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Naoko P.

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 3 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 3
Program progress:
Blasting In SoFlo!

Day 2 was better. Meaning, it was brutal and I am sore all over! The lessons helped me plan and envision what the next 4 weeks should look like so that was very helpful. Also the sheets of subs are printed out and were used today. Even though most of my subs are on the bottom of the sheet in the Easy Section, I tapped out at 30 seconds on many of them.

So cardio. Extra cardio is what I will be aiming for and it's easy to do here in our new setting in Southern Florida. We live in a community surrounded by a 5km ring road. It is flat, mostly tree lined providing some shade, safe, with a sidewalk. It is very hot and humid now but the kids are at a tennis academy inside the ring road so I walked it this morning. Took about an hour. Had to recover from it as the heat was unbearable towards the end and did the exercises later in the day as the kids were in the pool and I can see them from our window. I think I will bike more than walk but this will be my weekday routine. Just gets tricky when my husband goes away on business.

Lots of chatter in my head regarding food so extra willpower is needed at the moment to dismiss them. I was about to cave but instead, I brushed my teeth! These small wins are a huge confidence booster.


I just came back from a beach (pic @ Kaiona Beach, Honolulu) and as you can see, I covered myself up and hid behind my kids! I was not Beach Ready. Well, I was 2 months ago when I finished KBells and moved to Florida 'fit.' That was my goal at the time and I accomplished it!
Then the big move happened, clean eating went downhill for a while but Florida is a great place to maintain an active Kenzai lifestyle. I have not done any structured exercises or strength training but I do bike and walk everyday. The food part really got worse when I read about this program and saw that it starts right after our Hawaii vacation. I just let loose and enjoyed pigging out all of my favorite foods with my favorite people. I was very happy but very bloaty and in no mood or shape to wear a bikini the entire time. Booo.

For some reason, I thought the program started mid-week but since I was wide awake at 11:30pm I decided to open up my lap top and darn it. Today is Day 1! So I got out of my PJ's and did it!

It's 12:20am now and I must say, this program is deceptive because it is timed. I fiddled around with the timer function too much (duh...forgot to use the app), questioned my form on some of the exercises and did them slow so before you know it, the 20 seconds or the 45 seconds was up. I also had to substitute some of them and felt like I wasn't getting the same amount of burn. Tomorrow, I will have to go through all of them mentally and check form, research more subs beforehand. I don't feel like I did it properly because I recall all of the past blogs saying this program was brutal from Day 1. We shall see. Cleaning the food up is the main focus for me. Time to restock the fridge.

#FitForFlorida COMPLETE! 

I was very quiet for the past 2 weeks here simply because I was just too tired. I read that more than once here on the blogs from other teammates so I knew I wasn't the only one. I was in mule mode, head down and just getting them done. I was also VERY hungry after dinner, evening fruit, and needed to stay away from the kitchen (where my computer is). Brushing my teeth early worked so I'm going to stick to this habit!

Diet was squeaky clean till the last few days. I knew it wasn't ideal from a Kenzai stance, especially since I was super committed and had worked very hard. However, we are moving this week and saying good bye to some close friends. They took us out to lunch, we had a pot luck at our house, etc and so it was not the time for me to be anti-social and a Kenzai perfectionist. It actually wasn't a total blow out like I had expected. I had Laotian food for the first time but at one of those made-from-scratch, using high quality ingredients, small portions by a very talented detailed oriented chef who was inspiring. Pot luck was also a mix of various foods from various cultures, all home made and easy to portion control. I took my final picture after these meals and didn't feel bloaty. I think I look pretty darn good! It has been a while since I have had this kind of progress and I finished strong and feel GREAT! It is worth pointing out that there was very little weight loss. 0.8kg to be exact. I have experienced this on all the KBells programs so to avoid the numbers messing with my head, I've stopped getting on the scales every week. I am super proud of myself for pushing through this program during one of the busiest times. I had some extra daily cardio just being a mom to dogs and active kids who needed walks and bike rides every day. I am also on my feet about 14 hours a day. The cycle workouts were done in the morning and gave me a lot of energy to get through the day but I was SO tired by evening and needed all the sleep I could get. Last but not least, you need an ultra strong community for this program and I am very fortunate to have had one. THANK YOU all.


