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Kenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 25 (Member)
Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Day 25
Program progress:
Rough Week

This week started off with a sick kid at home that messed up my routine. I LOVE routine so no matter how many times we have been through this sick-kid path, I didn't cope with the change very well. Mon & Tuesday workouts were HARD too. School was off on Wednesday and that messed up my routine. Food was not on point! I skipped the workout that day and did the body integration today thinking the workout will help me with the parenting stress I am facing now. I'm sure the entire neighborhood and the Japanese clients on the other end of my husband's conference call all know how my 9yr old and I got into it last night!🤦🏻‍♀️ I was weirdly calm after a little bit as my daughter was screaming and yelling things at me because it was like looking at my little self. Seems as though we have hit puberty. 😓 Oh...I'm so sorry oka-san. I understand now!
I can usually shake these things off after a good sleep and a workout but I still feel crummy. More unexpected things happened today and so it's not been a usual day but I made myself a nice lunch (I skipped meat today and made a veggie pasta salad with a 1tsp of feta cheese, lemon/herbs and roasted cauliflower) and I am about to go pick up the kids now...with a smile!

So Far So Good!

Thank you for your encouraging and wise comments! I took them to heart and have been diligently taking one workout at a time and putting my best effort in. What a difference! I feel them now! Perhaps it's the mental shift but I also feel strong. For my active recovery day today, I played tennis for 1.5hrs and I played well with stamina! What a great feeling. Must keep this momentum going for the next 2 workouts left this week. I'm with my younger 7yr old for one of them while my husband takes our oldest, Emma to her tennis tournament. The workout will help me calm my nerves that day and live in the moment with my youngest. We'll be cheering Emma on from home as the 4th grader takes on junior high school players for the first time. Gulp!

Food wise was close to perfect till last night when I was reheating dinner for my husband. I was still so hungry (I usually am at night after my Kenzai meal) and fruit was just not appealing. I ended up eating a (big) portion... ok! Moving on ;-P I was proud of the night I made chicken katsu for the kids and pan-baked chicken (oregano/paprika/parsley/garlic powder/red chili flakes) for myself and didn't have any katsu. I cook separately so I have to fight the temptations everyday which is not easy. You are not alone if you are busy prepping all kinds of meals for your family and your kids want to taste your food in addition to theirs and they mess up your grams!


Last week was a mixed bag. I expected it as my husband was away on a business trip. When it comes to taking care of the kids, we divide and conquer so when I'm single mom-ing it, I am quickly overwhelmed both emotionally and physically. We are a small family of four without any help and it's always been just us since day 1 so the kids get really sad when daddy leaves (sobbing!). One evening, I just caved and finished a bag of potato chips, my nemesis. That led to my will power spiraling downwards and workouts being fudged, meals not weighed till my husband came home.

Over the weekend, I realized I should probably have some goals this week. I have no muscle soreness which means I am not tearing and repairing anything, right?! I look and feel the same each week as well. I'd like to get more muscle! I am extremely cautious about injuries and using heavier bells due to some past experiences on this program (shoulder/rotator cuff injury) so I have not pushed it. I skip/modify certain exercises like the turkish getup. Should I keep the same weight but add more reps on ones I can??

I decided for this week, I will aim for a perfect week on the workout front. The kids are off school on Wednesday but they are so used to me working out, it should not be a problem. The pic is from the Sunday workout that the kids started doing so I joined in! Food wise, I have been inspired by others here and will quit the small cheats that I later regret and don't even feel satisfied from. You'd think I've learned by now!


My oldest daughter plays tennis 6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day so Sunday is her 'day off'. Perfect day for me to spend my free-cardio day with the family. In the morning, my husband took the kids on a bike ride and I walked the dogs for 50min. In the afternoon, we used to swim (was too hot for anything else) but now that the weather has gotten pleasant, we packed fruit and went to a 140 acre nature preserve where there are hiking trails, wetlands, and paddle boat rentals. I may feel the paddle boat tomorrow!


Since our move to Florida in the summer, I have been on a mission to regain my fitness routine! It's a lot of commitment but the results are there and I'm on a roll. I have been on Kenzai for over 5yrs but I think this is the fittest and strongest I have ever been. The Kettlebell program is my favorite program since it came out and I have done Bells1 & 2 several times. I wish we had a number next to our badges of how many times we've done the programs - someday I may or may not dig through the hundred blog pages to count!

