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Patrick's life note about the importance of exercise is superb! Very important facts and observations int here, I resonate with them and yet struggle to make it a regular part of my life.

While I have not fallen off the wagon completely, I can count the things I am not proud of..

Since I graduated KB in October:
1. 8 bottles of wine
2. 9 bags of crisps (small)
3. 12 restaurant/home meals not meeting the veggie intake (carb loaded)
4. 2 cakes
5. 4 Samosas
5. Only 5 mini workouts throughout and a couple of long walks.

Needless to say, I can't wait to start a program again that re-instills some structure and good energies back in large dozes.

I have a calendar full of dinners this month with holiday season approaching, so it might be a challenge but hopefully I can stay Kompliant as before.


In the last 4 years, most outcomes of my choices or situations have been unexpected. I put it down as growing up or expansive experiences.

My second KB has followed that trend.

I didn't get the same dramatic result as my previous program in 2011, I got what I needed.

To list them : information, support, a strong foundation, a plan, a trimmer body and confidence to continue on the path I have chosen.
The game changer is the plant based protein diet and I can't thank Kenzai enough for that nice addition.

Loved the support of my lovely team, big shout out to Kim and Heide for being so inspiring and ready to help.

Having my lil bro in the team kept me accountable too. I pretty much bullied him into it.

This month has a lot coming up, travel, workshops for emotional work and self dev, busy social calendar and I am both ready and scared.

Next, maybe sculpt or reach :)

See y'all around.

Looking back

Aaaah, I'm afraid I have anti climatic feelings when I look back to my week 1 and now.
Don't get me wrong, I'm in, I believe and I'll stay in.
But I don't quite feel as excited or enthusiastic as I've before in round 1 or this round 11 weeks ago.

The workouts getting harder has only made my willingness to do them break. Even though I feel stronger and can get so much more done now, I can't get myself started easily. I remember that in month 1, I was looking forward to each evening.

The diet got boring and drudged last month.
The slowness of results is just plain sad.

The days I've eaten broccoli or cauliflower and have a bloated tummy, I look like I was on day 1.

I also feel more determined to carry on because it's eye opening, good physique and health don't come easy, especially after the mid thirties. I mean clean eating and regular exercise are non negotiable in the long term, it's a hard fact.
I know now that I have to be IN for a long haul of this restructured lifestyle if I want to achieve my goals.

When I see the health status of some members in my family or even just my annual health check results, I want to get much better.

So feelings aside (frankly I'm just depressed right now), it's been reaffirming from week 1 of this KB program.

The lesson makes so much sense.
And I hate the stated facts. Ugh.

This is why my trainer is such a, well really a hero as much I'd like to use an expletive. He never lets me repeat the exercises when I look like I can do it.

All cards on the table, most abs workouts are not great for my back, so I have a very limited range of exercises I can do and I'm not super or consistent at them.

Am going to remember and try to switch it up a lil bit everyday now that o know that the planks won't cut it.


I can't stop wanting them, thinking of them or concentrate on anything else for too long without my mind wandering back to an uncontrollable desire to eat a box of curly fries with hot sauce!
Shoot me!


Today we celebrated one of my best friend's birthday. While I started out with all good intentions to be Kompliant, I wanted a small glass of champagne and then down the slippery slope of a few bites of crisps, an extra slice of bread to dip in hummus and strawberries, another glass of the bubblies finally calling it a stop when the slice of red velvet cake felt like lard in my belly.
Nothing I ate was outrageous but I'm feeling tired, ugggh and disappointed in myself. Wasn't necessary so I should have stuck to the soda and veggies and quinoa.

On the upside, it was a long overdue catch-up and a lovely afternoon, laughs, long walk along the waterfront and plenty of sun and fresh air.

Two weeks to go and already the question has come up..

Seeing how slow my progress has been, I guess I'm on track to keep up a tight lifestyle with diet for a few more months to come. Because I can see how my body isn't as responsive and how I can't fit in all workouts or rest into my schedule, it's much clearer to me that a clean and managed diet is the only way to go forward.

The best thing from KB this time is that I have clear guidelines on the plant based protein portions. And I've been able to control my carbs and overall meal portions. So I feel that with this newly reset baseline I can continue to pursue better fitness levels.

Loving the results I'm seeing for everyone in the team. Let's nail this team Columba!

Gym spy

So I have a tiny gym in my building. And I choose a time when I can be alone in that 500 sq ft or use the empty office room space next to it for personal training most days to avoid traffic.

Observations when I run into others..

1. One lady has a personal trainer and works out thrice a week with him. I'm always envying her energy and challenges as I've seen her fitness and progress. I wouldn't swap my trainer tho, he's been perfect for my back injuries and low energy levels plus he scales up as soon as I get comfortable.

2. A couple of guys come down when it seems they have forced themselves to, and they do 2-3 exercises mainly for their chest and pose at the molirror and go back up. It's like a maintenance of sorts. One of them did encourage me one day when I was struggling thru my planks, that I must keep at daily workouts and that it would get easier soon.

3. Most frequent are the threadmill or stepper users, women who come down at night to tick off the cardio or movement quota of the day by walking or running or stepping on the two machines. There is one guy who comes and cycles (relaxed like he's there for a foot massage) while reading a magazine sometimes too.

Size down!

So I am actually a size down now and fit comfortably in the set of clothes that I had to put aside at the beginning of the summer here.

Am happy sure, but very aware of the pitfalls to come if I don't stay committed to Kenzai lifestyle.

