Nazmin M.

Nazmin M.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:

I have been having tea but slowly cutting out the sugar. It’s hard to completely cut out in my tea.

Other thing I have been having mint/gum. It’s probably not advised?

Didn’t have much time this morning to complete my work out. I will continue rest of my work out this evening.
As for food I felt I was continue eating all day. It was hard to finish my lunch as I had three flat bread. Lol.
Felt my lunch today was too dry so was missing the dressing/source.

food prep

I am so glad it’s the weekend!! Feel super tired.

I am trying to think ahead of how I am going to food prep. Any ideas on recipes and method?

I am not sure what to cook for myself that’s simple and easy and not boring.

Any advice, or share recipes?

Morning Rush

Day 3, decided to do my workout this morning but rushed it as I was running late for work. Did pull a sweat and felt it on my flutes today. So my concern I rushed it so might not got my technic right.

push ups

I am looking at the work out and wondering how he’ll I am going to do push up 4*50 as I can’t do any at the moment. Are there any other techniques in doing them? Hardly have any upper strength.