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I hit what I'm pretty sure is a new PR for 1 minute of timed speed rope:


Pretty pumped. About to tackle today's workout, (9pm! gah!) let's see if I can beat it.

In all fairness, I can honestly say this number tapers off significantly with each set of speed rope, and each cycle. Probably by a lot, and I don't count after the first cycle. hahah

Not the best showing

I've realized that my fatal flaw these past couple weeks was planning. I had a bit of a crazy work schedule, and some other events, and didn't do my best handling and juggling everything.

Then, I got a weird stomach bug that had me calling out sick to work and sidelined my workouts.

Honestly I'm a bit bummed at how this program went. I had every intention of having a really on point training cycle, after all, I need it!

So I'll be repeating Kettlebell again after this graduation, and in the three weeks in between I'll do a skills course!

Plus, I now have a little less than a year until I turn 30. Which means I have to get my butt in gear, and really keep a tight ship if I want to realize my "Fittest by 30" goals.

So on that note I begin the first phase of that journey, "Plotting the Course." My grad post will get into more details, and I'm going to lay out my plan, and the tools I am going to use moving forward to stay on track.

So while my first run of Kettlebell as a trainee wasn't a 100%, this year will be my healthiest year yet. Who's with me?

Side note: I've had TWO more double yolks! I guess twins run in the chickens on this farm haha!

Photo: A beautiful monarch at Starbucks that I was able to snap a decent picture of as I went in to get my Kenzai classic, a short latte!


OK, so I've cracked THOUSANDS of eggs in my time. Most in recent history from local farms. I have never had a double yolk until today! I was unreasonably excited.

Everything is going well. Had a stressful couple weeks, but am always reminded that healthy choices help to mitigate stress, and gives you a deep well of energy and calm to draw on.

Was able to visit with our best friends who came to town, Jason and Cassie! Did not have a very compliant day, but we only see each other a couple times a year now, so no regrets.

Here on out I'm doubling down (heh, the yolks) on keeping things tight on both the diet and workout front. I have a bit of motivation by seeing some growth in my traps (see weekly photo). I definitely need to rock this rest of the program if I want to be the fittest I've ever been, by 30. The midsection needs a lot of work, haha.

Loving the kettlebell workouts however. Cycles are my jam. Thinking of repeating Kettlebell after graduation before hopping into Iron once it's on the table!

Hope everyone else is doing well! I'll be here swinging with you.

Rocking into week 3!

So it's the time of year for fresh from the farm strawberries! My favorite.

We tried out a new CSA this spring, and really liked it! We have the option to get everything from local organic or IPM grown fruits and veggies, to free range eggs, grass fed yogurt, local bread, and all manner of free range and grass fed protein (duck, chicken, pork, beef), and locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee. It's so cool to get nearly everything you need grocery wise from local, healthy, fresh, responsible sources. We are avoiding the cheese option, for now. ;)

Here's the fruits, veggies, yogurt, and eggs we got this week. Strawberries, Swiss chard, kale, field greens, spinach, green garlic, and scallions! We split the fruit and veggies with Miranda's family, so this is just our half. On top of all the other benefits, not bad for 20 bucks!

Hope everyone is having a great week 3!

Shout out to my Barite trainees, you guys are doing great! Not every group is as engaged, energetic, and as social as you guys and that's really going to help you get through the next ~65 days! Almost a third of the way there, keep going!

Back from Camping!

Camping was great! It was awesome to unplug, and to get some nature time.

Ultimately the workouts took a hit for hiking instead, and the diet was not ideal. Having planned for this absence though, I'm not too upset! It's all 100% from here, diet getting cleaned up, and bells being smashed.

Here's some pics from our trip! Hope everyone is having a killer week 2!

The time has come!

Alright. I'm no stranger to Kettlebells, but it's time I do the program I authored! Haha.

This has been along time coming, but I'm excited to go through these structured 6 weeks in their final form, from start to finish, as a trainee!

