Nidhi S.

Nidhi S.

Kenzai Body | Day 14
Kenzai Body
Day 14
Program progress:

Hey friends,

How's it going for everyone?

For me, I was pondering over "What surprised me at End of Week 1" and I could not find a definite answer. Because nothing came as a shock. I was fine with most of my exercises and dietary rules. As I had been on my own self-defined fitness programme for the last few months.

Two little surprises - In week 2, I was finding it easier to do push ups (with knees) and abs, than I did in week 2. Conclusion - body adapts quickly. Second, I was not craving some of the food things I thought I would and craving something else instead. :D


Week 2

The exercises in the second week hit me hard. I am struggling to do 5 sets, 80 reps of jump rope. There were some exercises I was finding difficult too. Jess - will email you separately about those.

Skip Rope - Still not able to pull 5 sets of 80 reps in one go. So doing 40 reps in one go, taking a few seconds break and then another 40 to finish one set. Hoping to build on this one.

Diet - Has been fine mostly. But like Nik said, I am struggling to finish the large portions.

Still a few days left in week 2. Excited to see how I progress.


Hello Kenzai Team,

As someone who follows vegetarian diet - paneer has been a big part of my diet for protein source.

I have two questions:

Q1. Is Paneer allowed in the Kenzai diet? If not - what is the rationale behind it?

Q2. If I can eat Paneer, can you please advice what will be the Base Protein Multiplier for that food group?

Thanks a lot.


Hi my fellow fitness friends!

Nidhi here.

Wow - we made it to end of first week and to a pretty good start!

1. Tell us about your life...
Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time?

I live in Hong Kong with my husband and two cheeky monkeys (5 year old girl and 2 year old boy) :).

In my day job, I work as an executive coach and keynote speaker specializing in Communication and Leadership skills. I run my own company so I spend a large part of the day running my business, facilitating trainings and coaching clients. I also love to write (I write my blog), practice Yoga and read books, play with my babies and go on hikes with my husband. So I spend time doing a little bit of all of these things.

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you?

I put on quite a bit of weight during / after the birth of my second little one. He is almost two years now, and I feel I am mentally at a place where I can make my fitness and my wellness my first focus.

Starting this year, I told myself - this is the year I will be my fittest, sexiest, healthiest self. Before I got on this programme, I was on a self-made fitness regime. I have the momentum going and want to give myself the extra push - so here I am!

SPECIFIC GOALS - Decrease body fat % and increase strength

3. A problem shared...
What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these?

Less Dairy and No sugar - Perhaps these will be my biggest obstacles. So far I have been alright. I do miss a little piece of chocolate and an Indian sweet every now and then though.

Navigate this? - My brother suggested I write down why I am doing what I am doing. So when we waver, we can go back to that journal entry and remind ourselves. This might work for me. We will see how that goes!

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)

Workouts - on empty stomach or after breakfast? Is one better over other?

Thanks and all the best to all of us!

May the force be with us! :)

Hi All,

Day 1 was great overall. Controlled portion was not a challenge.

However, I admit. I am still figuring out the push ups bit.

I am not able to do a single push up, YET. I have never done them so far.

I tried to do them with knees on the floor.

Trainers - how can I up my push ups game? Would you recommend any alternative exercise?


Day 1 - Excited

Hi everyone!

Beginning of this year I told myself - this year I am going to be my fittest and healthiest self.

And I feel like I am on track.

Kenzai - let's do this!

Cheers and all the best to everyone.