Au B.

Au B.

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Kenzai Body
Program progress:

Not much to blog... all good. Been doing less exercise but doing great with food in take.
Hope everyone is doing ok. Just got back home but will travel again next week.
Bye for now.

I am back...

Hi hi
I have been MIA due to work and traveling schedule. Yes it sounds like excuses but it’s the
truth. Tax season, traveling and now spouse gone on a long business trip so I have been juggling with work and being a mom so less time to spent on blogging. I managed to follow diet routine with maybe once a week that I couldn’t. As for exercise - that s the difficult routine to follow for me.... so only twice a week I can do but I also tried to replace it with other exercise routine like walking on treadmill and yoga.

Will try to get back to routine this week before taking off work o Japan end of month for holiday with my mom and sisters.

Hanging in there and trying to stay on the program as best as I can. Bye for now.

Day 9:

Back on track ... more organized. Completed the work out found it a bit tough but it felt good. I am glad I did it! I prep food the night before and that helped a lot! Let’s see how tomorrow will be.