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Kenzai Chisel | Day 22 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 22
Program progress:

Hotels in the UK kind of suck and have either no gym or a bad one. Managed to find a Barry's Boot camp though so hit it hard 3 days 3 times.
Heading onto a flight to Las Vegas now. What could possibly go wrong.


Let off a little steam at the weekend - hit food and alcohol fairly hard off plan. Bringing it back in - I enjoyed it, all set.


I love the fitness level that Kenzai has continued to deliver. Quite clearly the skipping (as well as everything else) continues to improve my level even as the visible body fat ebs and flows with diet.
I seem to be hitting a new PB on every Peloton ride, irrespective of it being a low or High Intensity ride (though I am generally doing zone 2/3 for 60-90 mins on Sundays).
Pretty cool.

Ready to Chisel

Just finished KB2 which was great - I kept shape for about a week and was likely 2 weeks away from getting to where I wanted to so this is kind of a top up for me.
I have had 2.5 weeks vacation where I took the brakes off on diet/alcohol which I thoroughly enjoyed so now ready for some hard core misery.
I will have some level of volatility in this program as I have a couple of known events that I will need to work with but I am in control, know how to handle and reign in and out (I think).
So it begins.

Picture speaks 1000 words 

The photos say it all. I did not consider myself that out of shape when I started - I exercised regularly I just had volatility on eating.
This program was amazing the first time round for education. The second round it slaps back in the face with the reminder on how important diet is.
I have thoroughly enjoyed KB2 and went all in.
My wife is glad to have me back with a glass of wine in my hand as we sit on the restaurant deck over the beach. She’ll also be glad when I hit the pool in my Olebars tomorrow that I am fairly fking ripped.
See you soon.


Right KB2 champions - that’s me - I fly to NY in the morning so today was the day for final photo.

Very pleased with the results, thoroughly enjoyed the program. Shout out to the rest of KB2 and particularly Kat who kept the energy up throughout with a complete “take no prisoners, toughen the f up, all or nothing” attitude. We did not buckle. We went the extra mile.

I am now going to get a burger and fries and pack my swimmers.

See you for KB Chisel to keep the fire burning.

Signing out strong.

First and Last Reminder

First time I have been given a nudge for not posting. We are almost there.

I am busy booking Barry's Bootcamp and Le Berdnardin , Peloton and Per Se in New York trying to balance the essential eating with offset workouts. As mentioned you cant exercise away from eating too much but at least having as lunches should be slightly better than dinner with all the walking around town pre/post also.

Final photo coming this week. . .

Rebound Prevention

Smashing it into the final two weeks.
I fly to NY on the 19th so will end a little early, not subjecting my family to any more of this, they have been tollerant enough.
NY isnt exactly a place to avoid rebounding though and one of my first stops is Peter Luger in Brooklyn.
I will be keen to read the advice like we had in PCP on maintenance.
I will work out hard still and try to keep it sensible with food but when I see Mac n Cheese on a menu its basically impossible not to eat it, same with Cheesecake. Its hard to work out enough to keep up with that kind of food so I need to try to balance.
Will likely need Chisel on Aug 5th even if its only 2 weeks in the middle.
Try to balance, try to balance, try to balance . .waiter!!!!!

Cutting it fine

Last laps and really starting to lean down, think the extra cardio is helping.
First time in my life I am able to see discernible abs coming - it's kind of a cheat though as I am tensing as breathing out (as you can see from my - about to pass out - face) . WGAF there's still two weeks to go to cut further.
Wax on wax off.


I am not going to make any friends throwing this video up but its so good, funny to watch as well as truly being my favourite sandwich of all time.

Yardbird, so good, shame they don’t stock the worlds best sake to go with it.

Sprint finish

Inspired by some of the recent lessons, I am taking it up a notch into the last few laps.
Finally I am getting used to the new rope but will likely shop around for a slightly heavier one. I have stepped up to 6 sets of 7 mintues with 20 second water breaks in between, then move to the workout, then throw in a 15 minute sprint at the end.
I think I am staying within the boundaries of what’s possible and avoiding injury, I want to finish strong so going all out - this timer I use every day is called “Hardcore Skip” and it is.
Bring it.


I remember reading one of the earlier lessons or messages where it said something along the lines of "by day 60 we will have you back to where you were at the end of Kanzai 1 and by day 90 a whole other level".

I am delighted to confirm I am officially in the best shape of my life and there is still work to be done.

I look back at my Kenzai 1 picture and it was a phenomenal achievement for me at that time as I truly went from sick to healthy. This time has been from healthy but volatile to very healthy. It feels great.

As I have become more healthy over the years I have invested in some very sharp suits that were beautifully cut and crafted - they are going to need a reshape again so here's the question...

Do I recut the suits now, knowing if still have more to go but allowing for some slippage post program.
Do I wait till the end as clearly my pecs and bis will be significantly larger so I best not try packing them in to my current shape suit.
Quality problems...

Ropes and dreams

Goodbye old faithful. My favorite rope finally snapped so have had to take the Kenzai rope with me travelling. Definitely takes a bit of adjusting to as the rope weight is lighter while handle weight is heavier meaning the speed is also different.
Have adjusted around the length between sets so think I have it figured but it's off putting stalling what is normally a smooth routine.
Let's see how it goes.


I knew I was going to go for it so I hit the gym for a skip this morning and will do 90 min bike later today.

Beef Tartare, Scotch Eggs, Lobster Bisque, Roast Beef with roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese, couple of chips from the kids ans a bit of their Mac and cheese, cheesecake and a chocolate truffle to round it off.
Superb. No regrets, was all about choice.
Now to work it back off!!!!


Patience, I know.
I also know that some people will not show abs even if they get down to crazy low body fat percentages.
I have never seen and would love to be able to see my abs.
I think I am getting there but with the fractional changes each week at this stage, is it enough to get there by the end - I know its not the be all and end all but it would feel like a win.
Do I need to do more cardio or just keep on cracking. steady as she goes . . .

End of Week 10

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