Nate R.

Nate R.


Chest dips with help

  • Dec 2nd, 2012 at 7:06PM

The weekend workouts are always fun with no time stress, but it does mean I have an audience. I never liked going to the gym, in large part because I don't like people watching me, but I can handle the family cheering me on or laughing, as the case may be.  This morning my son was doing all the exercises next to me, and for the chest dips, he worried about me (too much grunting?) so he kept hugging my legs in an attempt to lift me up. Ended up laughing so hard together it wasn't the best chest dip workout I've had, but it was fun! He also did the push-ups, curls, and show-off next to me. I think he wanted to hurry me along so we could go outside and play.

Cold day here but the sun was peeking through and with the Christmas decorations everywhere, it is starting to feel like the holidays. This year I've given myself (with the big, huge help from family and friends) a gift of better health and fitness. Now that's a present I can get excited about!

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Sacha K.Sacha K.Alumni
over 8 years ago

Nate!! Sounds great and I have to say you shouldn't have any worries going to the gym now. You are in great condition and I think, going there doing your PCP is different. Because you know what you are doing and trust me that is what impresses people. But doing the workout at home with the family is also really nice. The fun factor is a big part of the whole thing and sharing that with the loved ones---how much better can it get???

    Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleKenzai Member
    Head Trainerover 8 years ago

    Laughter is good for the heart, and abs too! You're getting super fit, and enjoying the family has got to be a great sign of wellness!

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