Nicolas P.

Nicolas P.

the end ....

This 90 days journey has come to an end .... it actually went pretty fast. The best ally for me has been the app without which I would not have managed to stick to the daily routine.
I have managed to do every single workout without any exception.
As for the diet I adhered to it as much as I could but perhaps not as much as I should have !
I lost about 6/7 kg , less than I thought I would. But as mentioned in some of the lessons, this perhaps matters less than the positive changes I have noticed and felt on my body.
I intend to continue with the daily routine. Objective is to be feeling in good shape by summer to enjoy a greater level of fitness and stamina.
Thanks Kenzai for the experience and likely see you again in 2019 for KB2!

Evening of day 89....
Having wine and cheese .... why not .... but had the best training ever this am: 575 calories in 54 minutes , a record for me !

Not sure what to think : whether happy to be finished with the 90 days cycle or concerned about the absence of routine in the near future ....

last week

Still going through workouts in morning and starting to wonder how I will continue after day 90 without the support of the app?!? Having the app has been absolutely essential to me and the main reason I have managed so far without missing a single workout.
Any tip?

Also, tried clicking on teammates photos but that does not work to see their progresses. Think perhaps a problem with my app? Do you have a support service that could help?

peers progress

Guys , how can I see my group/ peers progress ???? I don’t seem to see their photos: how can I access them ?

traveling week

This is a traveling week. Spain at first and now Ireland until Saturday. Can’t keep the diet right but somewhat compensated by adding a 6k run today.
Still keeping on with everyday training , albeit not doing every exercise (can’t do pull ups) but replacing by another one.

Not sure what happens ones KB1 finishes ......

quiet week

After a rather busy week flying around Europe, this week will be quieter. Looking forward to a little more normality and routine.
Read this am the lesson on failure. Had never thought about failure in this way but prepared to give it a go!
Not seeing much results on my body just now but still have not missed a single day of exercise and planning to get through all 90 days!

short stay in London

Took my gym gear with me and skipped in a car park outside my friend ‘s flat today.
Still can’t manage 2 minutes , let alone 3!! So doing series of 200 jumps and managed 10 series this am.
Need to stay on track with food ....

tough day today

Been a hard one this am. Skipping challenging and somewhat a bit tired. Then I red the advice of the day which was bang on!

Over to London from Sat to Wed so will have to minimize the impact if not being able to respect diet at dinner time (breakfast and lunch will be ok). Any tips of acceptable dinner menus for 4 Sat-Tuesday knowing it will not be possible to respect normal diet?


I found some exercises tougher than usual and can’t do pull ups still

Did the rest and managed to stay in track. Ran 6k today and feet and legs are hurting .... but glad I managed!

Skipping still not my thing: I can not stop counting and when I count I get to 200 and need to stop for about 45sec. Any tip to improve this ??

1600 jumps?!?

Waou, where will this end ??? Managed to do the 1600 in 20minutes. I still need to stop every 200 jumps so what is coming up this week will be a challenge!!
Went running yesterday and today, 6k each run so trying to get in shape for Easter where o will be on holidays in a place where I have a 10k run that I’d like to do daily or at least every 2 days.
This coming week will be a bit of a challenge with travels and customer diner , but will try my best!

This week my calendar is pretty good: I plan to go home everyday for lunch and I have zero evening commitment so should be a pretty good week to respect KB diet and training schedules! Have not gone on the scale for a week so will see what the results are next Monday after 2 weeks without looking at weight loss!

This week has been easier : no late entertaining to do and less temptation although it is « Gin craze » here in Portugal like in many places around the world and it seems you can not meet people without them saying « would you like to have a gin cocktail »!!! This is not helped by the fact o work for the Spirits industry!!!

Anyhow, got the workout done, still not a drop of alcohol since Jan 7th and very little deviation from diet so feeling strong as we enter month 2!!!

Just completed today’s workout and this means managed to do all workouts despite hosting over 150 people and getting to bed at 1.30am Wed night and 2.30am Thursday night!
And quite happy that I managed not to have a single drop of alcohol during this entire time.

Can’t go like this for the rest of my life , but ok with it for the moment . Off to a pub to see France play Wales at rugby for the 6 nations opening game but will have food at home before going so I avoid the food challenge and only have to deal with not drinking !!!

Hope everyone had a good week, will catch up with posts over the week end !

Monday am workout

Not sure if this is not somehow the best workout day for me! Might sound strange but perhaps because Sunday is only about skipping and also because for us Sunday is a relaxing day and we go to bed early , but Monday am workout seems ok to me.
Did this am section. Note to self : Need to go buy a pull up bar this week!
Have a good week everyone !

back on the blog

This week I did not take time to share anything or read your posts , sorry! But I did complete every exercise without exception and managed to stick to the diet despite a late business night Thursday which finished at 1am and a dinner at home last night where guests stayed until midnight. Have not had a single drink either since Jan 7th which is double challenging given I work for the drinks industry !!!!
Tonight is a friend’s 50th so will be another challenging night.
And it that was not enough , next week we host a group of 180 people from around Europe, Latam and Africa who chose Lisbon for their conference ! This means out for lunch, dinner and after diner drinks (soft ones for me!) Wed/Thur/Friday !!! This I must say I am a little concerned especially as when fatigue kicks in my personal way to cope is to eat more !!!!

Anyhow , determined not to miss any morning exercise despite the challenges ahead .... we’ll see!


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