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Fun with side effects 

I’ve always liked upper body workouts. I enjoyed this program thoroughly. I had a side project going throughout the last 4 weeks, which was to gradually increase my running. So aside from quite clearly seeing better definition in my upper body muscles, I have also extended my runs from 5km to a little over 9km a couple of days ago- a desired side effect. This run project is in preparation for better run weather and my desire to get on to Kenzai Run 2 later this year.
I did reasonably well on the workouts- missing a few but finishing over 80%, with a punishing travel and work schedule. I did just ok on the diet - my food was generally on point except when I had no control over what was made available during client events (which are a frequent event for me). I will spend some time improving portion control to offset the effect of work related meals.
Overall I neither gained nor lost weight on the Blast program, but still remain at the weight I ended KB1 at 4.5 years ago.
My thanks again to the team at Kenzai for another great product. I love training on these new programs and sometimes go back to ones I’ve done before as well. Thank you for all you do.
I hope everyone in the team has ended this program well. Will see you all on the blogs.

Get on the horse

I woke up this morning ready to go do my super heavy weight workout. As I put my shoes on, I felt a wave of exhaustion and a sense of still being very much under the weather. I listened to my body and opted out of the workout. I went to office instead, had a long trip to see a client and came back to town just before noon. Having falling off the proverbial horse in the morning, I decided I felt well enough to take a lunch break and do my workout at my gym. I do feel a sense of achievement today - I got back on the horse.

It’s a cold!

I’ve been feeling terrible the last two days, so didn’t get to my day 22 workout at all. I’ve also had to travel to Beijing on work. I got to the hotel at 10pm, felt halfway back to normal, and went to the gym for nearly an hour to get my day 23 workout done. I’m going to try and minimize any lost workouts this week, and I hope my cold fades away. A bit of gritted teeth at the moment!

Still at it

I completed today’s light workout in a truncated manner because of work commitments though I did do all the bicep and tricep exercises fully. I’m still feeling ok and looking forward to the weekend workouts as well. Maybe I’m imagining it but I am sensing better definition in the upper body and I am able to lift a couple of kilos heavier on each rep for each exercise than last week. The diet is ok but work commitments and general indiscipline mean I am no better than 70% compliant.
I will still keep at it and see how the final week plays out. At the moment I am having fun on the program.
Trust everyone is having a good week.

A better week

I did 6 of the workouts this week, including finishing off with a 45 minute 7.5km run this morning. The exercises are generally on point and I am lifting slightly heavier weights than last week. The diet is ok, though a bit hard to manage with my travel schedule which is intense. I did have a very nice family dinner last night, where I eschewed the temptation to have a glass of anything other than water. I’m looking forward to this week, though my travels will continue unabated.
I hope everyone has been having a good weekend.

Ready to roll

I started the T-shirt ready workouts yesterday and continued through the super heavy workout today. The name is intimidating but the workout wasn’t and the lesson was helpful in understanding the concept of volumes.

By way of background- as this is my first post- I live in Hong Kong with my wife, older daughter and younger son. I’ve trained with Kenzai since April 2015, and on a fairly regular basis since. My diet has slipped a bit over the past year and I’ve put on about 5kgs- I’m still at the weight that I finished KB at, though I subsequently had lost more.

I’d also like to improve my upper body muscle tone, as I tend to spend quite a bit of time running, and need to increase my focus on resistance workouts.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the program. I’ll see everyone on the blogs.

Expectation fails 

I was doing quite well at the end of week 3. Week 4 was not what I wanted it to be. Too much work, a bout of insomnia and a couple of meals richer than I am used to combined to make the end a whimper.
I did not lose any weight at the end but felt stronger. I enjoyed the blast exercises and definitely improved at them by the finish. The diet proved more of a struggle - when I controlled what I ate I had no issues, but a lot of my job is meals with clients and that is harder to manage when on a Kenzai diet.
I can and will do better next time. I trust others on the team had a good experience.
As always, my gratitude and thanks goes to the Kenzai team for designing another fun program. I will see you soon in another training program!


I’ve moved from a mediocre first week to an ok second week to a much better third week.

Perhaps my non-compliance in the early parts of the program have helped me deal better with the downward cycle this week should have brought on.

