Neil B.

Neil B.

Day 41- Ho Chi Minh run

So the diet in Korea didn’t improve, it’s difficult to get fruit or vegetables (except Kimchi) which is quite surprising as in Singapore we quite often eat Korean Strawberries!

Landed in Ho Chi Minh at 1am due to a delayed flight, but woke up surprisingly early, and I love Vietnam so I dragged myself out of bed to maximise the day.
It looked like it was going to rain so I thought it would be an opportunity to get another City 10km in when it’s cooler. So I did another 10km run, it did rain, for about 90 seconds!! By the end of the run it was 37 degrees..... but it’s really flat so compared to Kore it was a pleasant enough run.

I’ve drank a lot of coconut water (coconuts are the size of medicine balls here!) and water so hopefully I won’t have the same problem as I did in Korea.
It’s really easy to eat healthily in Vietnam, lots of fruit and Veg so diet has been good today.
Here’s a couple of photos, including the infamous Electricity cabling that looks crazy, but works!

Day 39- feeling lousy!

I think I may have overdone it with the run yesterday, I was ill during the night and have felt lousy all day, so have been drinking lots of fluids, rehydration pills etc.

So no exercise today and diet hasn’t been great either, there’s not a lot of fruit or Veg (unless you like kimchi!) at the venues I’ve been in for the last 2 days, and same tomorrow, so just trying to not go to far off plan!

Day 38- Running in Seoul

The New Years goal I set myself was to run 10 10KM runs in 10 different cities for the year.

So last night I got the red eye flight to Seoul, checked in, had quick breakfast and went straight to the run. The route the hotel gave me was to North Seoul Tower, if I’d been able to read Korean I would have noticed it’s at the top of MOUNT Namsan, (deliberately emphasising the MOUNT bit!). I was doing ok until the sign that said “cable car or 2Km of steps”! It was tough going but I did it. I didn’t do the strength work as I was completely exhausted by the end- and had to go straight to meetings.

It’s a good job I did the run really as nutrition has been off today, there were no fruit shops on the mountain, I missed lunch as the run took much longer than I expected and I had meetings all afternoon.
I then had Korean BBQ for dinner (work function), it was in an extremely traditional Korean setting so I didn’t think it would be very productive asking them for two egg whites some milk and an Apple, plus I was mega hungry- so I had BBQ meat instead, but didn’t have carbs or soju!

I have just been to a shop to buy some fruit and milk for tomorrow so hopefully will be better tomorrow.

I now have 3 runs done, 7 to go!

Day 37- Grinding it out!

The scales incident, (putting weight on!) hit me hard, so yesterday and today I really struggled to motivate myself to do the exercises, I had a little gremlin in my head saying “what’s the point if you’re putting weight on!” but I did them, and stayed on the nutrition plan, just grinding it out though, rather than enjoying it!

I start work travel again midnight tonight, and it’s a pretty gruelling itinerary for the next 3 weeks, I fly to Korea tonight, then Vietnam over the weekend, back to Singapore for 1 day, Hong Kong for a few days, Thailand for two days, back to Singapore for 1/2 day then Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland before heading back home!
So I reckon it’s make or break for the programme for me over that period, obviously I’ll be trying to stick as close to the plan as I can, but I’ve noticed the exercise times are getting longer- and my time is going to get much shorter!
Fingers crossed!

I didn’t really have anything I was fed up about yesterday, but I weighed myself and apparently I put on 1/2kg last week, so now I have!

I thought last week would be one of the best as I haven’t been travelling so it was easier to get into the routine, measure quantities etc. I start a really gruelling travel period tomorrow so I haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen then!

It’s a bit weird to be honest, my food has been pretty good all week, apart from 2 small alcohol slip ups- but they were pretty minor, and my body is definitely changing shape now, belts have gone down a couple of notches, trousers feel loose around the waist. However I have also noticed my chest and shoulders seem a bit bigger, so maybe I’m putting on muscle faster than I’m loosing fat? Perhaps it’s the Swimming as that the only exercise I’m doing slightly different to the programme.

