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I had a rough patch the past 2 a nutshell we had our market (I am in home we show our customers our newest product) That was a week straight of long days...early meetings, late dinners, little sleep. Ugh. Wont have to face that for months though. I am ready to pick myself back up and get back on board with this. I feel bad that this happened and I had this set back....but I will start form where I am now and go on with it!!

Posted a few days ago, it didn't show.....not sure why? hmm? Maybe it was better it never made it....since I was in a crummy mood that day. This past week has been tough. My husband has been away for the week for work (coming back today). My work has amped up, market is next week and we are in the final push for getting ready. (I will be in NYC a few days next week for that) As a result, I am on the bottom of the priority list. I have not had time to get many workouts in...and I have had a few stress eating moments. :-(

For the jump roping though- I am so surprised I was able to do 200 in a row now. To get to the 1,000 I did 5 sets of 200...what a difference from the first week. I love that I can get a good workout in without leaving the house, especially on these wintery weather days lately.

Pretty good day.

Adventurous am....Some friends and I took my lab puppy & their dogs for a walk on the beach near my house this am (3,000 steps...wish it were more) and came upon a harbor seal just laying there. We thought it was sick....we called for help...and luckily the seal was fine... he was just relaxing & drying off by himself. I had never seen a seal on our beaches that was a happy start to the day.

After my daily am puppy walk....I get to work 10-5....behind my computer and sit almost all day. I hate that my job is so sedentary. It is now 8:00 pm and I have gotten 4,100 steps in total. It is really cold in RI lately...but once the weather turns a little warmer...I want to get outside in the evening and get at least 10,000 steps.

I do my Kenzai workouts from 6:30-7:30 every evening....but I still wish I could get more steps in.

Food wise- I am doing pretty good...Breakfast is easy to follow. Lunch today I took left over Indian food we had made...and I mixed a little of that with some broiled chicken and vegetables so the food had more flavor. Dinner we have a Hello Fresh meal...that I am weighing to eat the right amount.

In general alls going well...just want to walk a little more.

Busy winter break and trying to do my best. We have been skiing for the past 5 3 different mountains and stayed at 3 different friends houses. On the go, packing and out of suitcases, losing things, laptop left in car for days, no cell reception. I have been trying to do the best I can....I missed a few days of the workout and I haven't been weighing my food. Vacations are hard. I am very much looking forward to being back home soon to get back on board with sticking to this. But even though I have not been perfect, I am definitely better then I would have been if I didn't start this. I just finished day 19 exercises....jumping rope outside on the snow is something I would not have done before! I am very much enjoying this program and am sticking to it even though this break was challenging.

Yesterday I was able to do all of the sets of push ups without resorting to my knees at the end. I could not believe I was able to do it as that has been my hardest exercise so excited I can do that now!!
Other bit of good news-I tried on my ski pants this morning and they are looser then when I wore them over New Years....I feel the difference in my cloths already.....mainly around my mid section. Thrilled to be going into the school break week on positive footing with diet/exercise. Doing better now with weighing food too.

Busy start of week and day 1 of diet. Haven't been able to get a blog in until now. I had to be in NYC for work Mon & Tues (I live in Rhode Island). Left my house at 5:00 am Monday to take a train into NY. I brought a breakfast on the train and stuck to the diet for that, but in the office....the company provides a family style lunch I made healthy choices but did not weigh anything. I didn't eat the birthday cake of the day.....they celebrate and party I was able to say no to the booze and that was an improvement from the past. Tuesday - I chose some yogurt and fruit at breakfast and then was tacos....but I made a taco salad with it, instead of eating the crispy fried shells. I got home late Tuesday night and was exhausted. I did stick to the work outs, I wasn't thrilled my diet started off like that....but I made better choices and also watched portion size.

Today- I wasn't great with weighing the food. Breakfast was easy but not lunch and dinner. I can see this is going to be the part I need to force myself to do. I am not eating unhealthy at's just me not making the time to weigh it. I know I need to stop making excuses like I was busy and tired today to put the mental energy into doing it. I will aim to do it tomorrow as I feel a little more settled back into my rhythm at home.