Nate R.

Nate R.

Big boost

Two separate people I haven't seen for a while asked me if I'd lost weight and what I was doing. Very encouraging!

The jump rope is steadily improving, too. This morning I found that I could shift it up a gear, and after finishing the first 900 at my normal pace of skipping and tripping (albeit less than before), with only a few trips I flew through the last 100 at a faster clip that my body just naturally adjusted to. I'm still a bit dazed by what happened, but it felt good!

Jumping rope

Something of a milestone for me today - managed to get over 100 consecutive jumps done without tripping. May be a little thing, but it sure gave me a smile. The jumping is starting to click - still search for that elusive, perfect day, but I can see it is getting closer and closer.

Crazy days

The past couple of days have been very tough - not because of the PCP, but because my travel schedule went awry (a typhoon-related 6-hour delay on my return flight meant getting home Monday morning at 2am instead of 8pm Sun night - ouch!). Then work went ballistic and I was full speed ahead for a 15 hour non-stop day in the office on Monday. Nothing to complain about, just the way things played out. Having a packed lunch and fruit snacks for the day actually made things a lot easier.

So 3 hours of sleep followed by a long workday meant it was impossible to fit in my Monday workout. I felt and feel terrible about missing it.... Have resolved to keep to the jump rope plan as published but to roll the muscle exercises a day forward to not miss anything this week, so this Friday's "vacation, jump rope only day" will be more like a regular day. It felt great to get back into the swing of things this morning (Tuesday) - my body was actually missing the workout!

BUT, I've been very good at keeping to the diet with no slips or cheating, despite attending the most delicious looking wedding banquet over the weekend. The diet was manageable when travelling, even sitting around in an airport, and I've been finding it fairly easy to stick to so far. No cravings or other wicked voices tempting me to stray so far.

Sunny Saturday

Sharing a bed with my 3-year old ensured I didn't oversleep this morning. Just as well as it's a beautiful, sunny day. Did the jump rope (managed 1 set of 160 jumps with only 2 trips - yeah!) and the exercises before heading up to the hotel's roof for my PCP compliant breakfast of whole wheat toast with a bit of honey, vegetable sticks with some balsamic vinegar and pepper, a boiled egg, milk and coffee. The new diet is not radically different for me yet, so I found this morning to be a smooth change. The hotel was also very helpful to make sure I stayed on plan. 

The workout felt good. I'm finding the ab work is hardest but pushing through as hard as I can until failure means I'm almost doing the max reps. It hurts, it burns, it makes me happy that it's the last thing to do on the list. 

On the road

Going to a friend's wedding this weekend, so 2 nights in a hotel and lots of temptation. But I will be strong! So far on the flight and in the hotel I've stuck to the program, and the hotel is proving very accommodating. This is easier than I thought logistically, just have to stay mentally strong, which I know I can do. 

Jump rope is getting better, slowly but surely. The perfect set remains elusive but I can feel it is not so far away. Onwards!

Less deer, more tiger

I had a Japanese lesson for the first time in about a month. My teacher was surprised when she saw me "your face looks different". I asked what she meant, and she explained she thought my face looked younger and thinner and that my eyes looked less like a deer's and more like a tiger's "brighter and more intense". I don't think I've lost any weight yet, but I take this as a good sign that the PCP is already paying visible dividends. Great motivation to keep pushing ahead!

Having fun

Things seem to be clicking better. Definitely getting into the workout routine and seeing improvements in the jump rope (still targeting that perfect day). Waking up in the morning is easier than I expected, but getting to bed earlier to get a full night's sleep is tricky - got to work on doing that better. The amount of sleep the night before does make a huge difference in how my workout goes.The range of exercises is fun to learn - some are easier than others, but that just keeps things interesting!

The diet is going well. No problem adjusting to the amounts or the ingredients, but today's training was great to give some ideas on prep (which takes ages). Trying different things to mix up the meals but no earthshattering discoveries yet. Sometimes simple really is best (and this is a great time of year for the fresh fruit and veg), but I can tell that variety will be something I need to work on in the longer run.

Overall, the experience over the past 12 days has been fun. I love the details and the guidance - for me a perfect way to get into shape and reform habits. Looking forward to the next 78 days and beyond!

Good weekend

Just got back home from our weekend with the in-laws - it rained the entire time, but it was much cooler outside and it was great fun for the kids to run around and play together. It was also great motivation for me to have an audience for the exercises and the diet. Lots of curious onlookers for both!

I'm glad we start our weeks on Saturday because it gives me a couple of days to adjust to the new routine before the work week kicks off. I found the big pick-up in activity on Saturday to be hard. Maybe also because I was trying to figure out where to do the exercises and despite having some workers' scaffolding up at their house, I had trouble getting the incline pull-ups done in the pouring rain, but the other new ones seemed to go OK. I like using the resistance bands - easy to set up and to use - but I can tell the DaVinci is going to be my nemesis. Also struggled with the higher reps for the sit-ups but the leg-ups seem much easier (but still tough). Not sure why that is....

And the jump rope... Well, let's just say it does seem to be getting better, but I still trip a lot. When I relax and go at a fairly slow pace, it seems to go smoothly enough, but I don't think I've gotten through more than 50-60 jumps without stumbling. That is an improvement, believe it or not. And I will keep working at it - still aiming for that perfect day!

