Neil B.

Neil B.


The training for the Triathlon is going Ok all things considering, my heel injury is on the mend, but I still can’t run, and as it’s all strapped up I can’t really swim either! So I’m doing bike and strength instead.

I brought a road bike on Friday and the store I brought it from convinced me to join them on a 100km ride.

I was a bit daunted to be honest, but the pace was steady, 28/30km and we had a couple of rest stops so I managed to finish it, and the bike was good.

I got a great sense of achievement at the end as I’d never cycled that far before....

Day 91 - Congratulations all! 

Just on the plane readying for a work trip to Melbourne, nice to say “yes please” when offered a bucks fizz - first time in 3 months.

I’ve really enjoyed the programme, whilst I couldn’t stick to everything, because of my constant travel, I’ve really learnt a lot about nutrition, exercise, habits, and of course- blogging!

I’ve also managed to lose about 3 to 4 inches from my waist, my suits are at the tailors, and I look and feel healthier than I have for many years!

I’ve started training for a sprint Triathlon, it’s on the 29th September for anyone who wants to give it a try! Most of the training I’ll have to do on my own when I travel, and I’m hoping Patrick will send me some nutrition tips to keep me on track while I train. I’ve also found a group of guys who are training and I can dip in and out when I’m in singapore, they all seem considerably fitter, (and faster) than me, aiming for podiums etc. my goal is a much more conservative “finishing!”.

Thanks to Patrick, Talya, and all my team mates for your support, it’s been great getting to know you all.

Now, back to that’s Bucks Fizz, there’s another one already ordered for after take off, no training for 3 days! Cheers everyone 🥂!

So I’ve been to the Doctor and Physio about my heel today and as Kit “diagnosed” I have Plantar Fasciitis.

Apparently I’m running on my heels instead of mid or front foot, so that last 10km in Sydney finished me off by putting to much compound pressure on it.

However, Singaporean Doctors generally like to try and find more
problems than you actually thought you had, and then rule them out with an expensive MRI. After 9 years I’m wise to it, so actually our family Dr is very good, she diagnosed it in about 90 seconds, didn’t bother giving me any meds, or suggest X-Rays etc. So that was good.

However she had to refer me to a physio, and things quickly became more problematic!

So after seeing the physio for an hour, not only do I not run properly, I’m also not walking correctly, which is an odd thing to be told at 47!
Now I’ve got a few stretching exercises to do, I need to learn a new way to walk🤦🏻‍♂️and when it’s heeled (pun intended😉) I’ve just got to learn a new way to run🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

So all I need to do now is visit the physio at $100 a go to completely relearn how to walk and then run again. That sounds easy... and cheap....😱

Today I missed lunch as I got dragged into a meeting, so had to make do with some fruit. By late afternoon when the meeting was finished I went to find some food, and was extremely tempted by the muffins and cakes, in the past that’s what I would have had as a quick fix, but today I walked past and found a much healthier Prawn salad option, I was quite pleased I resisted the first stop, especially a couple of hours later!


Here’s my last but one photo, no photoshop this week so I’m back to my usual position, but who knows I may go crazy and take it somewhere different next week!

I spent my indulgence having dinner with friends on Friday night, food was actually not to bad- but I had plenty of wine! Felt a bit jaded in the morning but it was a good night and a good start to a relaxing weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was taking a couple of my work suits to a tailors to be taken in, that was a good feeling.

After a few weeks of heavy travel I actually have a full week in Singapore this week so I’m hoping to finish well, it almost feels like a holiday!

I’ve signed up for a sprint triathlon for the end of September, and have started doing some swimming and biking, but I still can’t run as my heel is still painful so as I’m in Singapore this week I’ve booked to see a Physio to try and get it sorted.

Had a blip last night, went out for dinner and socialising with my work colleagues.
The next thing I knew it was 1am, and I’d had far to many wines!

Feeling guilty today!


The first thing Nicky and I will do after Kenzai is have some friends round for dinner and drinks as that’s what I’ve missed the most.

On the healthy living front, I’m pretty sure that I need something to aim for to keep me on the right track, so I’ve registered for the Singapore International Triathlon on the 29th September (I’m hoping my heel will be sorted by then- as it’s still not fixed!).
I’ll do the Sprint distance (just for transparent- “Sprint” is purely the distance category, and doesn’t reflect in anyway the speed I’ll actually do it!😉)
I did a couple of these 5 or 6 years ago and really enjoyed it, but then the mate I was training with “got the bug” and is now an Iron Man, I stopped doing them when I lost my training buddy.