Just have to trust the process and carry on, but at last weeks run rate, I’ll weigh more by the end of the programme than when I started it! That thought makes me fed up.....


Nicky and I have been on a staycation this weekend, food has been pretty OK, if not perfect, but we did have a few wines last night, so doing more exercises today! I’m going to do a Kenzathlon later.

Having seen so many people posting recipes and fantastic photos I thought I’d try and join in, remember I mentioned I’m not often in the kitchen, so this is a recipe for all the non cooks amongst us- fully Kenzai compliant!

-Take some seedless grapes.
-Put them on a skewer.
-Freeze them.

You’ll be surprised how refreshing they are, especially after a workout in 32 degrees heat!


Didn’t manage to fit in any exercise yesterday, early start in the office, meetings and calls all day, then straight out from work for a night out at the “Sunset Cinema”.

Food was good all day, except I didn’t get the egg whites in as wasn’t home all day.

Drink, not so good, as you can see from the photos, the cinema was sponsored by Peroni, the bar was called the Peroni bar, and there was a promotion on Peroni.
So no prizes for guessing what I had 2 bottles of.......

Felt guilt this morning so swam 1.5km and did the strength training straight after.
I’ve rejigged my timing around on the training, I have my “cardio only day” one of the week days, whichever one I have least time, as I have more time on a weekend to do the full range of exercises.

Nicky and I are having a little staycation this weekend, to get some “us time” before I start a long work travel stint, fortunately the hotel has a great gym, and served us “iced grapes” by the pool (which is amazingly simple but surprisingly refreshingly, literally some grapes on a skewer then frozen), so I think we’ll be pretty compliant!

Photo credit to Brandon Celine, Peroni Sunset Cinemas.

Day 32- A new find

A lady who does some part time cleaning in our office told me off for “buying expensive fruit” today.
She kept pointing at the fruit punnet I’d brought from the local deli, shaking her head, look at me pityingly, walk away, come back again, shaking her head and talking to me in Mandarin (which I didn’t understand- but I could tell she wasn’t happy with my fruit choice!).

Later when I was going out for a coffee she followed me out, then almost drags me to a hawker centre (local food) 2 minutes from where I work, she weaves through the crowds and stalls until we reach the largest fruit stall I’ve think I’ve ever seen. She introduced me to the owner (again in Mandarin so she probably said something like “this stupid expat is buying his fruit from the deli!”). She pointed out the fruit she thought I should have and then there was a whirl of activity, knives chopping, fruits skewered and in seconds I had a bag of chopped fruit and 2 fruit kebabs, which cost less than half what my little fruit punnet cost me from the deli and tasted twice as good!
Another great find to keep me on the Kenzai track.....


Today is a Public holiday in the Singapore so I started the day with a Kenzathlon. For those that haven’t heard of it that’s a 1km Swim, 5km run and 30 minutes strength training- one day it may make the Olympics!
It was shattering, particularly as I started a little later than I intended to so it was about 32 degrees by the time I started the run, but I really enjoyed it, I just wish I had that much time to exercise everyday. Believe me I need a lot of time, I’m quite a slow runner- elderly people walking their dogs have been known to pass me!

Then Nicky, my Daughter and I went for a healthy lunch then vegetable shopping at this good organic place. We then spent the afternoon preparing soups- as that’s what we’re going to have as our “vegetable snack” in the evening. I’m assuming it’s compliant as we used vegetable stock etc. And it’s a bit late now if not as we’ve made about 3 weeks worth!
The only tricky bit is knowing how much to measure, We’re meant to be having 200g of vegetables, but have no idea what that is in soup and it’s all blended now- (that was a slight oversight) any ideas?

It’s been a few years since I actually cooked anything other than a BBQ or breakfast so I quite enjoyed cooking for a change.

