Neil B.

Neil B.


I’m in Manila again today, (the hotel
I’m in is the one in the viral video that had the shaking chandelier during the earthquake on Monday, all fine now), managed to get a decent flight in so up quite bright and breezy for my exercises.

Managed to do 800M in the pool today, so in this little game I’ve made up, I’m now (in my mind) on a par with the skippers, 800M for 800 Skips. It’s funny how these little things motivate me- at 700M I was shattered but I just thought “you’ve only got 4 lengths to go.....”
I didn’t follow it up with “in this completely arbitrary system you’ve made up”- don’t think that would have worked as well 😉

Found the organic food restaurant again, but my choice wasn’t as good last night- to much garlic for me, but at least I had non processed food and the quantities seemed about right. Posting a picture of their “mission” in case anyone else is searching for healthy food in Manila, (there’s not a lot of choice, possible a good business opportunity!).


Is the swimming pool!
600 Metres again this morning, I’m going to try and build it up so that I swim the same in Metres as the skippers skips, so 850 skips should be 850 metres, I think I need to give myself a week or two to get there though!

Exercises are tough on my arms after a swim, I was thinking about breaking it up and do the strength on a night, but I’d prefer to get everything done before work, otherwise I think that it could all go wrong very quickly, so I’ll persevere for a bit and hopefully it’ll get easier.

Off to Manila later today, so
I need to find my new favourite restaurant again!

That was the last time I swam properly, In a Triathlon relay team - I did a 1.9km sea swim.

Today, I did my first cardio 🏊‍♂️ in the pool, I thought to myself I’d do about 1000M to ease myself into it, that was extremely wishful thinking! I actually did 600 metres and I only managed the last 100 metres because I was thinking to myself “you can’t just do half of what you thought you were going to do!!”, I kept repeating it in my head as I slogged it out! I even kept looking at my watch to see if I’d missed a few laps but no, I was just struggling-. I’m hoping the improvement curve is like the skipping, and that in a couple of weeks I’m up to the 1000M, we’ll see....

Suffice to say the strength training was really tough after the swim-I must use my arms much more swimming, so the DaVinci in particular was a killer today, but exercises now done for the day, and I’m working from home today so nutrition will be fine- although my dinner time carbs have disappeared this week, I have a feeling I’m not going to be finding them again for at least 68 days.....😱 have a great week everyone!

Day 21 Skipped out

Quite a bit to update today.

Uploaded my week 3 photo which doesn’t look any different to me- so I’m still looking forward to seeing some changes! Although I weighed myself today and have lost some weight, about 2kgs, so it must have gone from somewhere, a sure sign I needed this programme if I can lose 2kgs and not see where from!

So to answer the question of the week, no I can’t really see any changes yet- but something must be happening!

After some offline correspondence with Patrick and Talya I’m changing my cardio routine. I snapped my right Achilles a few years ago and the skipping is aggravating it, apparently it’s something that won’t get fixed as I do more and build the muscles, it will just get worse the more skips there are. Fortunately the Kenzai teamed reached out pretty quickly before anything to serious, I think the 800 skips today might have been the skip to far!
As an alternative I’m fortunate enough to live in a condo in Singapore so have access to a pool when I’m not travelling, so I’m going to be Swimming all the time I have pool access and then I’ll do the elliptical when I don’t, at least for the next week or so. (I haven’t swam properly for years and have never actually been on an elliptical to this will be interesting!).

Had a blip last night, went for dinner with friends and succumbed to a few wines. Food was ok apart from the portion sizes might have been out a bit, but I know that the 4 or 5 wines was way off piste. (Pardon the pun). Back to programme today and have to make sure I don’t succumb to all the chocolate!

Tentatively got through the skipping again today but If I do much more than 100 in a row I feel I’m putting to much strain on my right calf and I’m not sure whether it’s muscular or my Achilles. which I snapped about 5 years ago. That is a mega painful injury and has a long recovery time so I’m being quite careful! sticking to 100 skips a go, then taking 15/20 seconds break, which seems to work ok. It’s quite interesting how injuries I had years ago and forgot about are causing niggles now I’m doing more exercise again.

Rest of exercises were ok, but I’m glad they’re done for the week! I find the ring of fire really tough! Tomorrow I’m going to go for a 5km run instead of skipping, to see how that goes with my leg....

Nutrition not great today, meals have been Ok, but have been out and about so have only had an apple for fruit snack so far!

After niggling my calf yesterday I plastered it in muscle rub last night and this morning, and tentatively did the exercises.
I stopped after after every 100 skips for 15 seconds, that helped and I completed the 650. The rest of the exercises didn’t put any major pressure on it so that was good.

I can still feel that’s it’s not overly happy, but it isn’t any worse so that’s ok.

Food was about the best its been yesterday as I was home so measured literally everything! Learnt that my eyeballing food when I’m travelling is way to conservative when it comes to fruit, I’ve been eating much less than 200g, I think the rest have been close enough.

Have a good long Easter weekend everyone that has the extended break!

Day 18- Hawk Eyes!

I had my first “have you lost some weight?” comment yesterday, from a guy I haven’t seen for a couple of months in the Philippines.
To be honest he must have the eyes of a hawk because I can’t see any change, but I’ll still take it!