Off to a good start, my first 5 minutes of skipping went without a single trip! Which really thrilled me as I haven't touched the rope since before I did my KRun 2.0 program where I just stuck to the running! Got ~850 skips in that window.

Great to be training with such a lovely group! Can't wait to swing some lead with you guys.

I'll be camping 6/15-6/19, so I won't actually be bringing the bell with me. However I'm going to stick do a daily workout regimen and doing plenty of hiking! And I can do the workout at home before and after the trip on the 15th and 19th, so it's only 3 days without the bell.

Here's to a great program everyone!

gif from HBO's A Game of Thrones

KRun 2.0 - SUCCESS 

So here we are! The finish line.

I won't toss a bunch of number crunching up for my grad post, I'll do that later, but for now I just want to celebrate!

Still have the 13k to run, it got pushed back by an extra 5k Color Run, Miranda and I did together yesterday. I couldn't have asked for a better finale to my second "run" through (heh) of this program. We had a blast, and it really opened up a new window of active "dates" we can tackle together. Who knows, maybe a Tough Mudder or Spartan lies in our future!?

I'm going to keep pressing for a sub 23 minute 5k, and I think I want to try to run in a more serious race too. I know I wouldn't even be close to the front of the pack, but it would be fun! And while I have to be honest, distance past 10k are NOT my thing, I do want to get faster.

Legs are strong, runs were made, records broken, diet kept pretty tight, cardio vascular strength way up, and an awesome finale with the most awesome girl I know!

Success indeed! 😁

And yes, that's a T-Rex in a tutu. I really gotta up my game next year. Ideas?!

I wanted to make a separate posts for my run comparisons. It's long, boring, and mainly just for my benefit. I'll try to put together a spreadsheet or something more enjoyable for day 42!

Here we go!

Run 10 - Fartlek
First time - 10/01/15 - 6:22 min/km
Second time - 04/29/17 - 5:51 min/km

Run 11 - Technical
First time - 10/03/15 - 5:42 min/km
Second time - MISSED :(

Note: Bummer! My first miss of Run 2.0. I had some ankle issues, and wound up needing to take a couple runs off, METH (the new and improved RICE!), and get new shoes. I think the shoes made the biggest difference, and no problems since switching!

Run 12 - Distance 8km
First time - 10/05/15 - 6:48 min/km
Second time - MISSED :(

Run 13 - Free
First time - MISSED
Second time - MISSED :(

Note: So, a total of 3 misses. One being missed on both programs. Good news is there hasn't been a miss since!

Run 14 - Fartlek
First time - 10/08/15 - 5:57 min/km
Second time - 05/03/17 - 5:50 min/km

Run 15 - Technical
First time - 10/10/15 - 5:48 min/km
Second time - 05/05/17 - 5:39 min/km

Note: Got back into it with decent numbers, staying ahead of Run 1.0.

Run 16 - Distance 9.5km
First time - 10/11/15 - 5:55 min/km
Second time - 05/06/17 - 5:42 min/km

Run 17 - Free
First time - MISSED
Second time - 05/08/17 - 5:29 min/km

Note: I thought I would've been more wiped from the 9.5km. Very surprised to see such a jump up in average pace, especially for such a long free run at 40 minutes.

Run 18 - Strong Finish
First time - 10/15/15 - 5:46 min/km
Second time - 05/10/17 - 5:06 min/km

Note: I couldn't believe it! So close! And I kept things at a good effort level until the strong finish and had enough in the tank to bring it to a 7-8 for the last 5 minutes.

Run 19 - Technical
First time - MISSED
Second time - 05/12/17 - 4:58 min/km

Note: Success! Goal achieved!

My next goal is to nail the last 2 distance runs with a sub 6 min/km pace. I missed both of the longest distance runs in Run 1.0, so it will be a whole new distance record for me, and realm of experience pushing past 10km. Bring it on!

From here, I think that an annual Run program is in my future, and I really want to get to a sub 23 minute 5km next.

