Namrata M.

Namrata M.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
Happy Hump day

To begin with, I am 80% Meal-Kompliant just for this week because I'd signed up for a meal plan service a month ago. Nutrition kitchen in HK was running a 2 week pilot for veg/vegan meals and I really needed a break from cooking or thinking of meal options at that point in life. I must say I am impressed with the contents and variety and they are tasty - Cooking TIP "Jerk rub" on pan roasted beans / tofu does wonders for the flavoring!

This is my second and last week with them, while the macro parts of the diet (Carb+protein) are within my allowance for the breakfast and lunch that I receive, the proteins are not completely without oil and salt.

I bring my own stirfried/steamed veggies to make up for the lack of them in some portions and am well stocked up on fruits and almonds and seeds. If the meal is completely out of bounds (for eg contain cheese or beyond meat or impossible meat (vegan fake meats) or too much salt then I give that away to a kind obliging colleague and have the meals I've prepped.

Tonight will be a challenge (first of many), I booked a work dinner at my favourite sri lankan restaurant here (yes Kim M - Hotal Colombo), though I am sure I can eat within the weight/allowance in the brinjal moju and hoppers, I am very aware of the high salt and oil content in everything to feel un-ok about it.

So while everyone will go gaga over the spicy delicacies which I am going to recommend and order and absolutely insist they try, I am aiming to go sparkling water only myself. Watch this space for updates :P

On the adaptation of the meals:

Day 1 - I was super bloated, full and pretty much forcefeeding myself.
Thanks Kim, for the reference to Tejshree's blog.
TMI but the trips to the loo almost ate up my workout time, lol.

Day 2 - Better adjusted, still eating by the clock rather than appetite. Was grateful for the last fruit snack before bedtime, a big bowl of cold watermelon was exactly what I needed after my workout last night (understandable when you read the below part about the post workoutsweats).

Day 3 - today - I woke up hungry, finished up my breakfast by 6.30 AM at my desk while clicking away at those nasty spreadsheets and emails. By 9 AM I was done with my fruit snack (4 small plums) and watching the clock anxiously to check when would be an acceptable lunch hour because I was HANGRY.
I am not feeling bloated, but I know the vegetables will start the air expulsions soon.
My colleagues noticed me wolfing down my lunch aggressively at 11.30 and vocally expressed concern, I told them to back off.

Major WIN - said no to all passing cookies / turkish delights / snacks (am weeping inside).

On the Lessons - as usual they are well timed, small nuggets of useful info that applies to us everyday and for the days to come. I am playing sneaky with the stretches (reading the lesson was a reminder of why I need them even more) and I know if I don't start doing them it will not be pretty, but dang they take time.

On the workouts:

1. My trainer wants to continue his dynamic routines on Mondays and Thursdays and I think they do benefit me in many ways so have decided to get his help on things like Tricep dips if needed, but otherwise to use Mondays as a free cardio and to do 2 workouts on Saturday to make up for the lost day with Kenzai.

2. Skipping - I can go 50 without stopping on some sets and average 20 otherwise. If pick up the pace, I trip more so the key is to keep a medium non hurried speed. Last night my ankles felt a bit prickly so I stopped at the 4th set.

3. Post workout sweats - this is probably specific to the 200% humidity in Hong kong, but I came back around 8 pm from my workout and went straight into the kitchen to prepare my veggies (had run out of the previously made batch), I swear I perspired a liter of sweat out! This is normal if I don't turn on aircon, am usually drenched within minutes of coming out from a shower too. but the 30 mins in the kitchen made me feel like I was swimming in my own pool of salt.

4. The workouts got longer, I miss week 1 :)

So far so good, keep up dear team, am seeing your blogs and looks like we are all making efforts to start strong :)

1. The scale always knows better - I've done a few kenzai plans before, am shocked at how far off my guesstimates vs the scale # was. Which goes to show I have slowly been cutting low on veggies and the results are visible in the layers of flab over the last 18 months. Have spent a lot of time weighing and packing boxes of food for the week.

