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Neela R.

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Not a great week

  • Aug 17th, 2019 at 4:24PM

Didn't realise how a change to the routine could impact my program. I had house guests this week. It was so hard to keep up the diet in the sense of eating the right quantities of protein and vegetables! Next week, I am travelling to India - so it is not going to get any easier! I would greatly appreciate any tips on maintaining the diet while travelling.

Also, being vegetarian, I am supplementing my protein intake with nuts but wondering if it is ok to eat nuts so regularly...

Exercise wise, I ended up missing one day but hope to get back to regular exercise this week.

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James M.James M.Kenzai Member
9 months ago

Good luck this week. Disruption is difficult but my only tip is to try to take some of the risk out. Put time in the diary for the workout and do as much food prep as you can in advance so you’re ready to go.

    Amanda EllistonAmanda EllistonKenzai Member
    Assistant Trainer9 months ago

    Neela, James has great wisdom for you! Do you have more questions about the vegetarian plan? Nuts tend to be so much higher in fat and do not give you enough protein, that's why it's important to use the other protein bases suggested in the vegetarian diet plan. Let us know if you have more questions. Chop some veggies and fruits for travel. One way to make sure you get the exercises done each day, is to plan the same way you do for diet. Lay out your clothes, the rope, and bands the night before. Then, you can get to it first thing in the morning. Have a great week!

      Neela R.Neela R.Free user
      9 months ago

      Thanks James. Yes, you are right - its all about planning and the mindset isn't it? Amanda, let me look at the list more closely this week. Nuts are an easy supplement so I was forced to reach for them this past week. I find planning for the exercise and getting it done is easier than planning and getting the diet right. Early days...guessing it gets better.

        Sharmali ArumugathasanSharmali ArumugathasanKenzai Member
        Trainer9 months ago

        As Amanda rightly says, try to keep the diet varied. Nuts are ok with the base protein plan but variety is the key to getting a full range of nutrients. For the meal prep, I find one of the most useful things for me to do is to always have a batch of chopped veggies in my fridge - sweet pepper, sugar snaps, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes. In the morning I just take a handful with some avocado. For lunch I can take it easily to work to have with bread. Invest some time batch cooking basics like the veg , rice, pasta. It's early days, you'll find your routine soon!

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