My fatigue is not going away. I made another short trip home to see family and friends over Fri-Sat-Sun and have arrived back feeling very tired and meh.

Weather was nice in Bombay with the monsoons and I stayed meal Kompliant till Sunday night when the indulgence message came and my friends took me to a nearby bar to say bye. So I caved in and had a couple of glasses of Rose and a few spicy double fried fries. Enjoyed some and then started feeling queasy from the oil.

Not what I would have wanted to do on an indulgence but better that it's done and over than me still pondering over it.

Sorry that I haven't had a chance to comment on all your blogs dear team tho I've been reading them and mentally applauding your participation and successes, I'll get there soon.

Honestly it changes daily.

Some days even the process of going to the supermarket to refill fruits feels like a drag. Other days I don't want to wear my workout clothes and go down.

I guess I can say it's been easy to stay in and also very hard to continue to stay in.

The lessons and trainer shouts are so spot-on with where I am mentally and need that message, it's amazing!

Thanks Kim for the cheer and push so I don't start slacking off.

The message about dinners and stomach organ behavior/acid-ph etc is also quite well delivered and in time.


The blog police got me.
I've been reading and commenting but didn't realise I was missing my own overdue blog.

Finally I think I'm seeing a very slight physical change.. my upper back has a couple of ripples that I'm loving. My face does look leaner. I've lost a kilo from my start weight according to the scale (I know I know but given how tight my jeans are still, I had to go somewhere else).

On the invisible side, I feel improvement in my skipping and ability to do most of the exercises better and better.

I am still hugely disappointed in the lack or rather the smallness of physical changes but I know I'm getting some unexpected good benefits from it too so can't complain.

Sleep is still an issue, I don't see that changing anytime soon. I've decided to stop chasing it or making it a big deal because that was stressing me even more. I'm feeling better than I used to despite that because I feel I can accept a few inevitable things like it "as it is"..

About my social life, I'm reclusive more than ever. So I go if I'm asked and really want to meet the collecting people. A couple of times I've just asked friends to go to breakfast so I can eat a Kompliant meal and sip on a luxury coffee.

But this time round it's been harder to just watch and talk and not eat or drink so I avoid going out as much as possible.
Spending 4 hours one evening with friends while they drank beers and then sitting across them while they gobbled down wontons and dimsums was my nightmare on Friday.

Having patted myself here for having been good isn't quite as clean as you'd think. I slipped.

I had two small cheats, both self indulged alone after having spent a few socially intense evenings where I successfully stayed on track.

One I passed by the cakery on my way out from work and saw they had "healthy" vegan mooncake and I couldn't resist. The cold and creamy lil dessert had mango, ginger, turmeric, nut pastes and a couple of other superfoods. Very dense and very satisfying. I didn't even halt to take a picture.

Second was me craving some smacking flavorslap, I was in a dark place on Saturday with the boredom of Kenzai diet and life, a horrible mistake from my vegetable vendor (which they've corrected today) and couldn't be bothered to cook or think of a Kompliant substitute so I ordered a tom yum soup from pop vegan and ate it with rice smeared with chilli oil. For dinner.

It wasn't big portion or horrifically out of line be side the soup came loaded with vegetables but it had an alarming level of fat (coconut cream) and salt. My tummy wasn't happy after but I felt so SANE after eating it.

Am still going well on the diet otherwise nailing my portions, was super happy to see breakfast carb is back. Workouts are still irregular but improving steadily.

the week gone by..

It was an eventful week that blurred by and I got pinged by the blog police today.

I had a work event mid week which is a fun bowling "tournament" we organise for our counterparties every year. Despite all the gutters I was swinging, I felt my hips and glutes and back were in good sync.

That same day our pug passed away unexpectedly back home in Bombay, it is was heartbreaking and my mom and sister who are there were inconsolable. I flew out to spend the weekend with them.

Needless to say my workouts have been non-existent. I couldn't concentrate on Thursday so I quit in my third set of skipping and went up home to pack for the next days flight.

I have been spot-on my diet except for the arrival this AM, as had not packed or prepared for breakfast, heck I just saw my changed diet at lunch time. So I've missed a couple of meals in my travel but not eaten anything out of bounds.

Hardest days

The more I think about it, the more I'm surprised..

Diet, I find weekends especially Sundays harder because I sleep in and start my mornings later. So usually by the time 7 pm rolls in, and I'm packing food prepped for the week, I haven't had dinner yet and that is hard to try fit in followed by the last veggie snack. Routines on weekends are more flexible and relaxed but I fail on keeping meal times.

Workouts, easier to say which are easy days. I am always set for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Latter two because my trainer is knocking on my door at 8 pm and I can't bunk it.
The other days are a hit and miss even now. I'd like to tighten it up.


I wanted at least 5 different things for my indulgence. So I made it happen.
Wine from M&S
Peanut chilli sauce dumplings and Kung Pao water chestnuts from a Sichuan restaurant
Chilli oil dumplings from a Japanese fast food restaurant
Spring rolls and pineapple fried rice from a Thai restaurant
Chocolate cake
My friends indulged me and came over and we spent the afternoon on this beautiful spread.. I absolutely enjoyed it.

Only, I felt like it stretched over a couple of mealtimes and I drank half a bottle and felt my head spinning.

Eventually I stepped out and took a long walk but it's hot and humid and heavily polluted in Hong Kong especially by the promenade today.
I feel dehydrated.

End of Week 2





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