Nate J.

Nate J.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 33 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 33
Program progress:
Graduation Post - Team Balor 

Congratulations Team Balor!! Thank you coaches and teammates!! As I've stated before, I believe this is Kenzai's most rigorous program....and I love it. I still need to catch up on some missed workouts this week, but happy to finish.


For the Week 2 challenge, I enjoyed lunch at Cava. I love this place!! For this lunch I chose 1/2 serving of brown rice, 1/2 serving arugula, serving of grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and olives. I topped off with a little yogurt dill sauce.

Week 2 Down

It felt good getting back into the meal prep and nutrition aspect of Kenzai. However, I had a couple of weak moments and fell prey to my daughter's Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I resolve to do better this week.
The week 2 workouts were good.
I enjoyed watching Leah's video, very inspirational.

Hello Team Sycamore!!

Hello Team Sycamore!! I hope everyone is well as we begin week 2. I was ill at the beginning of week 1 and had to do two-a-days to catch up with the workouts.

I would not have completed KB1 without the motivation and words of inspiration from my cohort, Team Octans. I am looking forward to similar exchanges during KB2 with Team Sycamore.

Hello Team Octans,

When we started this journey I feared two days, 4th of July and my birthday (Aug 19). Fortunately I enjoyed a 4th of July indulgence. Not so for my birthday. Traditionally, my birthday consists of an evening dinner meat-fest at Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil. I knew that wouldn't be the case this year. My daughter and I went to my favorite DC ramen spot. I went off diet and enjoyed a big bowl of spicy ramen. Bad, yes....but it beats eating a side of beef.
I leave today for Puerto Rico and will be off diet for a few days. But hopefully not enough to demoralize.

Changes In Social Life

My social life has changed due to the Kenzai program.
Pre-Kenzai, after work I would go home, friends would come by, and we would drink a good amount of adult beverages. I would usually enjoy a nice dinner before retiring for the evening.
Now I get home, workout, have my evening meal, and prep meals for the next day. My friends don't come over as much and claim their consumption of alcohol has decreased as a result.
Although my friends don't come around as much, I'm enjoying the support of my new family, Team Octans!!!!

End of Week 3 Thoughts

I'll start by saying I feel a lot better than pre-Kenzai. Although I don't see a physical change, my daughter says she does. My pants feel better around the waist and are easier to get into.
I finally fixed my BMI weight scale to log and track data on my iPhone. Hopefully it will give me an idea of how much body fat I'm losing and muscle gained. Thus far, I've lost 4kg, but don't know how much is attributed to loss of body fat.
NOW MY RANT(lol) !!!I did not appreciate the mid-week bump in skips to 650 and 800 skips this morning took way too long.

Easiest and Hardest

The hardest part of the program is the limited rest period in between sets. It's usually 15-20s but I find myself winded and needing more time to recover. After reading today's lesson, I will endeavor to begin the next set within the specified period of time. I do not want to cheat myself and eager to see results. And I must add the 600 skips today completely kicked my butt.
The easiest part of the program is staying motivated. I've only lost 3 kg so far, I'm not hungry, and the feel great.
I would like advice on the use of EVOO, salt, and pasta. The past couple of days, I've cooked with a small amount of salt and EVOO to my evening meal? Is there a recommended maximum amount? Additionally, I would like to incorporate pasta into my meals. However, would this violate the "nothing from a box" rule or should it me made fresh?

Week 1 Down - In Retrospect

We've completed the first week and now it's time to implement the diet plan. I've spent a majority of the day shopping for food and prepping meals for the next few days.
In the past week, I've realized that I needed a little more rest time between sets. (Guess I'm in worse shape than I imagined.)
However, the most difficult part of last week was the 25% challenge. I found it extremely difficult to discard food, especially when it tastes so good. Nevertheless, I did my best to uphold my end of the bargain. My affinity for good food and alcohol must be broken to realize results for this program.
I joined this program because I cannot do it myself. I've failed too many times on my own. I need a plan, direction, support, and motivation. I remain motivated, Kenzai provides the plan and direction, and you(Team Octans) provide the support.

Day 1

Day 1 down, 89 more to go. Enthusiastic, excited, and energized.