Naomi K.

Naomi K.


I’ve struggled to keep up this week. I’ve realized that when I slip up for a few days running I find it really hard to rein myself back in again. I’m either in it and on top of things or I’m off the wagon.

My bad back is also twinging which is not great - I have a bulging disc from 18 months ago that has gotten worst again. Any advice from the trainer would be most helpful. Thanks

Hi team - sorry for being quiet. I had a slower start to the first 2 weeks where I was doing Kenzai in my head 100% and in practice 60% of the time. This week I’m doing diet has been pretty good and I’ve managed to exercise 4 days out of 6 so far. I’ll definitely do tomorrow as well so all in all I’m getting there.
Now for the photo - probably the same as I haven’t been strict enough but the important thing is that my mind is on track now!

Week 2

Hi team, after a rocky first week I managed to stick to the plan yesterday. I know things will ramp up soon so need to do my best to keep up with the program!
I hope everyone had a good first week. N

Hi team 🙂

After putting on a ton of weight, here I am back again starting a Kenzai Body. Last time I was coming from a very different place - just a few kilos to loose and the rest body conditioning. This time I have 12 kilos to get off and a whole wardrobe to claim back 😅💪
It feels a mountain to climb.....I keep telling myself all I have to do is ‘do what I’m told’ - ‘don’t overthink it’ - ‘don’t ruminate about it’ - just take it day by day and before you know it day 90 is here!
Sending everyone positive vibes x

Still Here

I’m keeping to the diet but the exercise part has been a real struggle.

I haven't managed to catch up, but on the up I have cleaned up my diet. I'm ready for the week to start tomorrow and to start exercising.....

Hey Team - Well after breaking through a few jeans and having a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit I’ve had to take action and start KB2 - I’m a little late to the table but better late than never as they say!!!
So a little about me, I’ve recently moved back to the U.K. from HK with my husband and 3 young children. I’m working in London part time and spend the rest mothering my little ones. It’s great to be home in Blighty but after having to take some anti-depresssants to help with my post-natal depression my weight went from 57kg to almost 70kg in 6 months. It’s the heaviest I’ve ever been!!
I’m looking forward to embracing the program and to shed a some pounds fast....I just don’t know how I can skip on freezing cold conditions outside .....any advice would be welcome 🙏
Good luck everyone. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better over the coming weeks

Half half finish :-( 

I had hoped to finish the full 4 weeks but sadly only managed 3, however I was amazed at the results you can gain in such little time. I felt great and it's definitely given me the kick I needed to continue exercising. This morning I skipped again for the first time in almost 2 weeks and it was great.
Good job team.

Feeling the burn

My old rope had worn down to the metal, with bits of metal hanging off...I was starting to get wary of skipping with it since the razor sharp spores dug into my legs every time I tripped....ouch!
So, I bought a slightly thicker plastic rope the other day and wow it's harder to do the sets, my arms are killing along with the rest of me.
I had a really good start to the first 2 weeks but now with my body feeling tired and a couple of lunches that weren't quite in keeping with the program I've been left feeling a little unmotivated.

I will pick up the rope and get on with it. I'm sure the feeling will pass!

On a more positive note, I'm loving the new feeling of getting healthy and I can already see a big difference. Amazing how quickly you can turn it around.

So far, so good!

I can't believe we're almost at 2 diet has been pretty spot on, apart from perhaps not eating all of my snacks. I must make more effort to remember them and perhaps I won't feel quite so hungry in the evening. I am ravenous as I type!
The exercise has been going well, although I have missed a work out this week.
Well done everyone for sticking at it, we're almost half way done :-)

Kenzai we meet again...

....just a lot sooner than I envisaged!!
After a dreadful few months post Kenzai I've really started to pack it's time for a change. My husband has also committed so we're all set to eat a ton of veggies, egg whites and milk!!

wow we've crossed the finish line 

Well here I am on day 90 not quite feeling how I thought I would. I was pretty sure I'd cross the finish line in better shape than I have, which is a sad feeling. Unfortunately some personal commitments got in the way of training and being 100% with my diet towards the end. I am committed to starting up where I left off as I was feeling fabulous a few weeks back and I want that feeling again.

It's been a great journey and the best thing I've learnt the most is how toxic food can be when you're completely clean. I've had food hangovers a few times and was so surprised at how easy it is to get one.

Well done teammates for passing the finishing line, you've all done so well.

Checking in

Hi team, great work for nearly getting to the finish line. I'm sorry to not have joined you at the end of the marathon but I've been on a different marathon with my baby in Sydney with intensive therapy at Napa and the Institute of Functional Neuroscience (check it out if you fancy, they do some amazing work with special needs kids). I felt it was just too tough doing both things at once. When I'm back home I am planning to get back on the program to make up for my lost time.

Keep up the good work guys, you can almost touch the finish line.

Sadly I have not succeeded in keeping up with Kenzai, but I do think about Kenzai a lot. Whilst I am not following the diet, I am eating very healthily and no alcohol, I just need to get a few workouts in. I am determined to do 2 weeks worth, I can't believe we are all at the finish line. I feel a bit sad to not have reached my full potential with Kenzai, but on a positive note I can already see the impact it has had on my eating and overall well being. I am not an unhealthy person, and generally have a good diet, but Kenzai has really helped me to be aware on the amount of veggies I consume and portion sizes.

Well done everyone for keeping up with the program, i'm very impressed.

After a week of packing, getting to Australia and attending a huge amount of appointments each day I haven't managed to do any exercise, log in to Kenzai or weigh my food. I've got to get back on track but am struggling to find the time, not to mention being super tired and being unwell. I'm going to make myself skip tomorrow and do my best to finish the rest of the work out. If I don't I'll never finish this program 😭

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