This year, I finished KBells 1 in May before the big move and have done Beach Blast and Sculpt so far. After Sculpt, my upper body feels a bit neglected so that is why I'm here. I also want to raise my fitness level a tad bit more. I started taking tennis lessons twice a week and I was out of breath in the last class! Can't have that! ...which brings me to a scheduling challenge. I couldn't do the Bells workout on tennis day. No time, no energy. So today, I did Day 2 & 3 and it was fine...but I know we will ramp up soon and doubling down will not be an option. Will probably have to cut back a cycle or two on tennis days but the fall weather is here and it is just absolutely perfect (it's still hot but the humidity is so much lower!) I'll do what I can.

We rarely eat out (family is used to my Kenzai low sodium/oil cooking so very very picky!) I cook all meals for my family and am always in the kitchen. On my last 2 programs, I quickly ran out of veggies so the pics are my recent veggie dishes. I'm not going to go super strict zero oil/salt this round. I have a feeling I will burn out since this is my 3rd program in a row. I'll be using a little bit of oil (I use a spray of avocado oil) and a pinch of salt or soy sauce for the stir fries or cauliflower (really into pan grilling them these days).

This is a tough program but I'm looking forward to getting to know the new team and we have super trainer Matt - woohooo! Lets go Bells 2!


My post vacation project started mid-July. We moved in June then went on vacation in July so I was basically on AMAYW non-Kenzai food for 2 months without any structured exercise. I felt terrible and needed to get back into the Kenzai groove in our new home.

July: I did Beach Blast, one of the toughest programs and one I probably won't repeat! I stuck to it 100% and it delivered and I was happy with the results but the diet was so so lean and I was grumpy all the time, on top of bad sleep and mood swings! I think my body was in shock after the non-Kenzai summer to extreme Kenzai reboot. I don't think I will ever 'let loose' that much again on a was so hard to climb back out of it.

August: Then came Sculpt. Started off nice and easy (anything is after Blast!) and I stuck to the extra cardio that I had been doing in Blast (the message on that program was loud and clear about cardio and became a habit). By Week 4/5 or so, the diet got very generous. AMAYW EVERYTHING for lunch! That is like a Kenzai dream! I went from measly 50g of carb a day on Blast to carb & protein heaven. Yet, I was still hungry ALL THE TIME. I suspect it was the extra cardio I was doing so the night cravings were strong. I caved a few times... I also indulged in BBQ pork ribs one weekend but overall, I am very happy with my comeback. And look at my posture! I had to put in a lot of extra effort to prioritize Kenzai prep, cooking, and workouts.

Thank you as always my Kenzai friends! I love the various topics that come up and I too face challenges with metabolism, aches and pains, postpartum issues, new environments, family, mental health, etc. as I enter my 6th year in the Kenzai lifestyle. There is an abundance of knowledge and support here and I appreciate this wonderful community!

Final Weeks of Sculpt

I have been blogging in my head the past week (like 10 blog entries!) and commenting to your blogs too (all in my mind) but by the time I can get to the computer in the evening, I could barely keep my eyes open. Our days start at 6:30am and this full time Kenzai mom/wife goes non stop all day and there were several days I crashed after putting the kids to bed. Apart from the household chores, most of my day is spent cooking all the Kenzai and non-Kenzai meals and packing food (fruit & snacks for the kids for their school/after school/during their tennis). We rarely eat out (about once or twice a month) but there was one day I simply could not cook anymore. It was just me and my husband during his lunch break, out grocery shopping and we were near a Chinese restaurant. Chinese food is the first thing to give up on Kenzai right?!?!? Well, I was about to 'allow' myself an indulgence. I have been on back to back programs and my will power was wearing thin. BUT to our BIG surprise, look what I saw on the menu... "Health Conscious - No starch/oil/msg"!!! Amazing. Now I had to try! I had the Shrimp Delight and it sure was a delight :-) It was not salty, had only some ginger and possibly some salt. The veggies were steamed just right and I could tell they were not frozen and fresh. After the meal, I felt like how I always feel after eating my own Kenzai clean meals. A great find and a big win.

I used to do my long swift walk before the workouts but the past 2 weeks, I had to switch the order since the workouts were getting tough. My motivation was low and really didn't want to do another single heel lift... so thank you guys for your blogging and positive energy all around!

Grad post coming soon! Putting all the pictures together... the pics say it all!

