Natasha K.

Natasha K.


Tuesday Interview Update

  • Mar 27th, 2019 at 2:28PM

Hi Team,

I got back on track yesterday, and I'm feeling a lot better having eaten Kenzai diet and exercised. The interviews went really well. I'm fairly certain that I will have a job offer here in Korea in the next couple weeks. It wasn't quite the job I hoped for but depending on the offer and the availability of a position at a different company I may take it.

I also had an initial phone screening with a job that is pretty much the perfect once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I know the company well, and I even know the person who I would be replacing, although I didn't know he was leaving when I applied. The recruiter is pulling for me, and I am the first and only person they have spoken to so far (the job posting wasn't even opened yet, this one kind of fell into my lap). I don't know much yet, but I want this job very badly. If all goes well, I may even be flying to meet the team next week in San Francisco.

Here's to thinking positive. Maybe everyone can send some good thoughts out my way!

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Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Reach | Day 15 (Member)
Trainer2 months ago

Well done for getting back on track and glad you are feeling good. I am sending good thoughts your way, Natasha! Flying out to the US would be a great way to finish up the program!!

    Rob C.Rob C.Alumni
    2 months ago

    Positive thoughts coming your way!

      David Y.David Y.Alumni
      2 months ago

      Will do Natasha - Best of luck!

        Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Member
        Assistant Trainer2 months ago

        Back on track with Kenzai and some optimism on the job search - things are looking good for you. Sending tons of positive thoughts across the Pacific to Korea, but also right here in San Francisco where I hope this firm hires you. I don't know you professionally, but I know that you are incredibly dedicated, indefatigable, and thoughtful. All things that a smart company needs. Fighting!

          Gwen D.Gwen D.Kenzai Reach | Day 14 (Member)
          about 2 months ago

          Think positive! If it’s meant ro be them you will get it! Good-Luck!🍀

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