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Nicolas P.

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still here!

Ok so I did not post for a while and received a little reminder.
Not much of a social media guy and posting is not my thing , despite what I have read in the lessons about the importance of it.
I am still trying to stick to the routine of exercise (have missed 5 days since the beginning so no great).
As for diet , with all the pre-summer events happening right now , I confess i have not been good with the diet or the not drinking part! And of course I can feel it and even see it!
Trying to stay on course as much as I can ..... albeit with a few challenges !

feeling quite good

Exercises are going relatively well. Not proud to say I have missed 2 days since we started (never missed a single day exercise in KB1) but trying to be as strict as possible with doing exercises daily.
Knee much better since using elliptical so planning to stay this way until the end of the program.
Trying to follow diet as best I can despite business lunches and dinners which are happening 3 to 4 times / week just now and until end July.

Still keeping up with daily exercise despite problematic knee. Last run a week ago has not helped, despite 3 weeks now having replaced skipping by elliptical.
so this weekend decided to test the knees and did a 25km walk in 4 hours. Some pains (everywhere!) but guess it is normal for someone not used to walking this kind of distance. Will see how the knees are today.
Decided not to do the exercise this am to give my knees another 12 hours of rest and will be doing exercise tonight instead (normally I ALWAYS do exercise first thing in the morning).
Will see .....

still going strong

This week has been a good week: no guests staying with us so no bad food choices ! Stuck to the diet all week and did all the exercises (although somehow went from day 39 exercise to day 41 so did day 40 today!)
Going through exercises ok and been doing 45mins elliptical every day since last saturday! A bit tough first thing in the morning but effective judging by the amount of sweat this is generating !!!!
In a nutshell : back on track!

back in the game

I am finally back in the game! No more visitors and no business trip for another 3 weeks!
Still not back on jump rope but using elliptical machine instead. Did 45 minutes today before continuing with exercises.
Lunch now , using scale !!!!
Good to be back, super motivated to make up for lost diet time.

Still on this terrible phase : diner and drinks every night !
I do keep up with exercise religiously but clearly can see why we say this is 80% about Diet and only 20% about exercise !
Gaining weight instead of getting lean!

One good news : guests are leaving on Friday and then no more guests until the end of the program so planning to get back into strict diet!

Looking forward to it as currently feeling guilty!

still going

Have not written in a week but have been keeping up with the exercise , although still doing elliptical instead of skipping because of knee problem (MRI on 28th)
Have not been good with food and drink, no excuse. Another few visitors arriving at home this Friday for a week won’t help but I know it is up to me to say “no” and stay strong.

Staying on course

Hi everyone, things have been a little hectic lately with some friends visiting from Madrid and who stayed at our house with their 4 kids for almost a week, then a 3 days / 2 nights trip to Paris and now ..... a sore knee as a 6 yo knee and ligament injury seems to be re-surfacing!
The lesson about staying clear from injuries started to make full sense .....

I have indulged a bit (??) on food and drinks but back on track now. Couldn’t do skipping today for some reason and with the knee problem decided to do elliptical instead (have one at home which helps), so In summary on track with exercise but have not been very disciplined with food and drinks. And then I read the 500 lesson..... so this is it , strict follow up of diet from today onwards as I am here for the results!

Take care everyone

Got some nice comments on my last post but not sure how to answer to the people who write / comment/ ask questions. Can someone help please (note in case this is relevant: I am writing posts using iPhone).
Day 10 and still enjoying the pace.... whilst it lasts!
First bump in the road right ahead: have some friends (a couple and their 4 kids) arriving at home today for 5 days. They live in Madrid in Spain and are coming by car bringing all sorts of beautiful Spanish food including ham, etc....
Sticking to diet will be VERY challenging .......

I am well aware that the current pace won’t last long so enjoying going with the flow!
For the 3rd time in my life had a surf lesson yesterday . Needless to say my 17yo boy did much better than me but 1h30 in the water trying desperately to get up on a board that does not want you up its back was fun.... and exhausting!
Probably will park the surf for later as I experienced as a result of that how am kB training can be challenging if you over do it the day before

Lesson learnt ! Go nice and easy, follow the pace and brace for impact ie when KB2 workout reaches cruising altitude !

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of this journey.

KB2 day 1!

Here I am again after a two weeks break following KB1 I realized I still very much needed the support and was not ready to go by myself alone! Planning to make the next 90 days count !

the end ....

This 90 days journey has come to an end .... it actually went pretty fast. The best ally for me has been the app without which I would not have managed to stick to the daily routine.
I have managed to do every single workout without any exception.
As for the diet I adhered to it as much as I could but perhaps not as much as I should have !
I lost about 6/7 kg , less than I thought I would. But as mentioned in some of the lessons, this perhaps matters less than the positive changes I have noticed and felt on my body.
I intend to continue with the daily routine. Objective is to be feeling in good shape by summer to enjoy a greater level of fitness and stamina.
Thanks Kenzai for the experience and likely see you again in 2019 for KB2!

so here we are ....

Evening of day 89....
Having wine and cheese .... why not .... but had the best training ever this am: 575 calories in 54 minutes , a record for me !

Not sure what to think : whether happy to be finished with the 90 days cycle or concerned about the absence of routine in the near future ....

last week

Still going through workouts in morning and starting to wonder how I will continue after day 90 without the support of the app?!? Having the app has been absolutely essential to me and the main reason I have managed so far without missing a single workout.
Any tip?

Also, tried clicking on teammates photos but that does not work to see their progresses. Think perhaps a problem with my app? Do you have a support service that could help?

peers progress

Guys , how can I see my group/ peers progress ???? I don’t seem to see their photos: how can I access them ?




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