2. Workouts are taking me back to thought processes that have been onstandstill. I realised and shared my inner ambitions with Ward and Kim, was surprised that it was such a strong desire.
To clarify to all in team Columba, I'll be 40 in 2021, and I'd like to run a marathon effortlessly by then. This was passing thought earlier this year on my 38th birthday and has been forming a full plan in my sub-conscience which became clear to me in the past week. What better way to begin than KB :)

3. I was really hoping to be more on top of blogs, team posts and messages but have not been able to. I classify this as a surprise because historically it has been easier for me and a big reason of why I love Kenzai. Gotta get to work with it.

Happy Friday

Hello team Columba,

Been seeing everyone's blogs piping in and am so happy to be part of this team :)

Today's lesson was a relief, I usually obsess a lot over food prep and was very curious what diet was to come next week (also more interested since it is my first vegan plan with Kenzai). The diet is quite generous, I've been not eating carbs for dinner (and most evenings no dinner at all) so this is going to be a challenge for me. I had a small soup last night after a workout to test the waters and my tummy did not like it at all.
I hope my body adjusts to the changes without much stress.

On the workouts, my first time with pushups was horrible as I've written before. The second time around, I adjusted my arms to slightly wider distance and it worked beautifully (well, minus my expletives). Skipping has also been great. Am doing sets of planks instead of the stomach crunches to avoid hurting my back.

I have a personal trainer twice a week and he is not onboard with the current workouts (too simple and short for his liking) so right now I am juggling his mobility, hip flexing dynamic routines with our daily workouts. Hopefully it will all fall inline once we ramp up, but the soreness and discomfort are affecting my sleep all week.

See y'all on the blogs over the weekend and wishing everyone happy kenzaiiiiing.


The silver lining of this week's diet is that I get to fill up my compost box for the newly subscribed Hong Kong Community composting service.

Outside of that, it has been a harsh day of judgement (yes, for all the starving humans) from work colleagues for the quarter parts I am to do away with.

Am aware that it is a needed and effective lesson to practice, the ability to leave that quarter and tighten up portions. And I trust this program for driving the message home.

I did not want to blog today till I finished my workout (and washed my hair).

Thankfully, my trainer obliged to mix up our bi-weekly sessions and included our Day 1 workout into his, and some more. The skipping went well, TMI alert - wish I was wearing a diaper as the incontinence always shows up.

My nemesis - the push ups! That has not changed in 4 years.

Chiselling away 

I took a break, did my final workout in two sessions 3 hours apart.
It's not been my best form and I'm sure I'm going to do my own personal sculpt of catching up on the missed workouts.

The program has helped tremendously, I had no injuries which was my biggest worry. I feel stronger and my posture is so good.

I wish I'd unpacked from the shipment enough to get the prodigal pair of jeans on, unfortunately I'm a week away from getting to them.

Thanks Kim Murch for suggesting I do this, it was just what I needed.

A special thanks to the lovely team, your encouragement and support and influence took made me go wake up a bit early to crunch in the much needed plies and hip tucks.
Huge thanks for Kim Benson, super inspiring and helpful lessons and messages.

Time to go dancing and shake that booty?!?!


This is not how I saw the last 10 days of an awesome training program.
I moved flats, started work and somewhere in between I'm drowning in clutter, bad furniture situation and never ending demands on my days from handymen and new job.

I'm really sorry for being a bad participant but I'd like to stick close to the path and at least attempt catching up before it's graduation day.

In good news, my moving van brought my bag of tricks (yoga mat, yoga blocks, assortment of kenzai exercise props) that have been sailing their way from London since March..

Double twaaaaht!

Read the lesson yesterday on double time, should have been better prepared mentally.
Sigh, have not used the barrage of swears in a longtime, they all came out during the workout today. Not sure if I can get used to these... Can I please have my week 1 workouts back in?

