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Nathan R.

Kenzai Iron | Day 14 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 14
Program progress:

Really liking iron so far, I would have thought that hopping around like a bit of a fool doing chisel for the past month would have prepared my legs for lunges yesterday, but apparently no. Seriously this is going to be great. I really hope to more or less keep one muscle group sore for the next month or two!

I’m going to try to do all of the jump rope on Iron w my 2 lb rope. We shall see how that goes. I can get to steady state with my 1lb rope but the 2lb seems always to bring about lactic acidosis and the need for breaks. I usually do 2 minute sets on 3 min once I am warm but almost never more than that. Would be great to get to 10 minutes of 2 lb jumping without a break!

Iron time!

Let’s not kid each other, we are all here to look like Hugh Jackman, right? This is my first iron and I have been at Kenzai for a year. Have managed to greatly improve my physique, but still haven’t quite developed the amount of upper body mass that I would like. It’s possible I am a slow gainer or maybe I haven’t tried the right program. I have hovered around 14% body fat for the past year, I am great about eating protein but just need an extra push. Looking forward to learning!

Chisel out! 

It has been a phenomenal six weeks in Kenzai chisel. I really enjoyed being exposed to this alternative workout program and I think I really grew a lot as a result. Interestingly, not only was this an injury free six weeks for me, I think my body actually recovered a little bit, showing me an important lesson and the value of mixing things up to let your body recover from more chronic exercising. I’m pleased with the results and with when I learned in the program! Finally, I have so many friends, external and kenzai alike, in the programs at various stages. Fun to watch everyone go.

Having fun still here in Chizzletown. Missed my workout Thursday. And it just disappeared! Usually I get a chance to make those up. Did a big run today and still running well. These HIIT workouts are rough but not sure if they are as hard on the body as a run.


Today marks roughly a year of Kenzai for me. In Jan of 2018 I was about 190-195 lbs. I had actually begun dieting prior to starting Kenzai in May 2018, so the picture below is me one year ago at the same weight I am today. I was 10 lbs down (160!) at the end of KB1 and have gained mostly muscle since then. All of the jeans I bought at 162lbs still fit me at 170 today. I have learned so much over the past year, exercised in so many different ways and I’m currently on my fourth program. Most importantly, I have kept 25 pounds or so off for a full year! People always ask me if I feel better, and one answer that usually comes to mind is “I am actually pretty sore from those squats yesterday…”. But yes, I feel better. Wishing everyone great long term results today!

about to turn 44

My birthday is tomorrow and it’s pretty great to be in such good shape. I ran my 10 miles today and have been hitting the workouts and doing well on the diet. At my big meeting last week I made all of the workouts which was amazing. Time to buckle in and focus now!

at my big meeting...

All going well! Hotel is close to the convention so I found a way to sneak back and get my workout in every day so far between meetings. Eating a turkey wrap and I am as happy as a cucumber in tomato salat with franks red hot as dressing!

an early challenge

I have a big meeting this week. I have been going to this meeting for 10 years and I usually don’t workout this week, but I know this year I will do better. These meetings are brutal with 6am to midnight kind of action, but we will get it done. Eating usually isn’t that big of a problem because I usually have limited eating opportunities and I have the diet pretty dialed in. I ran 9 miles Sunday and did some extra jumping today to kind of stack the deck against whatever may happen this week. Wish me luck!

digging the Chiz

Really liking Chizzle so far! These workouts are very refreshing and I have been a little sore which tells me that we are doing some good!

Excited to start Chisel!

Right on the heels of KB2, excited to mix it up with chisel! My goals are to stay as tightly as possible to the workouts and to learn as much as I can from a new diet.

Look forward to meeting my chisel teammates!

KB2 gRADuation 

Proud to have made it through KB2! Since I began Kenzai in May 2018, I have come a long way. I have been on program for more than half of the last year, and my time in between wasn’t much different. The Kenzai diet is now truly second nature to me, and I enjoy eating this way as much as I enjoyed my old habits. While I occasionally still like to eat some of the old ways from time to time (I’m looking at you cheesesteak), there are certain habits that will just never go back. I’m just not sure a creamy pasta dish will really ever be in my future after this year (although it sounds pretty good typing it!). Most importantly, with roughly half of the meals I have eaten over the past year being in perfect compliance, I’m not tired of what I’m eating and in fact look forward to each healthy meal. Between the daily egg whites and the chicken breast, I possibly owe an apology to the chickens of this planet, but I figure it’s either me or them.

I have probably deviated the most from the program in terms of the workouts, but I worked out almost every day this year and frankly did an embarrassing number of double workout days, being accused by more than one of my friends and family as having an addiction. . I have found my way back into running long-distance, but continue to mix it up with my heavy jump rope and the occasional peloton. I did the CrossFit Murphy workout this am and it felt great. I lift weights twice per week, and no, I’m not sure it is any better than the band workouts in terms of building muscles. That said, I think mixing all things up to limit repetition has helped me avoid injury, and I am a little prone to that. Proud to be finishing this program with no tendinitis, chondromalacia, or otherwise stiff joints. I’m sure the diet and weight loss has been the biggest factor in avoiding those problems.

What is next for me? I hope more of the same. I think I will mostly sit tight with my diet and I look forward to continuing to find new exercises and activities that keep things mixed up and keep this fun. As always, I am grateful for Kenzai and the community introducing me to this nice new side of life. Congrats to my new friends who have joined my health cult :), and thank you as always to my Kenzai veterans who got me going in the first place.

Despite me not being the world’s best blogger, KB2 has been great. I am still on diet and getting in the exercises. I have managed to avoid injury this round and am generally feeling great. What else can I say? I can do about half of my work out with the 2 pound jump rope and that has been a goal I have been working on for four or five months… It’s slow progress with the heavy rope! generally speaking I feel that I have developed some good independence that will serve me really well once KB2 is over as I am pretty much on auto pilot with the diet and workouts.

Woke up this morning with only about 45 minutes to work out. It’s unclear if I will have time later in the day to do my strength training… So I ran about 5 miles and worked in some sets and with my heavy jump rope. About every mile I did three minutes with the heavy rope, giving my arms a little chance to rest between sets. Ended up being a pretty good workout. I find many days it’s unclear whether I’m going to have time later in the day to get a workout in. At least this gave me a little bit of upper body and cardio in case I never get to lift.

good week

This week was really a good one. Kept up consistent exercise and diet. No major diet lapses. Got some long runs in and some good jumping. Started back up with my 2lb jump rope and let me tell you that’s a great way to really feel the lactic acid in the forearms. Diet wise if I am home and have complete control of my surroundings, I am pretty good just eating AMAYW veggies and chicken, egg whites or steak. Traveling or out of the house I use more carbs because it’s easy to find clean carbs and more difficult to find clean veggies. Listened to a few good podcasts this week. Lance Armstrong interviewing Marathoner Ryan Hall on his podcast the forward was great. Peter Attia’s podcast the drive is amazing. Also the movie “free solo” was inspirational. I have found that it has been nice to tie themes from Kenzai into the stories of other athletes, trainers, and scientists.

Hello I have yesterday‘s breakfast and lunch.