Today I’ve strained my right calf muscle a bit, I think 650 skips was a skip to far! I’ve watched the video to try to make sure I’m not putting all the pressure on the calf as I’ve had trouble with it before, but after today’s exercise I can feel I’ve pulled/strained it a bit, I’m not limping, but I can feel the muscle isn’t very happy, even with no weight on it. Hopefully it’ll be ok tomorrow, but what do I need to do to avoid pulling it? I have quite large calf muscles and they’re always pretty tight, last time I pulled it was doing some calf stretches and I stretched it to far, I had to have some dry needling and couldn’t exercise for a couple of weeks, so obviously I want to avoid that happening again!

I’m back in Singapore for the Easter weekend so nutrition will be much easier.

So I found my first healthy restaurant in Manila yesterday- total accident, I was looking for some shoes as I’d made the rookie error of not packing my business shoes🤦🏻‍♂️, and walked past this place called “Wholesome organic food”, so after a quick double take I booked a table, got some shoes, convinced my work colleague that it would be ok (he was pretty dubious!) and in we went.
It was great! I had cauliflower rice, chicken and roasted vegetables, followed by yoghurt and fruit.
Even my colleague enjoyed it, having a lot more carbs than me.

So I’ve now got a favourite restaurant in Manila, I just need to make sure I can find it next time I come! I’ve taken photos, got their number, and dropped bread crumbs along the route back to the hotel- so I should be ok.....😉

As I’ve now got a better feel for how much vegetables we should be having, I’m being more “picky” in the Hotel with food. Last night I went for the buffet, there was all sorts of food, shell fish, sushi, sashimi, steaks, everything... except vegetables! The only veg was Indian Aloo Gobi, and some Dahl, literally nothing else. So I just asked them to prepare a bowl of blanched vegetables, after a little bit of backwards and forwards amongst the staff- it arrived and was perfect!
Asking for yoghurt was trickier, at first the request was met with a polite “cannot”, until I pointed out that in a few hours they’d be serving it for breakfast, and that’s all I wanted, then “ok, can”. So now I know, just have to ask....

Also a top tip for everyone, nothing to do with Kenzai, but if you’re
thinking of a trip to the Philippines (there are some beautiful islands) DON’T go over Easter! Filipinos use the “holy week” to see family, so super busy airports, it took me 3 hours to get out of Manila airport last night, then another 1.5 hours to get to the hotel (usually takes 30/40 minutes). So yes I’d definitely recommend people visit the Philippines islands, like Boracay etc, but not over Easter! Luckily I’d done
my exercises in the morning, so stayed on plan......

Had a great weekend at home in Singapore and was very “Kenzai compliant”. I measured all the portions properly, which is so much easier to do at home- I think if we all worked from home instead of in offices or travelling all the time we’d find it much easier. Having measured pretty much everything over the weekend, I’ve now get a much better feel for portion sizes by sight, which is good as I’m off to the Philippines again this afternoon for a few days, so I’ve exercised, had a compliant breakfast, and now packing...... have a good week everyone.

So far what has been the easiest part of this program for you?

Blogging! I’m not a particularly active Facebook member and never use Instagram/Twitter etc. but I’m quite enjoying blogging and commenting on other people’s posts. Although I can’t help think that that’s not particularly going to help me lose weight, but I will have highly toned fingers!

And the hardest?
The nutrition, breakfast and eating whole foods is easy enough, but as I’m constantly travelling overseas I can’t measure the quantities, I’m just eyeballing, and in most restaurants/hotels in Philippines/Hong Kong I’m finding it quite difficult to get a decent size portion of vegetables, it tends to be lots of protein and carbs, hardly any Vegetables, even when ordering as a side portion. The funniest experience so far was I asked for a side portion of mushrooms and tomatoes for dinner, and got one slice of tomato and one mushroom- I wish I’d taken a photo now! I just said I want the same as this but about 10 times as much please!

Happy Belated Day 10

It’s been bugging me that because of flight delays etc. I missed days 10 exercises, so today I combined day 14’s cardio with the exercises I missed on day 10, I feel better (mentally) now, and I have all day to recover physically.
Heres end of week 2 photo- good expectation management from today’s lesson as the only thing that looks different to me is that we’ve got a new picture on the wall..... 😂

Day 13- Massage!

So after another delayed flight I didn’t get home until 2:30am this morning. It took a lot of will power to get up to exercise a few hours later! However I’d booked a sports massage, so that was my motivation, I figured that I couldn’t really go for a sports massage when I hadn’t actually exercised, so I got out of bed, did the exercises and justified the massage!
I really recommend massages by the way- really helps with the aches and pains, I’m not aching as much this week, but it was still a great treat! Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 12

Exercise done for the day.
Flew back into Hong Kong last night, can’t wait to fly back home to Singapore tonight- a lot of travel this week.

Had one day blip in the exercise, but finding the nutrition really tough when I’m travelling, can’t measure anything, so while I’ve stuck to the concept of having whole food, and nothing processed, I have no idea how I’m doing on quantities- apart from I’m pretty sure it’s less than I’m supposed to have!

Not a good day yesterday

So having thought I’d got over the hump of a difficult week, it all went wrong yesterday. Suffice to say delayed flights, busy airports and Manila Traffic all conspired against me! So diet wasn’t on plan- no treats or anything, but just had to grab from airports, and no exercise.
Did my exercise today though, in a different hotel with an even bigger gym, this one even had a Basketball court in it, I’m seeing a whole new side to hotels thanks to




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