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Neela R.

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My back, really! I know the question is about the program but my back is still not completely free from the strain - so I am limiting myself to cycling and working out the biceps, triceps, quads and hamstrings. Diet's been good though and the ease of skipping carbs at night continues to amaze me!

After nursing a severe back spasm for over a week, I am now feeling much better. I have just resumed my exercise although I am still unable to do any exercise that bends or twists the back. Really hoping to be back in full swing in the next couple of days!

A mixed week

I started this week well but had to tone down the exercises because of a catch in the back. Managed to do the cardio throughout the week. Diet is getting easier although still struggling a bit with the proteins because of the vegetarian diet. Overall, I think the diet was better this week but the exercises were not as good as the previous week. Not a perfect week but I can feel myself getting fitter and that is motivating.

The daily lessons are great. And timely too - I thought I was imagining that my pants were a little bit looser around the thighs and the very same day I saw the lesson on changing shapes!

Not a great week

Didn't realise how a change to the routine could impact my program. I had house guests this week. It was so hard to keep up the diet in the sense of eating the right quantities of protein and vegetables! Next week, I am travelling to India - so it is not going to get any easier! I would greatly appreciate any tips on maintaining the diet while travelling.

Also, being vegetarian, I am supplementing my protein intake with nuts but wondering if it is ok to eat nuts so regularly...

Exercise wise, I ended up missing one day but hope to get back to regular exercise this week.


Hi everyone! I've never been one for diets or fitness programs . But seeing friends looking fabulous after a KB program, I have been toying with signing up for a long time...and I have finally signed up! Looking forward to the next 90 days.

Leaving a quarter of what I eat on the plate has been hard My breakfast is not big, my lunch is light and my dinner tends to be heavy - so cutting out a quarter at breakfast and lunch leaves me famished by the end of the day. This part of KB is teaching me to look closely at the quantity I eat at every meal and balance it better.