ trainers can help on this question would be nice.

Btw I read Indulgence .. the other day. And was like Yippee!! Friday let me go for it. This morning after the stretches and reading the daily lesson, thought came to my mind. Mindfulness- why not skip the Indulgence this time and see what happens.
So far so good. Done with evening stretches and dinner. Off to bed in next couple of hours looking forward to next morning stretches.

Subh Raatri !

REACH - Day 17

It is slow and steady.
While body was getting comfortable with morning and evening stretches, "Surya Namaskar" came in. The breathing pattern I am not able to 'inhale' / 'exhale' as per required. Learning. But I know key is to keep learning and keep going. Not missing any of these. I want to do this well and I will.
Looking forward to the day when I am fine with Sun salutation! Not far ... :)

Reach - Day 10

Yes the morning stretches are going fine with few exceptions- I am hopeful will keep improving as we progress.
Evening stretches not too easy to be honest. It looks easy on the picture and that's it! :)
Slow and steady - body is and will adapt...

Keep stretching..... want to REACH here ==> πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ!!??

Kenzai Reach Day 3..

After a KB program, the two years went well. But was back to ineffective diet with almost no exercise for last couple of months. Yes it does show on my tummy :).

Thanks to Kenzai now I am back - to be disciplined and follow Kenzai lifestyle.

The stretching exercises in morning are keeping me fresh and in just three days seeing improvement in my mental abilities too. Maybe because I feel more relaxed after the morning stretch? Not sure or rather don't know the formula here.

Good beginning and looking forward to a super 8 week REACH..


Win some Lose some 

Yes that's what all life is about. I am not saying anything new. But I confess I have learned that in best possible way in last 90 days.
I won my "life" eating right and "real" food and maintaining the body engine with Kenzai workouts. This is what is a blessing to me. What I have lost is what was not required - extra pounds, fear of pain while maintaining my body. Anyways I don't want to go in detail of how many kilos I lost - that's just a number after all. :)
Now that 90 days are done I am looking forward to a new me and new life. I don't want to boast much :) but you need to see what I mean.. if you have time.. Go through my photos from start till the Final one. It says all.
Looking good is NOT the only thing what Kenzai has given me.. It's the FEELING GOOD and STRONG - that makes us the Kenzai people - different. Yes we are different - we are Kenzaites.. Fit body.. Stable mind ... Kenzai !!

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