Surprised to get my blog alert...I'm here, getting through these speed rope cycles and reading the blogs. These speed rope cycles can be a nuisance some days but reading what the Beach Blasters are going through in just Days 1 & 2, I think I'll just keep trucking along with my bells and rope!

I've caved in to some cheese, some miso soup a couple of days, and the coffee fudge ice cream begged me to try it so I did |0| I know this is the time to buckle down but Mother's Day makes me emotional as it stirs up all the memories that happened around May 18 years ago with my late mother. I honestly just want to tuck into that ice cream and cry like a baby. I am also packing for our move to Florida that will happen right after this program and I was THIS close to ordering a Thai curry delivery today but pounded that urge down to the ground and poached some salmon and diced up veggies I had in the fridge instead. Boy, do I feel good about that! I'll hold on to these wins and will keep going!!!

4 Cycles

1st Cycle
- Jump rope (trip after 30seconds, out of breath at 1min, trip, trip, trip)
- Replace Knee Capper with Squats
- Minimum reps, Lightest Bells

2nd Cycle
- Jump rope (Trip, stop to itch my nose, trip. Stop and turn the fan on. Hating the rope, take a pic of my cute sleeping dogs. Envy them. I wish I was them. They have a good life. We are good owners. Trip.)
- Dragging. Why am I doing this to myself.
- Getting hot. Why isn't the damn fan working.
- Minimum reps, Tries heavier bells for some.

3rd Cycle
- Jump rope (No trips. Feeling like a jump rope queen. Great song, great beat. What?! 4min is over?! I don't want to stop!)
- Max reps, Heavier bells.
- Sweating.

4th Cycle
- I don't need a minute break! Lets keep going!
- Jump rope (trip once)
- Sweating!
- Heavier bells, till failure. Aiming for perfect reps to feel the burn. Aaaah it feels so good!
- It's over?! Noooo I want to keep going!!!!

REPEAT every day!
Oh Kenzai, this is why you are so addictive ;-)


Ramping up now that we are in Week 3!

Inspired by Silvia's jump roping beast mode, I took out my RX Zeus jump rope that I haven't touched in 6months. I have some postnatal issues and can't really push myself with the jump rope but I did do 1.5cycles with the Zeus. It was brutal but I think I just need to go slower and learn to jump at a new pace with it. Will work on it and also fine tune my alternatives instead of fudging. I finished off the cardio with no/low impact cardio and substituted some ab exercises that are diastasis recti & pelvic floor friendly. I go to @danalandgren on Instagram (pic#1) to get the various options she provides. (Would love to see a Kenzai page or an alternative exercise tab on this some day!)

I am sooOOOOO proud that I fought through the temptations of ordering food last week (twice!) and cooked all my food. I survived the long 4 day weekend with the kids, daddy on a business trip, sick and minor injured kid on last day while rained in so feeling like superwoman now! I'm eating clean and have switched from white rice to brown rice, stopped eye balling and am measuring my just have to fine tune breakfast (I have actually only eaten veggies with my breaky once! Pic #2 Too early in the day to prep beyond avocado and never seem to have leftovers |0| )

Will catch up on blogs soon. Keep it up my awesome fellow Kettlebellers!!!


I have made tandoori chicken but didn't have time to defrost the chicken so made it with shrimp! Shrimp quickly defrosts and also cooks very fast. This can be made in the oven, grilled or in a pan (covered) and depending on the size of your shrimp, could be cooked within 10min.

This was my first time so for the 15 pieces of shrimp, I used 2 Tbs of low fat yogurt, 1/2 Tbs of lemon juice and 1/8 tsp of each spices below. When cooked, 9 pieces of shrimp was 100g so my regret is that I didn't make more for leftovers! Came out spicy and juicy!

Salt free Tandoori Spice Blend
equal amounts of:
ground cumin
ground coriander
cayenne red pepper (adjust amount to your liking)
ginger ( (ground or fresh, grated)

+ I added garlic (fresh, grated)

Mix low fat yogurt, lemon juice, spices together and marinate the shrimp for 30min in the fridge. Bake in pre-heated oven 400F/204C for 10min (depending on the size, could be shorter) flipping half way through.