Then I had the early “dinner”, Milk, Apple, Banana and egg white Smoothie- actually tastes ok- the banana covers all taste of the egg so was very easy to drink, quite nice actually.

Later we’ll have our soup to round the day out.


I went a bit off piste last night, but not sure if its a problem?

I couldn’t really bring myself to have the egg whites in a fruit smoothie, so we put the eggs with the veg and had this sort of Spanish omelette, then had the Apple and Banana later. Rationale was that we have the fruit about 45 minutes/an hour after dinner anyway, and we were all eating together as a family which is quite rare in our family as I’m normally away

Will try the fruit smoothie egg combo combo tonight, but would still rather have that as a “dessert” and then have the veg for dinner, does the order we have it in make a difference if there’s only an hour between?

On a lighter note I’ve posted a picture which summed up how I felt about doing the exercise this morning😂 but I did it.....

I’m quite pleased with my progress so far.
Very pleasantly surprised how quickly my Swimming distance has improved- must still have some muscle memory even after all those years! 7 days ago I got into the pool aiming to do 1km, and struggled to do 600M, 6 days later I managed to do the 1km swim to keep up with the Skippers, I was very grateful I didn’t have to do the strength training as well- but at least I did it.

I weighed myself the weekend and I’ve lost another 1.8kgs, pleased with that, although it’s still not immediately obvious to me where it’s gone, but I also moved a notch up on my belt, so the changes are happening!

I’m in Singapore all week this week, only the second time this year that I’ve had a week without flying, so I’m looking forward to it- feels like a holiday! Hopefully it will be much easier to maintain the routine this week, which I need to do, as I have a very hectic travel schedule the following 3 weeks.......

Have a great week everyone!

Interesting question of the week this week, as Nicky and I were talking about this yesterday.

We don’t really socialise in the week, as I’m away most of the time, however we socialise every weekend, which normally involves dinners and drinking! So now we’re tending not to socialise as much, as the temptation will be to high, and looking at next weeks menu we can’t really invite everyone round for Milks and then give them two Egg Whites, an Apple and a Banana for dinner, followed by a bowl of Veg for dessert, that would be the end of our social life forever😉. So I don’t think we’ll be socialising much next week either.....

Day 27- indulgence (s!)

Got back in time for the Ed Sheeran concert, which was great, he’s a really talented guy, and actually quite funny!

My indulgence was beer (s), had a few beers at the concert, I was hoping they would have wine and I could at least class the grape as fruit 😉 but they didn’t have any!
I don’t feel great this morning, feel like I’ve got a bit of a hangover even though I didn’t actually have that many- I guess that’s because I hadn’t drank any beer for 26 days?

Fortunately I’d already planned to have the rest day today as it suits the diary better for this weekend, so I’ll do my swim later and gear up for the week ahead.....

Or my stomach has got smaller!

Moved up a notch on my belt today which was a nice surprise, looking forward to weighing myself on Sunday now....

Just in Manila airport waiting to fly back to Singapore, and may have my indulgence tonight as Nicky and I are going to see Ed Sheeran in concert- as long as my flight isn’t delayed. 🤞


Did my 800 Metres in the pool, got out, dried off, went to the app and realised the skipping had gone up to 850! 🤦🏻‍♂️So I got back in the pool and did another 2 lengths, I’m taking this completely arbitrary system I made up quite seriously!

The lesson was a very welcome relief after the workout! It was like a little Christmas pressie had landed on my phone. So when to indulge! When I was a kid I never wanted to open my Christmas presents straight away- I loved the anticipation and then the excitement when you open the pressie (apart from the year my parents brought me a trouser press- but that’s a whole other story!).
So now I need to work out when is the best time, I think I’m going to save it to the weekend and do something with Nicky, although she may well have already indulged by the time I get back to Singapore Friday night!

Here’s a little photo of today’s cardio zone.....




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