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Nicolas P.

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Finished with a good cardio with a 5 miles run and 5 miles walk
Last 2 weeks of program have been all over the place in terms of Diet but happy to have participated

Was away since Wednesday and completely indulged on food and drinks ! Did keep the exercise up with an average of 10 miles a day walking but can feel the impact of the indulgence !
And away again this week so will need to find motivation not to do the same again!

Treated myself to a pair of Nike ZoomX vaporfly next %. Expensive but amazing when it comes to compensation and shock absorbing! Exactly what I need for the week end runs with my bad knee.
Tried them on during a run yesterday and it gives the impression to be running on a cushion! Great great shoes!
Other than that been keeping up with exercise 100% and with diet so so because if a couple of dinner with wine and cocktails.
Feeling great however!

missed a day

I missed a day of training this week and was not very good with diet especially drinks!
Back on track this morning and will be strict with both diet and exercise this week.
Have a Good week everyone

Today is bank holiday in Portugal so decided to push myself a bit : ran 4 miles this morning , then did 45mns Elliptical, then the Kenzai exercises of the day and this evening went for a 5 miles walk on sea front!
Wanted to get to 2000 calories burnt in a day and just reached that! This is also a good training ahead of Thanksgiving break in the hills of Scotland where I expect we will walk 10 to 15 miles per day !

Ok, perhaps not perfect but not far from it in terms of disciplined eating and sticking to exercises

Like everyone else, reached 1/2 point this week , hope to continue with same motivation (and free from injury of getting sick) for the remaining 1/2

Problematic left knee (following ligament and meniscus injury some 6 years ago) is starting to give me some hard time but I will fight back!

Thanks for your comments on my previous post. I have not figured out how to respond to someone’s comment so apologies for not reacting , this is not me’ ignoring you , just don’t know how to do it!

Still on track with both exercise and diet with only 1 exception to diet on my birthday night this week as friends turned up and o allowed myself some (very nice) treats !!!!

Other than this, all good!!

Last few days have been good, except I had to get up at 5am on Saturday to get exercise done before my flight that day.
Still, managed to get out of bed and get workout done
Sticking to diet and to no alcohol (which is an even bigger challenge for me since I work for a wine and spirits company!). So far so good !

more of the same

Another week gone by since my last post and despite a 3 days international trip I managed to stick to both training and diet
Still feeling good and motivated .... so far so good !

good week

Last week has been good and this week is ok so far: stuck to both diet and training. I know that it gets harder to stay committing as days go past and private &/or work events come in the way of the diet so taking it 1 day at a time and staying in course!

So far si good. Went for that 6k run on Sunday and have been sticking to exercise since.
Pretty strong on diet too but I know that the first 10 days are by no means the hardest ones so trying to establish good habits for the weeks to come.
So far , so good!

Thank you all for your encouraging comments.
First few days have been good (but they always are!). Have already started what I believe is a healthy diet and done the exercises although no jump rope for me because of a bad knee but elliptical Bowflex cardio instead .
So far so good and planning a 6km run tomorrow morning on the promenade alongside the beach in beautiful Cascais, Portugal

first day back!

Feels like being back at school! Here I am , back on KB2 for the second time having finished the previous round in July. Last experience was largely negatively affected by having to host far too many large groups of friends at home during the program and basically sticking to the diet probably less than 50% of the time!
I now know why you guys say 80% is the diet!
So here I am back, determined to stick to the diet and to the exercise !

the end

This has been a much more bumpy journey than KB1
Main issue : too many visitors staying for too long and really creating a challenge to the routine one needs to establish when doing KB

Plan is to do KB2 again starting September and stick to both exercise and diet

See you then


hosting is a challenge

We have had 10 guests in the house for the past 10 days : 4 adults and 6 kids so this means 14 of us leaving on top of one another .
My learning from this is it does not matter how hard you try , it is impossible for me at least to stay on diet without the normal routine and impossible with guests in the house
As a result I have missed a couple of trainings more and definitely not sticking to diet
Now all these people are leaving this week but then starts the travels again .....




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