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I appreciate that the program is trying to take off our training wheels (AMAYW + failure), but I just think I do better with structure! I don't trust myself to push to failure or be good during AMAYW. I'm worried its impeding my progress.

I noticed that Kenzai membership provides nutrition and fitness plans - I wonder if those are structured or not or if there are options

Diet and exercise has been on point Being in the last week of this thing feels surreal. Surreal.

I missed a strength workout the other day - was bummed about it because it broke my consecutive streak. But sleep was just too important.

I think I'm getting worse at jump rope and it's really frustrating. I find myself tripping much more often than before - sometimes it's after just 20 skips. I usually end up doing another 50-100 jumps at the very end of the sets because I know I haven't done as many jumps as I should have during the actual sets.

I don't know if it's fatigue, or just a lack of concentration, or just that I need a better rope. What I do know is that it's pretty discouraging! I feel like I should be better at this point in the program, not worse. Despite what the trainers say about how timed jump rope is supposed to be more freeing, I miss the numbered jumps - at least I knew what I needed to do and how much progress I had made. With time I just find myself constantly looking towards the timer to see if I'm almost done.

On the bright side, I kept to Kenzai pretty well over a 10 day international trip where I wasn't in one place for more than a couple of days.

timed jumpropes

are hard! it usually took me about double the time to get through my jumps.

taking a yoga mat outside with me and jumping on that seems to help with the pain, but my feet still hurt while jumping! (not so bad after).

Happy Monday, team.

Going into Week 3

800 jumps today! Wasn't so bad, although I still wish I could do more without stopping. The lesson today was 100% on point; I do feel kind of silly when starting the new exercises, and it takes some time to learn.

Does anyone have any tips on food prep? I have been good with the diet so far, but am afraid its starting to take too much time to prep the food and that might lead to missteps later on. I try to prep the next day's lunch and snacks the night before, but that means I am still prepping every night.

Have a quick weekend trip coming up where I'll see friends and be staying in a tiny hotel room so that will be my first real travel challenge to the program. I'm trying to prepare as much as possible!




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