Nicole T.

Nicole T.

Lessons Learned 

As hard as it was I will miss it.
Whoever says they don't have time to work just doesn't make it a priority. I don't have time. I work full time, have two boys and am in the middle of my masters degree but I managed to do 90 days of workouts more or less. I really enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot. Some of it I knew from before but needed a reminder. I couldn't do all the exercises even by the end but there was definite progress over time. I lost 7 kg and feel so much better.
I must have lost my mind as I was looking at the Kenzai Run program earlier today. Perhaps:)
Thanks Scott, Lindsey and the team for your support.

Still on track and really wanting to finish strong. Yesterday I attended two weddings and a birthday party. It was an insane day. I did the workout, maintained the diet pretty much and only had one glass of wine. It was hard but I am determined.
I'm loving the fact that when I do have a taste of something I haven't had in ages like cheese, ice cream or rice crackers my kids are eating everything seems uber salty or grossly sweet. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and Krispy Kreme doesn't even call my name anymore. This will be super helpful to keep thinking about as we finish up and head into the Xmas season.
I hope everyone is doing well and proud of their accomplishments so far.
I'll post my photo in the morning.

I am starting to panic about the end of the program and hope to receive some info soon on how to not let all my hard work go to waste. Especially heading into Xmas season. I have had an unbelievable amount of self-control for the last 70 odd days so should be fine but still have to admit I am a bit worried.
Also, although I feel much better I still wake up with a flat tummy and go to bed feeling four months pregnant most days. I take probiotics and digestive enzymes etc. I'm frustrated a bit with that too. It's nothing new but thought it would go away with this diet. Sorry for sounding so negative. I'm really not.


So I got a tattoo on Saturday and I needed to be distracted it hurt so much. My husband who was with me for support went to 7-11 and got a baby Ben and Jerry's ice cream. He fed me bites of ice cream as I got inked:) Just a funny story about caving under pressure.
On the flip side I haven't worn a bathing suit without shorts in about a year and now I let it all hang out. Same with my bikini top. Although I am not finished and have a flabby belly still I must have a much more positive self image.


A couple of times during the program there has been no way to fit it all in. Which is more beneficial if I had to pick and choose? The cardio or the actual workout.

Back on track

I'm back in Singapore and back on track. I did most of the work outs while in Thailand and ate fairly well considering. No sugar and lots of fresh fruit and veg. Have a few drinks (Mojitos with no sugar:) to be honest but resisted a ton more temptation along the way. I feel even more motivated now to finish strong. Back to egg whites, and apples and committed to the end.


Hi all. Writing from koh lipe in Thailand. Hard times trying to abide by the diet. Still doing the work outs and eating the best I can.


I sure didn't waste any time using it. I played nine holes of golf on the equator in the middle of the afternoon today and have never been so hot and exhausted. Needless to beer was the best thing ever!!! I hope you all enjoy your indulgence too.

Beginning week 7

How did six weeks go by so fast? I suppose it is a good thing that they didn't drag. The workouts are definitely way harder now and I think I am putting more into them after reading the lesson on focus. My muscles feel tired all the time and stairs are typically not fun. I've switched lunch and dinner around a couple times this week so I could be social. All in all, the same grams and diet. I feel good and so much stronger. Now for my spare tire:)

Early skipping

I tired to do the skipping this morning but it was an epic fail. Perhaps it was because I skipped at 10:30 in the evening, did the workout and then got up to skip at 6:15am. Not enough time in between! My legs just wouldn't work. I'll try it another day for sure.
Someone asked me today if I have lost weight. I know it isn't about that but it still made my day.
Cheers everyone.

Reminder to blog

Just got a reminder that I haven't blogged in a week. The week flew by. All good with me. I think I am being so disciplined with the workouts is because if I wasn't working out in the evening I would be working. It is a great way to procrastinate and I feel better for it. The food part is going great, even the weird dinners in this phase. Struggling to eat the veg in the evening though. Not hungry at all.

Woop woop

I managed to do the push ups tonight. 4 sets of 8! I did them on my knees and the last few probably didn't really count but oh well. Remember week 1 when I couldn't even do two. Feeling stronger and my upper body is looking better. Looking forward to losing my spare tire:) Thanks for the well wishes. Definitely feeling better.


I've been down with the flu for two days. Off work and pretty much slept all day. Not eating much either. Hopefully on the mend and back on the bandwagon. Very frustrated though.

When I do the forward shoulder raises my lower back kills me. I do have a bit of a history so stopped of course. Any advice?

Hi all,

I have been happy so far with the way it is going. I know that right now motivation is high and it will become harder. I am really thankful for my husband for helping with my food prep. Not sure where I would find the time for this.
I am finding that I need to keep focused on pushing myself during the workouts bc with the resistance bands it is only as hard as you make it.
I am already dreading some social events I have planned in the upcoming weeks as it will be hard to comply.
My family is also head to the beach in Thailand for a week in October so I need to brace myself for not drinking the cheap beer and eating too much of the great food. This kind of stuff is always easier at home. One day at a time though. No sense in worrying about what is yet to come.

Confessions of a weakling. I can not do the arm dips. At all! That has been my biggest struggle. I continue to get better at push ups thank goodness.


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