Nicholas B.

Nicholas B.

Kenzai Body | Day 46
Kenzai Body
Day 46
Program progress:

Easy answer, I have seen the results and like the challenge. Are there things I am a bit bored of? Sure.....meal preparation, hitting the exercise daily, constantly thinking about food....the flip side is that when I get exercising I always feel better, I rarely feel hungry and actually enjoy eating more than I would usually and I generally feel better (if not constantly exhausted!). Quitting not an. Option

Not really feeling that fed up at all.....maybe with the food preparation and trying to find the time to exercise and manage daily life but seeing the changes in my body outweigh the negatives...long may this last!!!

Short answer - its become incredibly boring. I have shyed away from meeting up with friends, going for lunches during the week and found all this pretty depressing. I can see the positive physical gains already but neglecting friends is challenging. Also, with being shattered most of the time, have been going to bed as early as I can which certainly wouldn't make me a barrel of laughs even if I did go out.
The positive side (aside from looking better), w/o heavy meals and alcohol, i am definitely a little more on top of things on the weekends than I have been previously.
On a different note, for those of you with kids, how hard is it not to sample/snack on their meals if they eat at different times than you? I had never really considered that i did take a bite here and there.....also kids parties, how hard not to eat the food that is laid out....


Today's lesson on the side-effects was an interesting one and helped me answer the changes in body and mind.
Mentally, i have definitely had more of a temper, been more tired and generally more stressed. Mixed with work travel has been a bit of a roller coaster.
Physically, i have noticed I look a little more toned which has been a positive and looking forward to seeing more results. I had a couple of "off" days whilst travelling last week in terms of diet but managed the exercise and felt better about it.
Generally feeling good but with a temper at times and stiff muscles...and a requirement to sleep more.

600 skips

Not going to lie, 600 skips in one go on the rest day day was a little tough. Definitely going to be a challenge as the skipping builds up!

So far...easy and hard

Easiest - used to working out a few times a week so guess this has been the ‘easiest’ although definitely feeling a little sore.

Hardest - this list is a little longer. Food in general has been the biggest struggle. Starting with sheer quantity, to having to think about food and preparation, to remembering to eat snacks which I’m not hungry for.

Part of my job is taking clients out and entertaining. I can mostly stay off alcohol but eating is a real challenge. Last night for example, we were given a tasting menu. Next week I am on a trip for four nights, I will prioritize my exercise but I have breakfasts, lunches and dinners booked each day. Then I am away again the first week of September. Feeling a bit stressed by this. Anyone else have similar issues and any suggestions?

Who am I???

Just saw the email thing....I’m nick, live in Hong Kong and work in finance.
My best quality....a very difficult question and definitely not because I have so many good qualities ;)....Giving more time to others than I give myself.
Heard about kenzai from friends who have been here, done it, got the tshirt and look and feel better as a result!!

Feel positive

Eating less, not drinking alcohol, exercising every day and generally thinking a bit more about myself makes quite a change and feeling positive and ready for the coming weeks. Food prep done for tomorrow and looking forward to the challenge.
I have been pretty tired the last few days but sleeping better than usual which has been great.
Interested to see how the diet part works out over the next week as I would say it’s more than I would usually eat....time will tell.

So far, so good

Taking the initial pictures gave me the realization there is plenty of work to do!! Feel like I am off to a good start but a long way to go 😊