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Nicolas P.

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Just finished work out 12. Did it faster than before, just under 30minutes so I know can make this time if needed , although my intention is not to try and break records , it helps to know that 30 min would be ok .
Food is fine, not great but fine. The after diner fruit snack is a blessing .... but I guess this will have to stop sooner or later ....

Managed 2x80 jumps straight this am (and plenty of fails on the other 3 sets but so what?).
Pretty excited about this as I really did struggle with that jump rope last week!
Food is ok for me so far ... feeling a bit like a rabbit at times but ok really. The hardest part with food is actually the cards at breakfast, too much for my liking! Rest is fine .... so far ... and just read this morning’s food tip about cravings likely to come soon so let’s see when that happens !

day 9 done

Tough again today but managed to do it.

Waou, this morning’s exercise was not a walk in the park for me!
Certainly felt the pain!
Will also have to plan for more time as today was well over 30mîn which was not the case previously. Survived it however so feeling good about it .

Done with the 400 jump rope! Actually not as hard as I had anticipated (does not mean it was easy either !!).
Decided to try today the breakfast diet supposed to start tomorrow as I don’t want to get up Monday on a rush figuring out what to eat. Will still Normal lunch under the « leave a 1/4 » rule.
So far so good as they say!

Although it was harder to get out of bed today at 6am, I managed to pull myself out of it and Ju st completed the exercise set which includes a 5th set of jump rope , just in case 4 was not enough and we all craved a 5th one !!!!
Went ok tough and ready to get on with the rest of my day .

workout 4 done

Just finished day 4 workout. Jump rope was way easier today, almost 4 straight sets !
Rest felt ok so feeling pretty positive just now.

3rd day workout done.

This morning again jump rope was a challenge. However thanks Ed C. for your comments : now that I understand jump rope will continue to be a challenge for a month I will manage my frustration with it!
I guess this am was slightly easier perhaps than the previous days. Push ups are tough though!

2nd day workout done!

Got up this morning 6am to do work out and found jump rope even harder! Not so much from physical stand point (although it was not easy!) but more from the handling of the rope!
I guess I will become better at it with time.
6 am will be my exercise time : although I don’t like to get out of bed more than anybody else, this is the time that fits my schedule and will ensure I get the daily routine of exercises done.

Off to breakfast now , or should I say 3/4 of a breakfast!

1st day ...

Hi everyone

Happy first day has come .... and is over !

I have been wanting to do something about getting healthier and fitter for some time now and finally believe I have found the right plan thanks to a friend who did KB some years ago

Went through this morning’s training ok, although jump rope was actually harder than I thought

Ready for tomorrow ... I think!




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