Nicola B.

Nicola B.

Kenzai Body | Day 24
Kenzai Body
Day 24
Program progress:
End of week 3

Last week was a good week exercise wise. Manage to do a couple of bootcamps and a interval run session with my club on top of the Kenzai exercises. Starting to feel stronger in my arms.
Diet wise I am going to confess that I had a glitch on Easter Sunday. I went to a friends for a BBQ. All was going well until she bought out a chocolate Easter cake her daughter had made. She was so proud of it I couldn't not have a piece! It was a glitch and back on it today, but getting through Easter without any chocolate was never going to be an easy task!

Wasn't feeling great yesterday, upset stomach, so didn't eat all day. Felt rubbish going to bed but woke up energised. Did my exercises ok, although I find the leg circles a killer :))
Diet gone better today and have eaten per plan. Hoping to be back on track now.

What have I found the easiest part.

For me the exercise. I enjoy exercise and I'm an early bird so I can normally find time before my day starts.


Blogging!! I'll say no more :))
Eating the larger portions in the morning and lunch and less at night. I don't normally eat much in the day but have a large plateful at night so finding the breakfasts with all that veg hard going especially when its early. Ive tried not to carry my potions over to later in the day though as I know I need to eat less at night.

What I have enjoyed most about my diet is having fruit again and lots of it. With other diets I have followed they usually don't allow fruits as its "sugar and sugar is bad!!" I'm loving having a fridge full of pineapple, melon and oranges again instead of my usual berries. Its also really great being able to have it in the evening as a snack. That really takes away the urge for a cookie at night!


It's my daughters 16th Birthday today. Going to be tough saying no to that cake later!
Can't crash and burn on the first diet day though :))
Plenty of fruit in the fridge!

1, What inspired me to sign up to Kenzai body?

Two main reasons, firstly to support Neil my husband. I think if we are both on similar diet plans and exercise programs I'll be a more supportive wife when he's moaning about being hungry or his body aches :)
Secondly, for myself. I have plateaued at the same weight now for a few years but not happy. I would like to get down to my target weight. I feel to achieve this I have to look at doing something different. Very stuck in my ways and so I need a different approach.

2, Greatest strengths.
I belong to a fitness group already where I do bootcamps and run clubs so I'm used to the routine of working out every day and already have a certain level of fitness. I need to target strength more though and tone.
Although looking at next weeks exercises, I think it might get quite tough doing my boot camps and Kenzai!

3, Weakness.
I do tend to reward myself after I've exercised (afternoon cake/cookies etc) thus undoing the hard work I've done. I need to stop rewarding myself :)

Day 3

Exercises felt good this morning. Definitely getting into a rhythm with the skipping. My upper body is very weak so I know I’ll struggle with push ups going forward.

Looking forward to staring this program! Day 1 exercises -tick.