Turned to Exercise

So, we are out of the hurricane threat but an absolutely devastating situation for the Bahamas. For us, it was a practice run and now we are properly prepared for the hurricane season in Florida. What a stressful week that was. I would usually stress eat more but I did pretty well this time and exercised instead. I missed about 2.5 workouts last week but waiting for the slow-as-a-sloth hurricane became simply annoying so even though it was unbearably humid, I worked out in the garage. We also kept getting breaks from the rain and since I thought we would lose power soon and didn't want to be in the dark house with the windows all boarded up, I walked every chance I had.

Kids have been cooped up in the house so my husband took them out to lunch today. I stayed home and made a massive tuna salad. Might as well start eating the many many cans of tuna we have stocked up now!

Oh...and can I say BURN!!!! OUCH! EeeeeK! 5 second break was not enough for me on the barre exercises!

Hurricane Interruption!

Things were going well until yesterday, we had to start preparing for Hurricane Dorian. It is said to be a Cat 4 and the strongest one in Florida since 1994. Eek! We just moved here this June so this is our first hurricane here!

I rushed through yesterday's workout but today, I could not get it done. There is too much to prep for this hurricane while we still have to go about our day with our 'normal' lives at the same time which has been hectic. The city is in a semi-panic mode with cars lined up for gas and everyone shopping around only to find that things are sold out and driving around again. The kids' tennis was cancelled today so I took them out on a 5km bike ride. That and the 50min dog walk is what I was able to do today besides being on my feet all day! I hope to do the same tomorrow since I'm trying to get the kids out as much as possible during this calm-before-the-storm. Our shutters are going up in the house tomorrow and it will be pitch dark inside and probably from Sunday, we will be hunkered down inside for a few days. Dorian is to make landfall Tuesday.

I organized the fridge today as well because from what our neighbors tell us, we will lose power. We have a small generator and enough gas to run a small AC and 1 fridge for 1 day... In the midst of all of this, I find cooking to be somewhat therapeutic so I cooked as many fresh meals as I could today and will do the same tomorrow. Lunch was an orzo salad with pan baked chicken and yes, I mixed the pasta in and so I didn't measure the veggie & carb separately but just have it all separately like a buffet to be 100% Kenzai compliant. Here is one I did a few years ago and still do when eating with the family.

I saw that we have an indulgence so I suppose the 2 olives and a little cheese I used in the salad plus the bowl of ice cream I just finished (stress eating!) will be considered that.

I hope to report back sometime next week after the hurricane has passed. Really really hoping for minimal damage!

Kenzai Eats

Had one day where the motivation was flat with very low energy but powered through it and got the workout done. That was the day we had 80 Arabesques then 80 Touchbacks. Not a fan. Was tedious! BUT there's a really good buzz here with so many active trainees on various programs so I told myself, "Someone out there is gritting their teeth right now and getting it done so just do it!" Also, since Beach Blast last month, I've been averaging 1 hour of cardio a day so hope to keep that up.

My best and favorite Kenzai meal this week was pan-baked salmon. I defrosted the salmon overnight in the fridge and simply cooked it in a non-stick pan. Put a pinch of seasoning on it and my pieces were naturally oily so I cooked it on high heat first, flipped it, lowered the temp to medium/low, and covered it with a glass lid. Sometimes I add water to help it from burning/sticking but today there was no need and I browned it in it's own oil at the end for a minute or two. Had pre-cut a piece into cubes to make it easier to weigh later. I also cook chicken this way if not on the grill. Oh, the yellow rice is jasmine rice cooked with turmeric.

I know weekends can be tougher for some of us with more temptations. Lets stay strong and keep it Kenzai clean!


I joined Sculpt from Day 8 right after Beach Blast and I must say, it's really nice to be on a "normal" program. Blast was so extreme, especially my lean lean diet and 7 day workouts that take a lot out of you. After Blast, I relaxed on the diet for about 2 days and then my body craved the Kenzai clean meals so all is well with this transition into Sculpt. I am surprised to see my carb allowance is more than double of what I had on Blast and can't believe I'm saying this because I love rice and can eat bowls and bowls of it but am worried of taking all that carb back in my body! I got used to having baked potatoes for dinner so I have stuck to that this week...
Sculpt is one of my favorite programs and with the kids going back to school next week, there will be more time to focus on self-care. It was a long long summer that started end of May with a big move to a new state/city/neighborhood so a Kenzai routine helps ground me at these times of change. Will catch up on blogs this weekend and will have fun on Sculpt!


