Nicola B.

Nicola B.


Those 90 days have gone by in a flash. I have enjoyed the programme overall, although had a few slip ups on the way. I have lost the weight I wanted and definitely feel my body shape has changed. Some of my clothes are fitting better. I'm looking forward to a great summer ahead and plan to keep that fitness up.
Thank you to everyone for your wonderful blogs and support along the way. Massive thanks goes out to my husband Neil, he did keep me going through it and although I never admitted it at the time but your blogging did make me chuckle. xx

I've had a crazy couple of weeks. Sticking with Kenzai has been trying at times but I weighed myself this morning and have reached my target weight that I set myself at the beginning of Kenzai. Very pleased. Although I've been rushing around like a lunatic I feel like I have much more energy so that's all good.

Off to Bali with my daughter tomorrow for a girls weekend so thinking there may be a few slip ups , although she's a very clean/healthy eater so she'll probably help make me stay on track. Those sundowners will be tempting though...

After kenzai I'm planning on carrying on with my clean eating. I'm enjoying all the vegetables and fresh fruit. My skin is looking much better too which I'm liking.
Exercise wise...I'm not planning on skipping!! but I will continue with my regular classes. I prefer to work out in groups as I'm much more motivated. Must be my competitive streak.
I'll probably be having to support Neil in his new career as a blogger too ;)


Week has flown by! It was a public holiday here last Wednesday so did a hills and stairs running class! Toughest workout ever I think but felt great after. Had to give the Kenzai exercises a miss that day as was exhausted. The picture was the view at the end where we stretched after. Beautiful spot.
Hardest part of Kenzai for me has definitely been sticking to the diet. I find it a very boring diet and a bit monotonous. Easiest the exercises although finding the time a challenge some days.

My lifestyle...

I think my response to this question is similar to others that have been posted. I'm certainly not bring as sociable as I was. This time of year in Singapore is very difficult as many people leave for good onto a new adventure in life, so there are many social invitations to lunches and dinners to bid farewell. I am going to these but being one of the first to leave the party (which is unlike me) Conscious that I don't want to drink (too much) or be too late to bed.
Neil and I aren't inviting friends over for dinner or popping out for meals as much as we used to. We are choosing to stay at home and cook when he's back as its just easier on the diet plan than thinking where to go thats Kenzai compliant.
Exercise wise, I've always been fairly good there so not finding that too challenging, apart from Sundays, which was always my day of rest.

Energy levels....

Exercise wise the week has been good and my energy levels are the same as normal. As always though unless I exercise first thing in the morning I just can't find the will power to do it in the evening.
Diet has been mixed. Healthy, yes but always to plan, no.
The constant egg whites to be honest I'm struggling with...
So not the greatest week sadly.

Hardest day....

Fridays for me. Always my longest day at work so find it hard to find the time to workout. Also I get that TGIF feeling and crave a glass of wine or 2!
Had my indulgence on Friday with a long lunch to celebrate a friends 50th Birthday. Food was great and very healthy but had a few glasses of bubbles (maybe a few too many!) I was certainly regretting it the next morning 😂😩
Its been a good weekend though and managed to get couple of runs in too. Feeling positive for the week ahead.

why not quitting...

I’ve had the same weekend as many of us by the sounds of it. I fell down on my diet a bit. Not bad and not unhealthy but not completely to the plan. I had evening meals Saturday and Sunday night. Protein and vegetables only and not huge portions but I kind of used Neil being away as an excuse to cheat a bit. I’m so good when he’s here because he’s so focused but I’m obviously not as strong willed.
Back on it today though. He’s away again tomorrow for a while so going to have to be
more focused and stay on track!! C’mon team!!

What am I fed up with?

1. Skipping! Find it a bit boring
2. Not having a "proper' evening meal. Missing my comfort carbs at night BUT body is thanking me for it.
3. Not having a lie ins. I like to do my exercises first thing (otherwise I know I will bale). With it being so hot here too, so much easier to exercise first thing. With working out 7 days I'm not getting my Sunday morning lie in. Ill have to start having a Sunday afternoon nap instead!


Just thought I would post a couple of pictures of where I work out in the mornings. It's been a good week so far exercise wise and today whilst working out this morning in the Botanical Gardens I realised how lucky I was to be able to do this in such beautiful surroundings!
Sorry if this sounds a bit mushy but some days you are just very grateful for what you have.

End of week 4

It's been a good week. I managed some additional classes (found having a banana before my early morning workouts beneficial, I don't get light headed)
Had an extremely stressful and busy Saturday at work so succumbed to 2 slices of pizza that someone had bought in! Unfortunately that was all I ate until I got home in the evening. I should have prepared my food to take, lesson learnt. But apart from that diet has been good. Down 2kg from the start of the program so happy with that.
This week is going to be a real challenge for me diet wise as I look forward to my evening meals and its our one bit of family time.

End of week 3

Last week was a good week exercise wise. Manage to do a couple of bootcamps and a interval run session with my club on top of the Kenzai exercises. Starting to feel stronger in my arms.
Diet wise I am going to confess that I had a glitch on Easter Sunday. I went to a friends for a BBQ. All was going well until she bought out a chocolate Easter cake her daughter had made. She was so proud of it I couldn't not have a piece! It was a glitch and back on it today, but getting through Easter without any chocolate was never going to be an easy task!

Yesterdays bad day...

Wasn't feeling great yesterday, upset stomach, so didn't eat all day. Felt rubbish going to bed but woke up energised. Did my exercises ok, although I find the leg circles a killer :))
Diet gone better today and have eaten per plan. Hoping to be back on track now.

What have I found the easiest part.

For me the exercise. I enjoy exercise and I'm an early bird so I can normally find time before my day starts.


Blogging!! I'll say no more :))
Eating the larger portions in the morning and lunch and less at night. I don't normally eat much in the day but have a large plateful at night so finding the breakfasts with all that veg hard going especially when its early. Ive tried not to carry my potions over to later in the day though as I know I need to eat less at night.

What I have enjoyed most about my diet is having fruit again and lots of it. With other diets I have followed they usually don't allow fruits as its "sugar and sugar is bad!!" I'm loving having a fridge full of pineapple, melon and oranges again instead of my usual berries. Its also really great being able to have it in the evening as a snack. That really takes away the urge for a cookie at night!


It's my daughters 16th Birthday today. Going to be tough saying no to that cake later!
Can't crash and burn on the first diet day though :))
Plenty of fruit in the fridge!




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