Namrata M.

Namrata M.


Happy Friday

  • Jul 12th, 2019 at 7:40PM

Hello team Columba,

Been seeing everyone's blogs piping in and am so happy to be part of this team :)

Today's lesson was a relief, I usually obsess a lot over food prep and was very curious what diet was to come next week (also more interested since it is my first vegan plan with Kenzai). The diet is quite generous, I've been not eating carbs for dinner (and most evenings no dinner at all) so this is going to be a challenge for me. I had a small soup last night after a workout to test the waters and my tummy did not like it at all.
I hope my body adjusts to the changes without much stress.

On the workouts, my first time with pushups was horrible as I've written before. The second time around, I adjusted my arms to slightly wider distance and it worked beautifully (well, minus my expletives). Skipping has also been great. Am doing sets of planks instead of the stomach crunches to avoid hurting my back.

I have a personal trainer twice a week and he is not onboard with the current workouts (too simple and short for his liking) so right now I am juggling his mobility, hip flexing dynamic routines with our daily workouts. Hopefully it will all fall inline once we ramp up, but the soreness and discomfort are affecting my sleep all week.

See y'all on the blogs over the weekend and wishing everyone happy kenzaiiiiing.

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Kim MurchKim MurchReboot | Day 16 (Member)
Trainer3 months ago

My previous trainer was also suspicious at the beginning but came around once the workouts ramped up. I’m glad you’re able to modify to protect your back, the goal is for you to work out every day safely even if you can’t do every single exercise.

As for the diet, we can work with you! Were you doing intermittent fasting?

    Namrata M.Namrata M.
    Member3 months ago

    Thanks Kim, agreed that once the workouts ramp up Jay will be all over it.
    Technically I wasn't intermittent fasting, I ate till about 5-5.30 pm and stopped. Most evenings I'd have a workout or a walk along the promenade and go home to bed. It gave my tummy a rest and I slept better cos I wasn't full. It was a good 12 hour gap between food intake.

      Heide BluntHeide BluntKenzai Member
      Assistant Trainer3 months ago

      What a great first week roundup Namrata - well done! If the mobility / hip routines are working for you and addressing specific needs, then you might want to try and keep them in your routine as much as possible. have a great weekend!

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