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Nate R.



  • Nov 23rd, 2012 at 9:31AM

Today (Friday) is a holiday in Japan, so we can celebrate Thanksgiving a day late and still enjoy a nice, long weekend. Even better, the international schools are in session, so we are enjoying a quiet morning with the baby. Mama and baby came home from the hospital yesterday - all is well and it is great to have them home.

After taking my son to school, came home and did the jumpropes plus a few extra minutes of (attempted) double unders and other variations - kind of fun when I have the time to play around and try new things. Also did a session of 8MA which always makes me laugh. "C'mon, guys, you can do it!"

I don't know about everyone else, but I have been so sore all week. The ramped up sets and pushing through to failure on some of them have left me aching. Feels good, but boy I crash to sleep early at night to make up for it. I was reading a bed time story and fell asleep in the middle of a page - but the crazy thing is that I kept on talking, mumbling some nonsense about tomato salads - luckily my son was also drifting off so he didn't notice!

A rainy day here, so perfect for catching up on things before going back to school for the pick up. Off tonight to a friend's house for a turkey dinner, but he recently finished the PCP, so I am confident I can stay compliant!

Hard to believe only 3 weeks left to go - c'mon team, let's rock the rest of this program while keeping it safe, effective, and fun!

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Shih Han H.Shih Han H.Alumni
over 8 years ago

Tomato salad, eh? Glad you're staying PCP compliant even in half asleep stage. Happy turkey day, and give my regards to KS!

    Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleKenzai Member
    Head Trainerover 8 years ago

    You're taking life and PCP in stride really well. A bed time story about tomato salad will probably do the trick! Keep getting in as much rest as you can.

      Sacha K.Sacha K.Alumni
      over 8 years ago

      Great to hear that wife and new born are well and safe at home!! I can totally relate to your bedtime story episode. Same here. Usually my little one gets 2 stories and that's that. But these days she wanted to here 4 stories. That's about 25 min of reading. Trouble is, she was well awake, so she always pushed me to tell me to go on reading. I'm about to dislike all the princesses Disney has to offer!!

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