While I really don't think I have the constitution, or patience, for Run Half, I am considering doing it in the future, but maybe taking the distance down a couple notches. Just to keep improving my speed and form, while learning some new training methods and runs.

Last note: For this program alone, my average pace from last month was 6:08, and this month is 5:29. Yay!

Achievement Unlocked!

So, about a year and a half after my first encounter with Kenzai Run 10k, I set out to give it another go, and ultimately get below 25 minutes for a 5k.

Not a pace that many serious runners would brag about, but for myself, originally a self-proclaimed "hater" when it comes to running, it seemed like a big milestone. And actually, beginning this second round, I had my doubts I would get there, unless I did a run at the end of the program where I really pushed it.

Well, drum roll please! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . .

I did it!

After running the strong finish run, and finishing at just over 25 minutes, I realized this was totally possible. I set out to nail it on the Technical run, and succeeded! It felt really good. I did keep my effort level more around a 7, but it was worth it. Now I hope I can settle in to 5min/km as my 4-6 effort level pace.

Feeling good!

New kicks!

Got some new shoes, I needed to find a better fit. So far so good! I really like them.

Went out with some friends too and kept it to a Kenzai friendly Cortado, and iced coffee. Plugging along!

Short one for me, just been bogged down with work and house projects. Will update on the runs soon


Running along!

So far so good! Haven't missed a run, keeping the diet dialed, and still feeling fine with the distances run.

I am starting to feel the general wear and tear of running so much, lower legs especially pretty sore and in need of some extra stretching! I foresee some yoga today.

Pretty happy with my results so far too. Having not missed a single run, I'm doing really well compared to my last go of KRun 10k. And I've had my best month so far collectively in distance, with a whole week left still to go! So that's pretty cool.

I'm having a hard time breaking too far below the 6min/km pace while keeping it at a 4-6, but I'm generally feeling pretty solid and good at the end of the runs. I'm trying to focus on breath work, and pushing myself towards the end of the run to make up some more ground. Mantra is the same as last time, "The pain is a lie!"

Attached some snaps of my 6.5km distance run, I felt pretty good with it and maybe my got my first ever glimpse at the elusive "Runner's High" around the 5km mark. It was my fastest 6-8km run, although is it also my ONLY 6-8km run logged haha! However, it quickly faded and the last 0.5km was probably the hardest of the whole run. Kept a pretty consistent pace the whole way, and really tried ot just give it a little extra at the end.

Now some comparisons:

Run 6 - Fartlek
First time - 9/22/15 - 6:17 min/km
Second time 4/19/17 - 6:38 min/km

(The Fartlek was run on a treadmill, the first time I've ever run indoors on program. I chalk up the poor pacing to getting used to the equipment, and not being able to really find a sweet spot for the speed of my surges. My excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Run 7 - Technical
First time - MISSED
Second time 4/21/17 - 5:53 min/km (Yay!)

Run 8 - Distance
First time - MISSED
Second time 4/23/17 - 5:55 min/km (Solid!)

Run 9 - Free
First time - 9/29/15 - 6:26 min/km
Second time 4/24/17 - 6:01 min/km (OK, good improvement from first time)

That's it guys! Awesome to see everyone kicking butt! Run on wolf pack!


What a week!

So one of my major goals this program, beyond increasing my speed and running a sub 25 minute 5km, is to hit every run!

I had to do the distance run on Sunday this weekend, but I still got the strength training in too! Over all the week felt really good. I still had a couple of diet transgressions that fell under the "clean-up" phase, but on track this week.

This Monday run already checked a box I missed on my first go around. So that felt nice! And I'm really enjoying my month off here at Kenzai, and feel like I have more time on my hands to focus on my own health, something that for the past 6 months I did not do very well.