My curried chicken recipes:


I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with next month's move and the to-do list keeps getting longer so I tackled the workout early today and went on my dog walk. I prioritize the things I need to do for the day on my dog walks which really helps me since it's a non-stop day till bedtime. I started the walk telling myself that the first thing I need to cut back are the food deliveries (Thai! Indian! Pizza! Oh No!) that we have been relying on this past month in the midst of packing boxes. Started the walk telling myself we will cut back from 3 deliveries to 1... and by the end of the walk, I said "COME ON! Where is my commitment!?!?! Why have I gotten so half a$$ed about my fitness!!!" and promised myself we would go back to zero take outs and deliveries like it used to be. We are moving to Florida and my shorts from last summer are uncomfortably TIGHT. Some simply don't fit! I don't want that! I can do this I can do this I can do this....

I know food prep is key but because I cook all meals for my family, no matter how much I prep, it's never enough. The least I could do is prep for my dinners ahead of time since those meals are the hardest to get right when cooking separately for the fam. Spent 30min washing and chopping fruit and veggies, baked sweet potato and salmon in the oven. I shall repeat this Wednesday!
(Oh and Jess, the oil sprays are available in the US as well. I have used the avocado oil one.)

My family of bells are 10/15/20 pounders. Since I have done KBells 2, I have some in pairs as well. I have been nursing a shoulder I most likely hurt last year with the bells so I don't push it. Getting through the program injury free is front and center!

Back to the Bells!

I only did Kettlebell 1 & 2 programs last year... That's how much I love it and got hooked! It's also the last program I put my heart into with rewarding results at the end and that was 6 months ago. I feel very out of shape and weak...and life is busy with a big move coming up next month so I deliberately scheduled this in to help me structure my days.

Will try to fill this space with lots of colorful Kenzai food! I have caved several times to very non Kenzai compliant take out or lunch deliveries as the days are going by fast packing boxes and purging with simply no time to cook and prepare for everyone in the family. However, we are having warmer days so I try to make a HUGE batch of salad/slaw with a clean protein. Being on program should help me stay more on track!

I have not read the book or have seen the Netflix "salt fat acid heat" but those are the main elements I use in my cooking - Kenzai portions.
In the pictured salads I used:
Salt: seasoning (mix of salt/pepper/onion/garlic powder)
Fat: very small amount of avocado oil or sesame oil
Acid: lemon or rice vinegar - and small amounts of honey or white balsamic vinegar to cut the acidity
The slaw has whole grain dijon mustard and fresh herbs too.

For the protein, I sometimes add 'Heat' (spices such as jalapeno, cayenne pepper, chili pepper). The pictured shrimp was marinated in cayenne pepper/cumin/paprika/garlic powder, lemon and avocado oil.

Still Sculpting 

Sculpt is a great program and thanks to your encouragement, I was able to get some solid weeks in. However, the timing didn't work out for me this round to give it my best effort through the entire 6 weeks so I will re-do the program on my own.

I didn't open up Sculpt this past week while we were on Spring Break but I had many Kenzai daily wins. We almost lost 2 days due to a sudden flight cancellation. I let the stress of re-scheduling everything, having to fly to a new destination and drive get to me. Once I got some decent sleep in our new house, we were non-stop cleaning, visiting schools, and walking around the neighborhood. Kids played tennis everyday and had a blast. I have a small kitchen but with a view that will inspire me to keep on making the colorful Kenzai meals.

Our flight back was uneventful - thank goodness. I reserved a heavy snack (crackers, cheese, grapes) for the kids and always travel with a tupperware full of cherry tomatoes.

I've always relied on live programs and the success rate on doing Kenzai Life on my own is very poor but we have 2 months till our big move from Texas to Florida. I need to give this "Kenzai Me" a shot again. Will keep on Sculpting!

On Spring Break

No WiFi here. Will come back to blog world in a couple of days!


I didn't realize how negative I sounded in my last blog until my Kenzai warriors snapped me out of it. Perspective! Guess when we are "overwhelmed" we lose it. Thank YOU.

We have a great thing going. Our move is a positive one. Yet, I was fixated on missed workouts, diet slips, unsupportive to the team, the pressure not to "fail" on this program.

Is this called "blogging it out?" I didn't mean to but it worked. I got my workout done today and I also was able to finish some tasks and make decisions regarding the move that was weighing me down. Taking it as it comes, staying productive, even when the car breaks down - inhale, exhale and rely on others for help ;-) right? Who's to say this was a bad thing... we now have an excuse to get a new and bigger car for our doggies' road trip to....


