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Neela R.

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A mixed week

  • Aug 25th, 2019 at 9:44PM

I started this week well but had to tone down the exercises because of a catch in the back. Managed to do the cardio throughout the week. Diet is getting easier although still struggling a bit with the proteins because of the vegetarian diet. Overall, I think the diet was better this week but the exercises were not as good as the previous week. Not a perfect week but I can feel myself getting fitter and that is motivating.

The daily lessons are great. And timely too - I thought I was imagining that my pants were a little bit looser around the thighs and the very same day I saw the lesson on changing shapes!

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Amanda EllistonAmanda EllistonKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer9 months ago

One of the things I love to hear is that YOU notice small changes! That reveals you are in tune with how exercise and diet affect your own particular body. Keep experimenting with meeting your protein needs because the exercises will increase, and you'll need steady supply of energy for those muscles (which you are feeling get stronger in your legs). How is your back?

    Neela R.Neela R.Free user
    9 months ago

    Back is better today after a couple of days of muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory tablets. I had to go easy on the exercises over the last four days. Hoping to be back to proper routine in a day or two.

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