Neil B.

Neil B.


Day 74- Gym Spy

  • Jun 15th, 2019 at 6:14PM

A tough few days in Australia, most of it down to my own bad planning! I got a really bad flight time, 9:30pm and was meant to be 8 hour flight so I was already pushing it sleep wise, but the flight ended up being just over 6 hours due a strong tail wind, so I literally only had 1.5 hours sleep then straight in to the office all day followed by a dinner, that knocked me about a bit!
However the next evening I did manage to get to a gym, the Hotel I was staying in gave me access to a Virgin Active so I did my “gym spy”.
Real mixed bunch of people so impossible to find to many similarities although there were some trends.
-The “big guns” were on the free weights, short number of Reps but really heavy weight, there were more of these type of people than I expected at a virgin active to be honest, and they were big units, I didn’t get the urge to tell any of them to hurry up as I wanted to use their bench!
-PT. there were quite a few people doing personal training, and they were doing pretty similar reps to what we used to do mid Kenzai. In the main these all seemed pretty fit to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure why they were paying for a PT but I guess that’s why they were fit.
-There were also quite a few people, on the bikes or the elliptical (?) machine, this was a real mixed bag, some working really hard, others chatting to their mates, making telephone calls, one was even doing a work teleconference which I thought was pretty impressive as I struggle to breathe halfway through my cardio- let alone hold a teleconference!
-Machinists. There were quite a few on the machines, these all seemed pretty determined and to be honest they also all looked pretty fit to me, although some of the machines looked pretty complicated!
-Kenzai guy! There was one guy who was using resistance bands, very similar to what we do, I almost asked him if he was doing kenzai but he was mid workout and I was still struggling to breathe after the bike so thought best not!

I actually quite liked it there to be honest, the music was pounding loud which I liked and it seemed pretty sociable, I’ll definitely go again.

Quick story- I'm not a big gym man, and this is one of the reasons why.
I once went for a trial at a gym in Singapore for Personal training.
I won’t say the name as some people will know it, and it is actually really good, for its target segment, which wasn't me.

The first thing I noticed was in the changing rooms, everybody was “Uber fit” not body builders or anything, they just looked super fit.
When I walked into the gym I noticed quite a lot of Iron Man water bottles, tee shirts etc. that was another🚩
So I’m on my rowing machine doing my warm up, trying to breathe in and row at the same time isn’t easy but I tried. Then as I was rowing I watched this guy do a plank for about a minute with his feet to a wall, then lifted his legs so that he “walked” up the wall to a handstand, paused for about 20 seconds then back down again- he did that 20 times, no rest!!!
Motivating as it was to be training with Iron Men and Iron Women, I didn’t go back....🏃‍😓

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Kit F.Kit F.Kenzai Member
about 1 year ago

I could see that being somewhere between inspiring and deeply demoralizing. I used to live in Boulder, CO, which I swear is the fitness capital of the world, and everyone there was a multisport athlete of some kind. It was pretty hard to keep up. But it also totally put me in that mindset to have health and fitness be a prominent part of the lifestyle— people probably paid more for their bikes than their cars! All this to say you don’t really need to hang with the Iron dweebies, but they can really help advance your own game, if you are able to keep the “I’m not worthy” self-doubt at bay. You totally have your own life, skills and experience: they spend an incredible number of hours (a day) just training. You look great, Neil, and I think you’ve done an astonshing job with the program, especially given your schedule. Cut yourself a little slack. You’ve been training against an Iron Work schedule!

    Gagan A.Gagan A.Alumni
    about 1 year ago

    I was actually gonna not do this spy thing but after reading your post I think I'm gonna re- read that lesson again and go do it today

      Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
      Founderabout 1 year ago

      Sounds like you're surrounded by some smart people who know what they're doing. This is a good thing. There's a philosophy musicians have, "You always want to be the least skilled musician in a band because it means you keep improving." The same is true for the people you exercise with! Great work!

        Talya EdlundTalya EdlundKenzai Member
        Assistant Trainerabout 1 year ago

        I love that you spotted a "kenzai guy!"

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