Friday vacation

or it felt like a vacation anyway with only jump work - still tripping like a drunken boxer but managed to make it all the way through - it is getting better and I know it will get easier with time. Talked with a colleague who recently finished the PCP and he says by the end he was jumping a few hundred times in a few minutes, so I believe!

No strength exercises today. Felt good to give the muscles a rest and spent the spare time doing some more stretching, but already missing the sets (am I crazy?...). The workout schedule for the coming week looks daunting, but I'm pumped to try out all the new exercises. I anticipate feeling pain in muscles I didn't even know existed before.

The diet should be more fun, too. Happy to finish the 1/2 portion thing but it really opened my eyes to how I eat. I normally didn't feel like I over ate very often in the past, but seeing how well I can get by on half of everything was pretty amazing.

We are heading up north to my in-laws for the weekend - they have farmland all around their house, so we should have a bounty of fresh veg to hand. I'm also anticipating an audience for the workouts. Still, I'm looking forward to the fresher and cooler air in the countryside.

Also great to see the new website design and to have our groups assigned - looking forward to continuing and completing this journey together!

Tougher day
Dragonfly20130312 2 zgzrv9

Jump rope was hard this morning because I kept tripping up. Had a short and not great night's sleep, so I think it was down to that. I keep telling myself it will get better and will continue to improve with practice.

The other exercises went fine but the leg-ups were tough to finish, still I managed to get through 3 sets of 12 reps, so I finished the workout feeling good about that.

Very curious to see how the diet will change from Week 2, and I took advantage of today's advice and ate a tasty lunch (only 1/2, though!).

Yesterday's "slow and steady" training note was a big help - being so out of shape, the jump rope was really getting my heart rate up and taking my breath away. Trying to relax more and to slow my jumping down (besides when I am tripping up anyway) and it has made a big difference in the last 2 workouts. Looking forward to the "rope taking the wind out of me stage" passing! But have found the rope to be getting easier to get the hang of - still far from perfect, but already miles better than day 1. Still aiming for a trip-less session.

It was pouring rain this morning which actually made working out easier because of the cooler temperature. Already the second half of September but still pretty hot and humid in Tokyo and it takes a while for the sweat to stop dripping. Come on Autumn with your cooler days and drier air!

The diet has been getting tougher now that I'm back to a normal work routine, and I am finding mid-afternoon particularly hard with big stomach rumbles echoing around the office. But I've found that a few grapes or a couple apple slices go a long way! Went out for a shabu shabu lunch with a colleague and was very good at keeping to the 1/2 rule but did get a few funny looks at leaving a neat half of everything on my plates - maybe I should have jumbled everything up to hide what I was doing. Oh well, no harm done and having fun.

My 3-year old coach

My son watched me jump rope today. He counted the jumps, keeping me honest, and wouldn’t let me take much of a
break between sets. "Come on, let's go!" He copied me doing the squats, then he sat on my back while I did pushups (until I rolled him off) and on my stomach as I did sit-ups. He was eager to do his own push-ups and sit-ups after I was done.

He made me laugh, but it was great motivation to have him watching. And if he gains a desire to stay healthy and fit
through his life, then I will have achieved more than one goal in doing the PCP!

Definitely sore all over, but the motivation is running high, and my jump rope skills are slowly improving. The 3-day weekend (Monday is a holiday here - yeah!) has been a nice entry to the program with plenty of time to workout, cool off, and chill out with my family in the mornings.

The half portions are getting tougher, though. I didn't normally eat huge portions in the past, and I think my wife is subconsciously adjusting the portion sizes ahead of time, so it feels like I am only getting a quarter of what I would normally eat! This may be easier when I'm back to work tomorrow and to more standard portions, especially for lunch. But it is amazing to see how less food can still make me feel satiated. And I'm eating more slowly and savoring every bite. Grocery shopping in the afternoon yesterday was a kind of torture, but focusing on quality over quantity helps!

We've been back from our US trip for less than 48 hours, so still suffering the 14 hour time zone difference.

The bad news is that I wake up even before midnight feeling like it's time to eat.

The good news is that waking up in the middle of the night seems to make it easier to get going on the workout first thing in the morning.

More good news is that my stomach is confused, so eating half portions hasn't been too hard (yet).

The workout today went a little better than yesterday. I spent less time tripping on the jump rope and more time actually jumping. Still tough, though, and worked up a good sweat. Practice, practice, practice - my short-term goal now is to be able to get through a daily jump rope session without any tripping or mistakes!

Anyone else having trouble with the web site? I can't post any questions without getting error messages.

Off to a start (of sorts)

OK, did the day 1 exercises after watching the videos and trying to keep my form correct. Oh man, the jumping rope is harder than I thought - I am a complete klutz and kept tripping over myself. Managed to get the sets done, though, so hopefully, I can get the hang of it.... Everything else seemed fine but it sure did burn by the time I got towards the end. If this is the easy stuff, can't wait to see what we can do towards the end!

Day 1 - let's go!

Just got back (to Tokyo) from Chicago last night. Jetlagged but very excited to kick off the program!

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