I see Kenzai do a running programme, but not a triathlon one, so I’ll have to see how to put a training plan together, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to pull something together from what we’ve done on this programme, and maybe if enough of us signed up for a triathlon Kenzai would put a course together (Patrick?).

So that’s what I’m going to do, I’ve already signed up so I can’t go to far off the rails immediately post Kenzai, as it will just mean I have more training to do later. (I’m sure we had a lesson on that- that’s why I’ve signed up now).

Have a great week everyone!

Picture courtesy of Singapore International Triathlon Website.


So I took my photo in better lighting and emailed it along with the cover from Men’s Health magazine to the photoshop guy with a covering message saying I’d like him to photoshop my photo to look more like the magazine.
He emailed me back to say he was good, but not that good!

So here it is, hard to believe but this hasn’t been edited in any way..🤦🏻‍♂️

Day 74- Gym Spy

A tough few days in Australia, most of it down to my own bad planning! I got a really bad flight time, 9:30pm and was meant to be 8 hour flight so I was already pushing it sleep wise, but the flight ended up being just over 6 hours due a strong tail wind, so I literally only had 1.5 hours sleep then straight in to the office all day followed by a dinner, that knocked me about a bit!
However the next evening I did manage to get to a gym, the Hotel I was staying in gave me access to a Virgin Active so I did my “gym spy”.
Real mixed bunch of people so impossible to find to many similarities although there were some trends.
-The “big guns” were on the free weights, short number of Reps but really heavy weight, there were more of these type of people than I expected at a virgin active to be honest, and they were big units, I didn’t get the urge to tell any of them to hurry up as I wanted to use their bench!
-PT. there were quite a few people doing personal training, and they were doing pretty similar reps to what we used to do mid Kenzai. In the main these all seemed pretty fit to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure why they were paying for a PT but I guess that’s why they were fit.
-There were also quite a few people, on the bikes or the elliptical (?) machine, this was a real mixed bag, some working really hard, others chatting to their mates, making telephone calls, one was even doing a work teleconference which I thought was pretty impressive as I struggle to breathe halfway through my cardio- let alone hold a teleconference!
-Machinists. There were quite a few on the machines, these all seemed pretty determined and to be honest they also all looked pretty fit to me, although some of the machines looked pretty complicated!
-Kenzai guy! There was one guy who was using resistance bands, very similar to what we do, I almost asked him if he was doing kenzai but he was mid workout and I was still struggling to breathe after the bike so thought best not!

I actually quite liked it there to be honest, the music was pounding loud which I liked and it seemed pretty sociable, I’ll definitely go again.

Quick story- I'm not a big gym man, and this is one of the reasons why.
I once went for a trial at a gym in Singapore for Personal training.
I won’t say the name as some people will know it, and it is actually really good, for its target segment, which wasn't me.

The first thing I noticed was in the changing rooms, everybody was “Uber fit” not body builders or anything, they just looked super fit.
When I walked into the gym I noticed quite a lot of Iron Man water bottles, tee shirts etc. that was another🚩
So I’m on my rowing machine doing my warm up, trying to breathe in and row at the same time isn’t easy but I tried. Then as I was rowing I watched this guy do a plank for about a minute with his feet to a wall, then lifted his legs so that he “walked” up the wall to a handstand, paused for about 20 seconds then back down again- he did that 20 times, no rest!!!
Motivating as it was to be training with Iron Men and Iron Women, I didn’t go back....🏃‍😓

I have a couple of days in Singapore before heading to Australia tomorrow night.

Diet pretty good, and managed to do a swim today, and I’ll do the same tomorrow.

I’ve managed to book a hotel with a pool in Sydney so I think my cardio will be sorted this week, I just need to make sure I fit in some strength training and keep the diet on track.

Have a great week everyone!


Been a good week this week Kenzai wise despite being in the Philippines. A guy I haven’t seen for a while commented on how much weight I’d lost, (even though I haven’t actually lost a lot of weight, mainly toned) and a couple of people have commented that I need to get my suit trousers (pants- for our American friends) altered, so that was quite motivating.