Unfortunately while I have adhered reasonably well to the exercise regime, my diet on the road wasn’t great. I’m making up for this slippage by getting back to the grams over the weekend. I will stick as much as I can to the grams this coming week.

On the positive side, my increased workouts have contributed to a greater sense of fitness. The blast section isn’t as daunting as in the first week, though I can’t claim I do a minute on each and every exercise in this section.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.

First post

I have been on the Blast program for nearly two weeks but am just getting around to my first post. I have been better this week than last week on my workouts, but will still miss 2 workouts this week due to travel and work commitments. I have found myself better able to cope with the timed exercises this week than last, so I guess my body is adapting slowly. I have been looking for a way to shed some unwanted kilos that have crept in over the past 2 years. I’m still at the weight I ended KB1 at, but have put back additional kilos that I lost subsequently. With two weeks to go, I am hoping for some results in toning and weight by the end of the program. My diet is ok, though work related engagements are a bit challenging to manage. I will continue trying as much as I can to balance my work with the priority I’d like to accord the Blast program.

I’ll take it 

I missed a week’s worth of running including the 11km distance run at the end of week 5, to give myself enough time to recover from my strained tendon.

I ran a short strong finish run last Thursday while on a business trip to Munich. It was bracingly cold and only a 20 minute run but I felt good at the end.

I therefore decided I would try to go the full distance which I did on Sunday. I have to say I was surprised - by pacing myself, I was able to complete the 13km run at a decent clip and had enough in the way of reserves that I accelerated in the last km and shaved a couple of seconds off my overall run time. My recovery was quick as well.

As usual, I’ve had a great time training with Kenzai. The lessons, workouts, diet and blogs continues to be a powerful combination that gets me going. I’m grateful to the Kenzai trainers who were supportive during the time I was nursing my sore tendon. I’m very happy with the final outcome and intend to keep running during the next several months.

Good luck to everyone on the team - I’ll see you on the trails!

Tense tendon

I went out for the Strong Finish run. I finished strong with a 1km run at 5:22 min/km, but started limping straight after. While I’m feeling better today, I could not do the workout as i was in too much pain through yesterday and today. I will not be able to do the technical run tomorrow, but will try to get to the distance run at some point on the weekend. This is a bit disheartening as I started the program with a sore tendon, which I thought had healed. Still, with some rest I will be good as new and raring to go!

For the record, I did the strong finish run without my wireless headphones. I enjoy running with or without listening on my headphones. Weekly challenge answered!

Little voices

I listened to my little voice this morning and dropped my Sunday strength workout. I had a reasonably full day playing with my son and accompanying my wife on a little shopping in the evening. I returned home, ignored my little voice and did my workout. I now feel a sense of accomplishment for today.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Breaching 10 km

I went out for my distance run this morning. I ran 10.83km in 1:09.41 at a speed of about 6.26min/km. This was roughly a minute slower per km than my technical run yesterday. I ran at a steady pace and had enough reserves to accelerate my pace in the last kilometer.

I’m happy with this outcome. It was better than I thought I could do at this stage of the program. I stretched quite a bit at the end including with my foam roller, which I find helpful with the IT band. I’m looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

My diet has been ok but I did have a protein heavy lunch yesterday with colleagues, and a few sips of wine last night. I will stay focused on being compliant as much as I can.

I hope everyone else is having a good start to their weekend.

A day of celebration

Today my family celebrates Diwali, the Festival of Lights. I will stay disciplined on the diet though I do anticipate a slight slip up or two - none involving alcohol though!
I celebrated this morning in a Kenzai way- by going out and doing the Fartlek run. The last 60 second burst was quite tiring (I stopped at 55 seconds), but I get through the whole run. My top speed is now 30s faster per km than the run as a whole, which is a meaningful acceleration during the bursts- so I’m happy with the progress.
In the spirit of the day, please accept my best wishes to all for a healthy, happy and prosperous future .

Running in a row

I couldn’t get to my 8km run on saturday - a result of work exhaustion from the prior week plus an excuse from the small voice in my head! So I ran on sunday and then again did the free run yesterday. I was a little concerned about running two days in a row and not having enough downtime to recover. However, I did manage to run 8.5km on sunday and 34 minutes yesterday with little impact. I spent a lot of time on post run stretching after the distance run and perhaps that helped in my recovery. Feeling good at the start of a new week. Trust everyone has had a good start week 4.

End of Week 4





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