Nazmin M.

Nazmin M.

Better late than never! 

It was a great kick start to have this program. It Helped me to rethink about what I was putting in my body and helped me to guide me with my portion s, although there were some days where it was tough to keep up with the programme.

I do miss it and I cannot see any of the workouts or other people comments now. I wanted to use this as reference back on my progress and do the days I missed.

Thank you Kenzia team Jess and others for all the support and push. I didn’t feel a lone. I will continue to incorporate the workouts in my exercises.

I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and looking forward to 2020.


Can’t believe it’s nearly over..
Interesting challenges and understanding my body.
It’s a mental challenge and there are days when it felt impossible to fit the workout in because of tiredness, not feeling 100% or when I have been out. Food wise the last few weeks struggle keeping track with evening food and egg whites. Some days I gave in to having protein in the evening.

Some work out was challenging and I am going try increasing the resistant on the belt.

Put I have surprised myself and learnt a lot. I am going to keep challenging myself. My Next aim is to try go for a jog.

Just finished my workout today, I had no excuse.

Not put myself on the scale yet.

I hope everyone is seeing results.

Is there alternative exercise for v-suit and captain chair? Theses two style I struggle with.


Hi, I noticed this week carb is back for breakfast. Is there reason for this?

stomach bloated

Notice my stomach seems always bloated, feels like air filled inside my stomach. I noticed that most days and morning not so much. Especially when I take side pictures. Any advise ?

I feel there’s too many egg this week in the food plan as snack and dinner. Not sure if I’m that comfortable eating a lot of egg. Is there any substitute for it?

It’s been tough this seeking with the deep in the weather, hard to get out of bed and having the flu/cold symptoms. Can are reduce the exercise while having flu or rest?



Hi, the last two weeks was tough. I was busy with my brothers wedding and preparing house, decluttering, decorating. I was shattered by the end of it with body aches and late nights and early wake ups and still taking time to get back into routine. Thank good wedding event is now over.

So my routine of food plan went out the window. Bit annoyed but going try making up for it today.

However I had lot of comments at the wedding. Aunties and cousin saying i lost weight when they last saw me and my cloths fit nicely. Even though scale don’t say much.

I wasn’t clear on the jump sets. So set each on timer and do much skip as possible in that time?

Picture included look over the top lol

I been using the yellow band which is 10 pound . I was wonder should I change the resistance band and increase the resistant to the green one?

The last few days I wasn’t able to work out but been doing a lot of walking and shattered by the evening, I am bit out of synch.

My brother is getting married so been rushing around trying help him prep the house etc. So evening hasn’t exactly going well as what is stated on the plan. But I have been mindful.

Does it matter if you also having the egg York also dinner?

Since the season changed in the UK, This week I am struggling with tiredness, trying to get my exercise in but seems so impossible because my body saying no. It the evening I’m so hungry and not able to follow the evening plan properly.

I am going to get myself some vitamins tablets, especially vitamin D. My legs are currently feeling achy for last few days.

Yesterday missed my evening egg white as I was actually somewhere else and plus this morning missed my breakfast as I was running late. What can I substitute when I am out on the go?

I don’t understand the meal plan, white egg for dinner? How and what with do I cook it? And Apple and banana 😳

I decided yesterday to go gym yesterday to do my work out. Today I’m feeling exhausted and tired after work and now trying to get my mind in gear too work out again but my body saying no.

Sunday morning

Morning all,

Just trying to wake up... feeling so exhausted and aches on my calves.

Need to jump out of bed a drag myself to do my Sunday skipping.

Regarding food, is there an alternative to eating egg everyday? I feel it’s just too much egg to eat everyday and feel bit wrong. I usually have eggs maybe twice a week but now feel it’s too excessive eating everyday.

I haven’t weighted myself yet am I suppose to every week?

lower back issues

Is there way to strengthen the lower back? I am finding this week I am having slight discomfort in the morning when I’m sleeping. I can’t sleep because of achy lower back. Not painful as such.

This morning woke up feeling super tired and groggy. I had slight headache, perhaps I’m not drinking enough water. I didn’t have that burst of energy to do my work out this morning. Some reason this week feels tough, feeling the aches more.

Running out of ideas what to cook for myself.




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