Easiest part of the plan for me is blogging, even though I’m not much of a “social media” guy, I have a Facebook account, but more of an observer than a contributor and that’s about it, but I quite enjoy it on kenzai, and I find it helps keep me on track when I have to write about how I’m doing!
Hardest has been the measuring grams, just can’t do that when I’m travelling, so I’ve kept to the “principles” of the right food at the right time but without measuring.
Also lately I’ve found the length of time for exercise to long, especially when I’m travelling, so I’ve been dropping some of the strength repetitions to stay at around 30 minutes for the strength and 30 minute cardio.
So in summary I’ve found the blogging easy, and everything that actually makes a difference to my size and shape quite hard🤦🏻‍♂️

I stay at the Shangri La hotel when I’m in Manila and they’ve excelled themselves this week.

During my last stay I asked them not to leave any dried fruit or chocolate as the welcome gift- to much temptation. When I checked in this time I had a nice big bowl of fruit in the room, and when I went for Breakfast for the first time they had grilled vegetables, which made sticking to the right food in manila much easier than usual, and managed a couple of workouts in their massive gym, so a good week.

Next week I was meant to be in Korea, which was a big problem last time, but I’ve managed to dodge that one, I’m now going to be in Australia and NZ where it’s super easy to stay on plan, so next week also looking doable!


I’m in Hong Kong again today, so I thought I’d try a different hotel to see if the pool is larger.
I thought I’d done my due diligence, as you can see from the photo its a beautiful, roof top, infinity pool, and it looks quite long right?
Well the photographer must have been using a super wide angle lense as when I got here it’s only 14m long, which would be great for relaxing and soaking in the views, (it actually is a beautiful pool those 3 grooves you see in the photo look down into the floor below, and it’s on the 29th floor so a very long way down) but not so good when you want to swim1.5km!

I don’t want to run yet because of my heel, so I went to the gym, which was pretty small but had one of those cycle machines in it- so I gave that a go for my cardio, which was actually quite a refreshing change- I enjoyed it, I only did 16km in the 30 minutes so I don’t think Richard F will be rushing to invite me on a ride,😉, but I actually enjoyed it! A change really is as good as a rest.

I did the strength exercises, and because I haven’t done that for a few days it was really tough going, so I didn’t have any problems reaching failure- even before I read the lesson🤦🏻‍♂️

I’ll probably do the same tomorrow before flying on to the Philippines, which has a great pool, and next time I’m in Hong Kong I’ll be trying the Conrad to see if their pool is any longer 🏊‍♂️ That’s the last hotel on the corporate list for HK so fingers crossed🤞

Photo courtesy of Hotel Indigo Website.....


Here’s this week photo- can anyone spot the difference...........
Yes- I’ve had my hair cut, it’s the shortest I’ve had it for a long time, I was hoping that would shave a few ounces off😂

I know the Kenzai approach isn’t about the weight, but my whole motivation was to lose weight, so I weighed myself today and I’ve lost a bit, about 4 kg in total, so my target weight of 89something KG may still be just about doable.
Body wise things seem to be changing though, I had to take more leather out of my belt, and I seem to have dropped 2 holes on my watch strap, although I can’t help thinking it’s going to take a pretty observant person to notice my newly toned wrists!😂

I was going through my travel plans and it looks like I’m travelling every week of June, so I’ll just keep doing the best I can and see where I finish up, I’m Glad we can see the finish line though, as I’m finding the daily workouts monotonous now, and im looking forward to getting back to having friends round for dinner etc...

Fortuitous question again today, Nicky and I were talking about this over breakfast before we opened the App!

From a lifestyle perspective our biggest difference is we’re
doing much less social events, Penny’s party last night was the first one in about 6 weeks, and it made me realise how much I’d missed it! The other is we’re generally eating much healthier, including between meals and obviously much more exercise!

The key questions now though is how sustainable it is.
I’ve not been measuring the grams when I’m away, going more by sight, so that’s ok. But I think I’ll want to eat more protein than I currently am- especially for dinner, and I’ll definitely be adding alcohol into the mix, as I really miss the parties and dinners etc..
Exercise is another one, I’ve already started to drop some of the strength sessions due to time constraints, but I want to keep some going.
So I guess that’s the next challenge, how to stay on track in a sustainable way and integrated into work and social life life....




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