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Neela R.

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What am I fed up with?

  • Sep 8th, 2019 at 8:57PM

My back, really! I know the question is about the program but my back is still not completely free from the strain - so I am limiting myself to cycling and working out the biceps, triceps, quads and hamstrings. Diet's been good though and the ease of skipping carbs at night continues to amaze me!

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Sharmali ArumugathasanSharmali ArumugathasanKenzai Member
Trainer9 months ago

This is a frustrating time for you Neela. I've sent you a message, check your inbox and we'll talk tomorrow after your physio.

    Amanda EllistonAmanda EllistonKenzai Member
    Assistant Trainer8 months ago

    Hi Neela, how are you doing? Is the back feeling better? I sure hope so. Let us know how the week went for you.

      Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
      Head Trainer8 months ago

      Per our chat in the back channels, we'll pause your program as you work to rebound from your back issues. We know you want to get it right. I applaud your integrity and consistent communication. This phoenix will rise again. If not this fall, come January! Best in your recovery, Neela.

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