Neil H.

Neil H.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 56 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 56
Program progress:

I knew I was going to go for it so I hit the gym for a skip this morning and will do 90 min bike later today.

Beef Tartare, Scotch Eggs, Lobster Bisque, Roast Beef with roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese, could of chips from the kids ans a bit of their Mac and cheese, cheesecake and a chocolate truffle to round it off.
Superb. No regrets, was all about choice.
Now to work it back off!!!!


Patience, I know.
I also know that some people will not show abs even if they get down to crazy low body fat percentages.
I have never seen and would love to be able to see my abs.
I think I am getting there but with the fractional changes each week at this stage, is it enough to get there by the end - I know its not the be all and end all but it would feel like a win.
Do I need to do more cardio or just keep on cracking. steady as she goes . . .


In Macau for the weekend. Got the workouts in and food not too far astray. Smashed some pizza and steak for my cheat meal before taking the kids to BlackPink. I had to carry my youngest the whole night so think I burned off most of the excess already.

Work it out

I am particularly proud of myself this morning. I am on a day trip to Beijing, in the 5.15 car to the airport as I blog. I have a lunch when I get there and back to back meetings till I fly home this evening. I managed to arrange with the hotel to use their gym and blocked myself time in the diary to allow it subject to flights. At the last minute another important meeting came up taking out my only window of opportunity.
There’s always a way. 4am - got up - hit the spare room with the rope, carpet down to dampen any skipping sound that might wake the kids up, first use of the Kenzai kit bands and smashed it.
No flight delay or extra meeting is going to mess my routine as it’s done already.

So my alarm goes off at 5.15, I hit the gym, work, get home, smash egg white dinners, chill a bit, sleep, repeat.
Tonight my wife somewhat understandably has the arse ache with me "you cant drink, you cant eat and you want to sleep" so I have put a smile on and will go check out a nice bar and drink water, might upgrade to sparkling. I'll get a couple of hours less sleep but best I juggle!

Wall Stands

There was a lesson a couple of weeks back about doing more of the exercises you are not good at to challenge your body and build on weaknesses. I utterly suck at wall stands. Even now I can do 1 of the 1 minute and then have to collapse at 45 seconds on round 2 and 3. Almost everything else is good, interesting that I would find this particular exercise such a challenge.

Big Old Unit

Great to be back in HK with zero margin for error, I have been nailing it - 130% in the gym, 100% on diet - still loving it and feeling good.
Recently started loading old photos to the cloud and its a solid reminder of what beautiful sweets girls I have and what an unhealthy f-r I was pre first round of PCP. It was the kids that made me want to sort it out, I used to drink aloooot and eat total garbage. Sophie is sweet though -still makes that "what?" expression.
I think I might have been able to breastfeed her.


It’s so much easier doing portion control when you are in control.
The US is hard to stay on point!! You order a slice of bread you get 4, you order a small Greek yogurt you get a bucket full, you order egg white omelette it comes with fried potatoes!!??
I couldn’t start the egg dinner as was out each night sticking to the week before diet.
Going to do a double exercise session today, morning done and evening later so I don’t miss a session by being on the plane and out of time zone.
I’ll be very interested when I get home to do photo and weigh to see if progress has stalled.
That’s me stretching it out in the Fox t shirt at the Peloton studio. Solid workout.


NY planning was the way to go. It’s so hard on diet despite planning.
Portions are ridiculous, kale salads come with massive toasted honey dipped bread croutons (you can’t not when they serve to the plate and they look so good!). Despite all that I am 100 percent on exercise, 80/85 percent on food, better would have been a miracle. Zero booze.
Two more days to go here. 5am Barry’s Bootcamp was awesome. So was the live Peloton Studio ride.


I have been on point. 130% on exercise as I have been skipping longer every day, 25 v 15. 95% on diet, the occasional extra bit of meat here and there but rock f solid.
On Sunday I fly to NYC for the week. I have planned well - booked up a live Peloton class at their studio, a Barrys Bootcamp with friends - have worked out when I will do my work outs to not miss with time zones. Have booked a hotel with a decent gym (NY can suck with hotels that have shared out of venue gym facilities). I am a bit worried about the food but have told everyone I am on strict diet ahead of time, including the NY Four Fox sales guy - no alcohol.
I have this. Will drop my Monday photo on Sunday before I go and use it to stay strong.


KB2 champions. I am arranging a KB2 compliant dinner at the amazing Grassroots Pantry on Wed 29th.
I have booked for 15 and have a solid crew already so please respond if you are up for it.
One of the issues with Kenzai is how anti social it can be so I am trying to have my cake (broccoli flourless) and eat it.
I have some friends on KB1 too and will try to ensure diet is on point, Peggy is all over it.

PB Smashed

My fitness and power levels thanks to the skipping are definitely on the up.
I have had my Peloton for over two and a half years over different levels of fitness, including gardening leave two years ago where I was using it almost every day, so to smash a personal best is pretty pleasing. Admittedly it was a hard core climb ride but still, smashed it out well.
Stronger, fitter, leaner - pushing on.

In other news I ate a shit tonne at Mother’s Day lunch, no dessert but enough steak to not need to weigh it to be sure! That may be what powered the ride!

Didn't sleep well so moved workout to lunch time today.
Smashed it pretty hard, did a little extra planking for s$ and giggles.
Stood before the mirror post workout . . it may be trapped air but I think I began to see a glimpse of ab definition . . . will report back on official photo day on Monday to see if false alarm or not, its likely a bit early.

Look Back

I took a look back at my old PCP posts from around this time in the program in reference to the selective memory lesson. Very amused and had totally forgotten that skips were counted not timed “struggled with blocks of 600”.
How far we have come.
I am in so much of a better space physically than I was back then. Complaining about a workout on a Sunday - Sunday is the easiest day to smash a long cardio session, there are no lie ins!
All this makes me very curious as to how much better the resuts can be with consistency. I am way more consistent, committed and the starting point is dramatically more advanced.
I will stay on point.

New Diet FFS

Goodbye carbs, it has been nice. The lunch carbs especially were more than I would ever ordinarily take down but I will still miss them.
Egg whites welcome back, you have been silent for a while.
Week 3 - bring it.