Many have said they have a love hate relationship with this program. Like I have blogged before, it was more (mostly) hate less (no) love for me :-D Haha. Good thing I didn't call it quits and can laugh about it now! All I could think is this is what the "Hugh Jackman's Three-Month Prep For A Shirtless Scene" must be like. Good thing I am not a Hollywood star! |0|

Oh the diet! Was so so lean. I have never had my carbs cut (to like zilch!) this much for so long and no AMAYW for veggies. Brutal. NEVER want that again. I came into this program with a 2 month break so workouts were just as tough and all I could think is, if you can do ALL of these exercises with perfect form, then you ALREADY have a beach body! Needless to say, I am not a fan but at the same time, this program delivers! I have lines and dimples in my abs that I have not seen in a LONG time and NEVER in a 4 week program. Reboot will never be the same again! What to do?!?! We need a program in between Reboot and Blast!

Well, I dug out an old old bikini that I have not worn in years today. My kids were very embarrassed seeing so much of me exposed. Their reactions are still so honest and cute!

Thank you for commenting and keeping the momentum going. It was truly needed and appreciated. There was no creative brain juice left in me on this program and so I could not post many food pics or recipes - that is an indication of how much this program demands from you. I'm rolling right into Sculpt, mainly because I don't want to lose all of my Blast gains in a week and I'm at a great starting point now! I have enjoyed my first dinner with carbs (Thai curry!) and my first beer and my first ice cream in a month! Oh how wonderful it was!!

Last Week of Blast

Thank you for supporting me during my grumpy week! I was really ready to just stop. Instead, I loosened up the diet by adding some salt and using some oil, had some carbs for dinner for about 2 days. Just that made a huge difference. The biggest issue I think I had/have with these floor exercises is that I modify probably about half of them so I don't feel like I 'deserve' the "I did it" tick. If there was a picture of Patrick doing push ups with his knees on the floor, then yes, I would feel like I accomplished what I was supposed to do. Also, it is hard to feel the progress. When on the KBell program, if there was a hard exercise, you simply use lighter bells (or bands). But you can still do them and confidently tick the box and then one day, you realize you can up the bands or use heavier bells. What a great feeling that is! On the floor exercises, if I am able to do something 2 seconds longer than last week, it just isn't the same Whoohooo! feeling (on top of having to modify and feel like you are making it "easier" already). So I guess it is all psychological.

Well, it is the last week and I have used up 3 tickets....Oops! I rarely sit and am active most of the time so wish that all counts... I did feel confident to wear a semi-bikini over the weekend. Lets see if I will wear a bikini bikini this weekend! It was Myra's 7yr old birthday so we celebrated with the usual bike rides and swimming...and I baked her a chocolate chiffon cake which I had a sliver of.


I couldn't blog last week because I had nothing nice to say! I've been in a very bad mood... since like Day 3! |0| Is it just me?! I know we're in extreme cutting mode and even with a handful of chips here and there, a few drinks, a piece of cake and a day off (1 ticket used), I have gotten the results that usually take a month on Reboot in less than 2 weeks. The price though is that I am crabby all the time and am not enjoying the program one bit!

There are several factors I know that are contributing to my bad mood, the major one being that it's summer break and the kids and I are getting on each other's nerves. So it does make me wonder if I had more time to prep my food and have 'my time' for the workouts and cardio if I would enjoy it more. Not sure if I will ever want to sign up again for a Blast program but I now know Reboot will not be satisfactory anymore.

As much as I dislike the workouts, I am curious to see what the next 2 weeks will bring. I know this is probably where the big change happens since I rarely push myself to this extent.


I really liked the Intesity Matrix graph. I think I overdid it (extra cardio=tennis + heat) and was in 'burn out' mode on Day 4 so the lessons are really helping in understanding what is going on. I was sad to see that we don't have my favorite just-cardio-Sundays anymore. I hope to use the tickets ... wish we had more of them ;-)

Diet is cleaner, less cravings and less voices in my head to fight off. Still a daily challenge since I cook all meals for the family. When I'm making cream sauce rigatoni pasta or frying up my home made pork and shrimp veggie spring rolls, I am drooling and can't resist to take a bite or two!

Wish I had more time to cook! Some pics from my Kenzai meals.
Ground beef: cumin, garlic
Mediterranean chicken skewers: marinade of oregano, parsley, paprika, garlic, lemon juice
Pulled beef/left over steak with homemade pico de gallo minus the salt: tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime, jalapeno
Lots of avocado. Also had grilled mackerel, tuna with lemon/red onion/whole grain dijon mustard/cucumbers/celery. Baked potatoes for my no-carb dinners.

So glad I workout at home where no one can see me in a mess at 34seconds and judge my mini-burpees or look at me thinking "what is she trying to do?!"

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