I've put on quite the winter layer, and I'm ready to see it go. Run, and I think Kettlebell after, will lay the groundwork for my quest to be my fittest I've ever been by 30. They both should wrap p right around the time I turn 29, then I have one year to do my own intensive "Fatpocalypse!" (Patrick, I'm stealing that)


Run 3
First time 9/19/15 - 5:50 min/km
Second time 4/14/17 - 5:50min/km

Run 4
First time 9/20/15 - 6:16min/km
Second time 4/16/17 - 6:20 min/km

Run 5
First time - MISSED
Second time 4/17/17 - 6:05 min/km

Observations: Tied my pacing, and actually was a little slower for the 5km. I will chalk this up to actually keeping things in the 4-6 range this time, but pushing myself a little to hard the first time I did the program. Also, Even though I did a 5km on Sunday and Monday (well 4.95 km in 30 minutes on Monday), the second one just felt way better, as evidenced by my time improvement.

So far so good! Looking forward to today's Fartlek!

Kicking it off!

Alright so a little late for a first official post, but here it is! (Malia, starting photo incoming today!)

So I'm excited to give Kenzai Run 10km another go. After doing it the first time I learned 2 major things:

1. I actually enjoy running even though I thought I hated it and
2. I don't really ever care to run longer than 10km on purpose.

In the following year and half since doing the program, I learned a couple other important lessons:

1. I don't like running enough to keep doing it regularly if I'm not in a program and
2. Even though that's the case, if I pick it up again it seems I pick up where I left off

The conclusions I draw from this then is doing an annual KRun 10km is right up my alley. In those 6 weeks every year, I can focus on an aspect of my running, and then maintain the progress made throughout the year. This time around I want to work on speed! So, I will be comparing my previous program with this one, as I go through it, mainly looking at speed as an improvement.

For my first two runs I was able to run with my wife, and mother-in-law (Miranda and Angela, respectively, both doing KRun for the first time!). The first run I did pace myself to stick close to them, and make sure I was keeping it in the 4-6 effort range. For the second run, I set my own pace entirely, and Miranda and Angela stuck together.

The comparison:

Run 1
First time 9/15/15 - 7:29 min/km
Second time 4/10/17 - 7:17min/km

Run 2
First time 9/17/15 - 7:08min/km
Second time 4/12/17 - 6:08 min/km

I'm happy with this! I haven't run at all, all winter. So starting off like this is good for me. Looking forward to end this program getting a sub 25 min, 5km.

Here we go!

GIF from Parks and Recreation on NBC

Run 10km 2.0

One day until I give Run 10km another go!

Will I best all PRs?

Will I injure my foot again?

Will I finish the program leaner, faster, and stronger?

Well, the last one's a given.

Reach for the sky! 

Alright so Reach is over!

Had a crazy final week. Sick cat for yet ANOTHER vet appointment. Finally unraveling that ball of yarn. (heh, no cat-toy pun intended). And getting a temporary fix on the roof after we had a 80+ mph wind storm resulting in over 100k people in our area without power and internet (including us for a day, we were lucky) that ripped off shingles. Also lost some sections of fence and some cedar shingles from the house. Fun!!

So needless to say, I want to get this grad post up, but it won't be my last post on Reach. I need to finish a couple of missed sessions, and so the flexibility assessment. So that will follow in the next day or too! I'll post some pictures and my final Reach weekly photo.

Overall, I feel great! Definitely more limber and have a greater range of motion. I can't believe I can go into a forward fold cold, and touch all ten fingers on the ground, and after warming up nearly get my hands flat! It's crazy! I feel grounded, limber, and like I'm holding myself tall. I feel like a "leaf on the wind," to quote the wonderful Wash from Firefly! (Great show, maybe the best ever, fight me!)

Ultimately I also think that I've identified where I'm lacking flexibility, or have imbalances, and that's invaluable as I will target those going forward.

Overall, it was a great experience! And I will be certainly repeating Reach again, great stuff! Next is Run 10k with Miranda in April, followed by a program focused on muscle building, either Kettlebell (i have yet to be a trainee for the program I wrote! haha), or Iron, if it materializes.

I have about a year and 3 months left before I turn 30. It's time for business!

I had a blast with all of my fellow Garudasanas, it was a blast! Namaste folks!

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