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happy holidays

Hi Kenzai family,

Just checking in as we get towards the end of 2019.

I haven’t been active on Kenzai blogs but I am still living the Kenzai dream and keeping up as well as ever with daily workouts and diet.

I did work with a trainer 1 hour per week this fall to get better form during my workouts. I think it has been great. I am getting to love my foam roller and I think my posterior chain is getting stronger.

Glad to see that so many of you are still living large Kenzai style.

I am off to Ski revelstoke in a few days - that will be the real challenge.


Iron & Out 

Overall I had a great Iron experience and I learned a lot. I am definitely stronger and gained comfort on a ton of new exercises. I have to say I really clarified what I want out of my exercise and where I want my body to be.

I definitely made progress with the 2 lb rope. I can’t jump with it for a half hour straight, but I can get in 15 minutes as long as I rotate in and out with a lighter rope.

I learned that the gains from lifting are slow and steady, and that when I took a week off lifting I continued to make progress - so I think my body has continued to rebuild itself over time.

I learned that I don’t like being away from some of the basics - 8 minute Kenzai abs and long runs, half hour jumps just feel good and have become something I need to do to feel great, and I don’t like to give them up.

Finally, I learned that more than a year into the Kenzai diet I am still happy eating clean and finding new things to enjoy.

Next for me is to spend some time building my own workouts and eating clean on my own, outside of the app. I have been “on program” a lot this past year, and loved every minute of it, but it will be fun to see what I can do while guiding myself for a bit.

I re-upped for another year of Kenzai, if for no other reason than to thank this amazing program for giving me this healthier lifestyle!


Excited for my second to last Iron workout tonight. It has been an interesting journey. Definitely can feel the impact of weightlifting on a variety of joints in my body so I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of six day per week lifting in my future. Also I think that while the diet is tailored in Kenzai, the workouts aren’t as much. I felt that not all of the muscles I wanted to grow we’re getting bigger and a few I really didn’t want to grow were taking off resulting in a physique that was fairly suboptimal for me. Huge neck muscles are apparently easy to grow for me. Biceps and Deltoids? Not so much. See pic below for an illustration of where I was headed. In any case, the past few weeks I have upped the cardio and cut back a little bit on the reps just to keep what I feel was a healthier balance for me. Learned a ton and excited for final photo!

Vacation Wrapping

My week of vacation/cardio is pretty much done. I am looking to finish strong and my body has enjoyed the break from lifting. I did get to row on vacation, for an hour on a few occasions as well as tennis and a little golf. Body is rested and ready to get back on the iron. Hung w my buddy TH who is going to start KB1 in sept!

summer break

I am on a lake for summer vacation. Not lifting this week. Just doing 1 hour cardio every day to counter vacation calories. Will pick it back up next week.

grinding away

Iron has been long and fairly grueling. I am down a few body parts. Knees are not in pain, but I swelled up after the tornado style weighted twist that was supposed to be an ab exercise but instead was a meniscus stress test that I could have told you my knees would not pass. Skipping that one and some squat/lunge behaviors on days when things feel off. But I am mostly over that. Then there is the left wrist. Standard push up type soreness but I do push-ups w Kenzai push-up handles. Hurts with benching and curls, triceps work, downward dog. Not horrible, but I find myself fiddling w grip to keep that at bay. That said, I am slowly making progress and have dialed back some weight gain that was unwanted by drilling down on diet. I have upped my cardio, which I think this 44 year old needs to stay trim. About 30 min of vigorous cardio daily, iron gains be dammed.

still ironing it up!

Hi All! Have been a little quiet because summer is in full swing! Have upped my cardio and missed a few lifts but doing well overall.
Still working out and on diet! About to crush some grilled chicken!


Things are generally going well... I am mostly on diet and hitting the workouts consistently with probably 4 superb workouts each week with a few where I do extra, another two that check all of the boxes, and one per week that is reasonably pathetic. I think I have drifted on the diet, possibly overdoing the protein. I am not eating garbage, but still I have noticed I am thicker in the abdomen. Kind of wondering if I am building massive iliopsoas muscles or some other internal abdominal muscle! In any case, I am going to tighten up my proteins and bring back a little more cardio. I have basically only jumping 15-20 min per day. I had previously been doing extra cardio, and so today I ran 10 mi which had been my usual Sunday routine until I stopped the long runs for Iron. So I leave this iron with a question partially answered... Did stopping prolonged cardio help me gain more muscle? Answer: possibly but the net effect wasn’t worth it!

getting bigger

I am packing on weight and muscle. I am ok with this. Feel like I’m sticking to diet but I may need to tighten the grams up a bit. Either way pleased with the strength progress!

muscles working better

Hope everyone is loving their training. I am having a lot of fun. I feel like I made some sort of breakthrough with the weightlifting. I would often have a problem in the past where my muscles would fatigue I would run out of gas and the next day I wouldn’t be sore, leaving me frustrated. Over the past few weeks I have found some new ability to just push harder and get more out of my muscles, working through the pain and bringing them to the point where I know I’m going to be sore the next day. And I’m sore all the time now! I’m not sure whether this is because I have just strengthened the relationship between my brain and my muscles or rather the muscles are able to just work harder, or what. I’ll take it either way.

Tuna salad recipe

Here is a simple (Kinda lazy requiring 2 minutes to make) tuna salad recipe, Kenzai style

1 can of tuna
Large tablespoon of low fat unsweetened yogurt
About 1/3 of an avocado
Brown mustard
Curry powder
Maybe some spicy sauce - your call

Hope this gives my fellow Iron trainees a good idea for some clean protein.

Everything going well w my training, hitting the workouts and most of the grams!

jump rope coming along

My little side project of heavy jump rope is progressing nicely. I have moved from 2 minute sets up to 3 minute sets, and even made it to 4 minutes straight on the 2 lb rope yesterday, once unthinkable! Triceps sore, so happy about that.

still sore

Enjoyed this week’s workouts. Doing well with the heavy 2lb rope - got in 10-20 min daily. Still have trouble going for longer than 2 min at a time... but today snuck in a 4 minute uninterrupted session! That’s progress! For this week, with the weightlifting, I want to try to zero in on really exerting a maximal effort during the actual lift. I can’t help but think there is room to grow in that department. Again, the goal is to stay sore! Right now my triceps are sore, my legs have mostly recovered, and my chest is not as sore as I would like it to be. Also, with my running I have been focusing on shorter distances, but ramping up the intensity by going at an progressive incline each mile. A friend told me about that approach and I love it. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier but after chisel I crushed a peloton and realized that all of the lactic acid threshold crossing on chisel really helped my cycling performance. So I’m going to keep that a part of my aerobic exercise.

Really liking iron so far, I would have thought that hopping around like a bit of a fool doing chisel for the past month would have prepared my legs for lunges yesterday, but apparently no. Seriously this is going to be great. I really hope to more or less keep one muscle group sore for the next month or two!

iron 2lb rope challenge

I’m going to try to do all of the jump rope on Iron w my 2 lb rope. We shall see how that goes. I can get to steady state with my 1lb rope but the 2lb seems always to bring about lactic acidosis and the need for breaks. I usually do 2 minute sets on 3 min once I am warm but almost never more than that. Would be great to get to 10 minutes of 2 lb jumping without a break!




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