Catching up

I was just reading Thomas's blog ( and getting ready for my workout, in comes the ding fr not blogging..
The workouts are getting harder, I'm dragging my feet to get them done.
Diet is ok, I get really hungry past 8 pm and the trick is go to sleep by 10 so that no devilish trips to 7/11 can take place..

Back in the grind..

So I went back home (India) for a couple of weeks.
The less I say about the trip, the heavier my butt gets with guilt so here goes..
I've missed workouts, eaten out (a lot) and done just the bare minimum to stay on track.
Returned this morning and having escaped from flooded Bombay, I'm ready for some recommitment!!!


I knew when I signed up that this is not starting as well as I like to.
Looking for a new apartment in HK before I flew out to see my big family in India across cities and a few other small bumps along the way do not help me set the baseline well.
But I am here, doing the best I can.

I still struggle with the post workout blues as always, I could murder someone with that. To have that feeling just on day 3 while we are still warming up was a bit too much.

Its great to see team Lavender up and about. I have yet to venture into the Barre workouts. They do look effective.

Taking a break

The disc is angry - said my osteopath.
I skipped the evening yesterday and the morning today.
Am icing and resting to see if it gets better.
It could have been the strength workout or could have been the morning back stretches.
Am bummed and paranoid but I think I'll be OK tomorrow.
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
Food boxes packed tho.


That's how I am feeling.. My arms don't want to type or do anything, they have gone to sleep.
I have not used my bands or tried a cruch/v-sit-up in over a year now.

Not sure how the sun salutation is going to be this evening, wish I could have not snoozed and gotten it done this morning right after the dyno-session.

Lower back is continuing to send scary warning signals.
I am careful and have been doing other helpful stretches, ice packs, warm pads etc.
I do not want to stop as I feel improvements but darned, the spassy feel is bringing up some dark fears.
Seeing my osteopath tonight, massages help but the costs of those pile up.

On the upside, went groceries yesterday and steered clear of the naughty sections, stirred up a batch of wildrice and veggies for lunch meals.
Boiled up eggs. Am stocked up for the next few days of veggies and fruits.
Got small yogurt cups (which is a fall but a planned one as I am avoiding it to vegan but it seems to help keep the cravings and hunger pangs at bay)...

Half Assed

I do it, just not in my best form or with my heart in it.
Like I don't mean it, i.e. for the diet and the long stretches..
The dynamic and grounding and opening up stretches are all good, I enjoy them. Done them everyday happily.
The long stretches make me week, hurt and I cannot find a sweet spot to stay!
Every other day I have a diet fail.
Am getting tired of myself.

Kung hei fat choi to my friends in Asia.

Hoping its a good reset button tomorrow.

Angry back

Lower back has a slight tingle and burn, from the new uses of K reach.
Usually I prefer to stand at work all day when there is a soreness but given the recent lead-heaviness of limbs I cannot stand too long either.

Come in Amazon Prime delivery of a big ice-cool-gel-pack.

Highly recommend always having one in the freezer - it is like a love pillow for the bigger muscles.

Have been finishing the day off by lying down on one of these puppies but wish my back would stop feeling so cranky.

Booked in at Aveda spa tonight, hopefully some good kneading will ease it up.


When I started the salamander, I thought for a good 10 seconds that I had mis-sized limbs.
How does one side drop to the level needed and other just wont!!
Surely my bones were not long enough. Soon enough I knew this is the type of inflexible mess that I don't even explore.
A 4 D dinosaur, that's what I was :-)
About to tilt and fall any second.

My front thighs and upper arms feel like they are made of lead from the past couple of days.

And I am getting super hungry after lunch.. 2 fruit snacks and chewing gum and water, none have helped so far and I caved into 2 bad evening choices.. a packet of candied cashews around 5 pm. And a microwave curry dinner the night before.


End of Week 2



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