Mukund K.

Mukund K.

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Enjoyed the journey  

It has been a wonderful experience of learning and self realization. I especially enjoyed the daily lessons with reading material that held my interest. I looked forward to reading them every day.

I think my real journey with meditation has just started and has a long way to go. Look forward to continuing it.

Still here

I haven't been able to get on to the platform this past week or so. Tied up in lots of travels. Life is a bit crazy.

I am eating better than usual, but not much exercise. I am meditating 15mi per day this last week and have not missed a day.

I have been doing well on the meditation front. I have meditated all days mostly in the mornings, except for one day. Morning meditation seems to work for me and it does have a calming influence.

My diet and exercise however have been an entirely different story. For some reason, I "feel" that I don't need to exercise enough or worry about the diet as much as I did in Kenzai B. Is it because the lessons on Kenzai Mind don't reinforce diet as much? My weight has gone up a bit and my muscle tone a bit down.

I would appreciate some guidance on how I could regulate my food better (especially in the evenings when I return home from work) and improve my muscle tone as well.

I would love your inputs/experiences.

I have been able to follow the meditation routines reasonably well. In general I have found that I can get back to focusing on my breadth whenever my mind wanders away (quite easily I might add). During the process, I do find that my posture suffers (I realize and get back to the right posture) quite often. I have no comment either way on how I feel after the meditation. I do believe that if I continue the process and towards the later part of the program I will see a difference and will share my insights/thoughts.

Wandering mind!

It was interesting to see how quickly the mind wanders (at least mine). Sometimes the emotions related (anxiety, happiness, etc.) are so strong that I forget that I need to get back to observing my posture and breadth. I hope that I develop the ability to be aware of these emotions so that I know when they kick in. This will hopefully come with more practice.

About me

Hi Everyone!

It is an honor to e-meet each one of you. I am from Kochi, India. I run a software company and I got interested in Kenzai through a friend. I chose Kenzai mind after doing well with Kenzai Body. I liked the systematic approach to wellness and Kenzai Mind seemed like the next step after KB.

My favorite season is Fall in Kochi or while traveling anywhere globally. I also like the Summer in Kochi especially when it rains. I travel quite a bit and I expect that this will be the case during this training cycle as well.
I hope to keep up with the routines and build it into my lifestyle.

Yes! I did it. 

It has been an amazing 30 days! I was thrilled the see the three days of rest and relaxation (for some reason that seems that it was rightfully earned!!), the three types of diet, and the suggestions for moving forward. I look forward to improving myself constantly and staying healthy - both body and mind.

Happy living everyone!

Thank you everyone for all your sharing. When I miss or fall back on my routines/diet I used to derive motivation from your suggestions to help get back on track. This has been an on/off journey due to travel, visitors, sickness, work, family priorities, etc (in other words LIFE). One realization is that despite these disruptions one could still achieve good results in wellness.

I have had better than expected results from my 3 months on Kenzai. I have lost 6 kilos overall and definitely went down a couple of inches around my waist. My BP has dropped about 5 points on average (both measures). Now, the bigger challenge - how do I improve on what I have built so far and achieve my target goal of a balanced, relatively less stressful lifestyle?

Look forward to being in touch. I have already signed up for an Annual Membership.

Off the wagon!

Last week was tough. I had friends visiting the earlier part of the week and got sick the latter part. Literally fell of the wagon on both diet and exercise. As a consolation, I walked for 30 min for 4 out of the 7 days!
Just got back today on the Kenzai routine and hope to keep with it the rest of days remaining. There is hope :).

I am quite amazed at the improvements many folks are seeing with the program. 25 more days to go. I am sure we all will feel an even better sense of wellness in a few weeks. I know I will miss the routine, but look forward to building new ones after Kenzai Body. Perhaps Kenzai Body 2 or Kenzai Mind.

Good week ...

I was pretty much on the exercise and diet schedule this past week. All of a sudden on Thursday, I just felt I would take a day off on the exercise. Usually, I feel guilty if I skipped it, but this time I felt that it was a conscious decision (didn't feel bad) and I could easily resume it the following day without any issues. I stuck with the diet though. All in all a good week. I am learning that I don't need to be too perfect in following the diet/exercise. If I am 80% consistent across the weeks, that is good to deliver results. It is also easy to cut oneself a break 20% of the time.

This week, I worked out everyday without exception, but I have been able to keep off of food (not necessarily those prescribed for me) :(. I attended a full management program this past week where food was provided constantly (almost every couple of hours). Couldn't stay off of it. So, not sure how many calories I was putting in. I hope to get back to a routine starting tomorrow since I get back home.
I don't know if anyone is aware of a technique to resist temptation of good food constantly being put in front of you :).

Over the last 2 days, I suddenly dropped into a binge eating mode. Ate ice cream, desserts and other sweet items. Had my fill I guess and now I feel better. Hope that I don't slip into this mode again. Both the times, I got into this mode while dining with others. At least, I am seeing a pattern. :)

Hope to stay stronger the next time.

I checked my weight recently, the first since I checked it prior to starting the program. There is a 4.5 kilo drop! I am thrilled. But I still have my hunger pangs including for desserts and fried foods. I have had 1 binge eating session this week and am worried that it might recur!

Is the weight drop too high? Might I have lost more muscle as I may not be eating as much protein given that I am a vegetarian with only source of protein as dairy?


Tough week

Last week has been especially tough to keep up my food routines. I had dinner meetings almost every day of the week and it was tough to stick with the both quality and quantity of my diet. I am returning home starting Monday and hope to be able to get back to the prescribed diet.

Workouts have been more or less according to the plan although I skipped 1 day during this week. But I am realizing that diet has a much greater impact than the workouts and I will need to focus on using the scale to limit my eating. I hope to be more careful this week.




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