Natasha K.

Natasha K.


Day 61 - Thoughts on the Body & Training

  • Mar 8th, 2019 at 12:06PM

Hi Team,

I hope all of you are moving forward with this last month at breakneck speed. Nonstop!

Actually I messed up a bit last night after stressing out all day and applying to 12 different companies in one day. I had a couple of beers, some garlic bread, and 7 oven roasted hot wings.

I've been SOOOO HUNGRY in the evenings with this diet, and I'm starting to fantasize about eating a stick of butter (which is not a thing I've ever wanted to do before). I've been eating lean chicken breasts because it is cheap so maybe I need more meat based fats and switch up the meat for a while to get some variety. Last night the hunger and the tummy rumbles combined with the stress caused me to reach out to some comfort foods...but I'm actually kind of proud that I didn't want packaged snacks, and went for homemade food instead.

Honestly, I can't even say that the diet is wrong for me, because when I was training before and got down to 17% body fat (my personal best, and I was looking great!), I had the same experience at the end with my diet and it was a struggle to try and sleep with the hunger pains. That's what it took for me (timing wise for light dinners/diet wise on calories and whole veggies) to shed those extra pounds of fat but keep most of the muscle. I'll try to do better but perhaps adjust upward the amount of healthy food intake during the day so that I don't break down and eat a bunch late at night.

The lesson yesterday talked about how we saw a lot of change in the first month and had a valley in the second month and that the last month is a struggle for minor changes with our "tunnel-vision". I've always had the opposite experience. For me, tunnel vision is always much worse in the first month. Additionally, Kenzai was especially hard for me the first month because I actually gained a couple kilograms from the heavy diet and reduced exercise (I was used to exercising harder than the first month of the program), and it took a while to balance out. I didn't see any real changes until the final week of the second month. While I definitely felt the valley, I generally tend to see real fat loss/trimming/slimming in the last month of training because I tend to put on muscle and bulk up easily. So that's really a big motivator now. I guess everyone is different.

I'm starting to feel healthier and closer to my "normal/average" self again after my unhealthy end of the year last year, but I can't wait until I get to the feeling of my "fit" self. It feels amazing!

I will be going to the Eastern Coast in Korea on a weekend stay with my husband and another couple. We will go hiking the biggest mountain in Korea mainland (our actual biggest mountain is on our resort island, Jeju-do), and visit a sheep farm (I dunno why? I grew up around animals, so it's not a thrill for me, but I guess it is for the city kids), and eat some Korean BBQ and visit the big fish market. My diet won't be exactly on point, but I will limit any extra snacks and drinks outside of fresh whole foods and we plan to stay pretty active during the trip, so I think it will end up not being very damaging to the training schedule overall. I will eat a Kenzai breakfast/lunch on Saturday, so it is only a day and half of non-scheduled foods.

Anyway, it should be pretty fun, and I'm becoming more aware of my body and listening to my limits--with both exercise and food intake, and I feel like I can complete this non-Kenzai challenge with panache!

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Natasha K.Natasha K.Alumni
8 months ago

Also, I really really want some macaroni and cheese....

    Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Member
    Assistant Trainer8 months ago

    Such a change from the first month of the program when you had trouble getting all that food down. Now you are hungry. It's okay to be hungry sometimes, but we definitely don't want you to going to bed and having trouble sleeping from hunger pains. I'll message you with Kimm to discuss. That sounds like a lovely weekend in Easter Korea. Have a great time.

      Kim MurchKim MurchReboot | Day 14 (Member)
      Trainer8 months ago

      First off, 12 applications in a day? Wow! Sending you good job hunting vibes. You are certainly putting in the effort, hopefully you are rewarded soon.

      I will message you about hunger pangs, Natasha. Otherwise, good to know you are feeling more like yourself again, I know you will finish strong!

        Madhav K.Madhav K.Kenzai Member
        8 months ago

        Natasha - all the best with the job interviews. Your pictures show big changes. Keep plugging away

          Ricky O.Ricky O.Alumni
          7 months ago

          i hear you, feeling good is what it's all about... I hope you enjoyed the weekend

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