Yes, the location has been revealed! We will be in sunny, hot (and humid) Florida this spring break and move at the end of the school year in May. My husband's new company is there and the move makes sense with all of his business travel and his shift in career. This is GREAT news for my oldest daughter who is a competitive tennis player. She absolutely LOVES the sport and I have not seen anyone so driven and motivated and just purely love something this much so young. I often wonder if she would have still been this athletic and sporty if we had not started Kenzai. She was 4 years old when I completely changed my lifestyle to be what it is today. When she was bored, I handed her a jump rope and she taught herself. Lots of family workouts happened and I was very conscious of her sugar intake and switched all her snacks to fruit and something less junky. Since I stopped take out and buying pre-made meals she's been only eating my home made balanced meals. Her favorite breaky is avocado toast! She has always been the active type and did various sports but I really believe that this Kenzai lifestyle had/has a huge impact on our parenting and family dynamics.

The future is bright and uplifting! The present is strong (and cold...0C actually :-D My youngest and I also can't wait to be somewhere warmer).


This has been a bit of a struggle of mine since Kenzai introduced the membership plan and our access to programs all year around. From time to time, I have this voice in my head "Aaaaagh, you're overwhelmed now. Just quit this program and start up again later".

Injury is a legit reason to quit and come back later.
Heavy business travel too perhaps.
Prolonged sickness or a family emergency? Yup, I'd say.

Do I have any of these?

My excuses would be....
We have decided to move in May, out of state. It's not over an ocean like our last move but it's 2000km away so pretty darn far. My mind is busy thinking about how to get our 2 old dogs over there and the furniture, the packing, etc. When we moved here 2 years ago, we had long term plans to stay and didn't anticipate to move so soon. Oh life. You did it again!

I spent the last months researching neighborhoods and schools and so the concentration and prioritization for Kenzai plummeted. Next month, we will take a trip to our new home-to-be and get the keys, also have one kid take an admissions test to a school while the other kid goes to a week long training at a tennis academy. The to-do list is growing faster than things being crossed off of it so SCULPT is now on the bottom of the list....but it's still ON the list. Does that count?!

I have not exercised in the past 4 days (gulp!) but put in extra effort today. I did yesterday's Barre exercises and oooh did I feel the burn or what! Reminded me of how good it feels and that I should not quit just yet. I know Sculpt is fun and it bothers me that I'm not having fun with it, that it's a chore now and one I'm avoiding but I don't want to throw in the towel just yet. I only have 1 Kenzai friendly dish worth posting which is what my lunches look like these days. Some kind of protein (I try to keep it clean) and a mountain of veggies with vinegar or lemon juice and some light salt based seasoning on it. Lets not talk about dinner |0| 1-2 meals out of 3 is all I can handle right now!

Blogging is on the bottom bottom of the list but I know it should be more on top. Staying engaged is key to any Kenzai program and I know that is all I need sometimes, time to read your stories.


We are leaving for a weekend trip but I had to get these pics up and get that Tim Tam blog out of the way! Boy... do I miss them with my afternoon tea or what!

I try to make a platter of fresh veggies for lunch every day. Had a Kenzai taco spread and finally after years and years of Kenzai, I don't miss the cheese. Sour cream is a tough one to completely omit and I don't like to substitute it with yogurt so I'm just "mindful" of the amount...

This trip is part one of our possible relocation this summer. We are excited to go see the neighborhoods, play some tennis and soak up a lot of sun. I'll try to do the workouts when my kids are down...but to be honest, I have only had 1 trip in the past 5 years where I was successful on that! Lots of cardio and mindful eating is no problem. Looking forward to catching up on blogs too!


One of the things I was really able to kick on my 5 year Kenzai journey is sugar. I was so proud of it too...but for some reason, week 1 of Sculpt ended on a dark, crisp and sweet note.

It was at a school event, the "Multi Cultural Night" and I was planning for the biggest PTA event of the year representing the Japan booth. The event coordinator comes to me that night with a bag full of Tim Tams from Australia... Ooooh I haven't had those in 10 years...was always in the office pantry as omiyage from a business traveler. Usually I would decline...but without hesitation, I happily accepted...TWO...BOXES...!

Don't know why I couldn't resist this one. One box was devoured by the whole family in minutes. We still have one more that my husband is slowly going through. I will put an end to it starting today and promise to get back to posting colorful healthy Kenzai meals ;-) On to Week 2!

Jun 7th, 2016



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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready


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