Nidhi S.

Nidhi S.

Kenzai Body | Day 78
Kenzai Body
Day 78
Program progress:

Hey fellow Kenzaiers!

How is the week 11 coming along? And how was week 10?

It has not been all glorious and shiny for me. As we are coming towards the end, I am having some ups and downs.

In the last post I promised to share what's working and mental hacks. I was going to upload that last week, but did not feel motivated enough myself. And I don't like to talk if I can't do the walk! ;)

So here is a snapshot of WHAT IS WORKING in the final stage of our programme:

1. Reframing this as "Kenzai Part 2" - After a few weeks of not being perfect (as I was writing in my previous blog), I decided that I am going to reframe the last few weeks as a beginning of a new programme called KB-part 2. Rather than thinking that I am not doing well and now I need to drag through the end, I told myself - I had a break of following almost-Kenzai diet and exercise and now a new programme begins. We often find motivation when we begin something. So that is what I told myself.

2. Listening to my body and mind - I had some days when I felt off, sick, shoulder pain - instead of not doing at all - I did a little and listened to my body.

3. Not sticking to any rigid goals - I am not where I thought I might be in terms of weight loss (when I started the programme.) But I readjusted my goals last week based on the actual progress I was making.

4. Not being hard on myself for missing half a workout or eating half a chocolate.

5. Trying new places for workout and new recipes to keep things interesting

NOW - what is not working

1. Feeling tired and somewhat overwhelmed with the programme.

2. I do not know why somehow I am not at the same motivation levels as I was at the beginning. (On low motivation days - I am not thinking. I just go and do the exercise with less motivation. Lol. But I still do them. )

3. No Carbs for dinner (My insides are crying. Will I ever stop missing carbs. I am not able to apply any positive thinking here.... Help! :))

4. Getting complacent with measurements and sets. Jess - your shoutout was right on time. I WAS getting complacent. Thanks much for the reminder.

Well, that's all for now.

Sharing some pics: 1. Sweet Potato and Zucchini Patties. You can mix any veggies together like - Broccoli and Potato Patties, SweetPotato and Carrot etc. Pinch of salt, lemon, black pepper and garlic powder and you are good to go! 2. Scenes from the weekend.

Cheers and hugs to all for this week.

Nidhi xo


Hey my Kenzai Team,

Wow! End of week 10.

Wish I could write more regularly as I always feel like I have so many things to say! :)

Today, I want to share just one message which summarizes my feeling of the last couple weeks.

Progress over perfection.

The last couple weeks have been far from perfect. But I can accept that. Because I have made a little progress every day.

And even on some days, when I skipped a few sets because of my neck pain or feeling sick or indulged in a small piece of mum-made sweet or small portion of extra carbs - I know that I have come a long way in terms of eating healthy and exercising daily. And that is what matters for me.

I can see some changes in my photos - albeit very small. But I feel amazing because I know I am on a lifetime track of taking care of my body, my mind and my fitness.

So, even after all the slip ups, I am here. Determined to finish this programme strong - as much as I can.

That's all for today.

In the part 2 of this blog, I will be back with the small wins, the mental hacks I am using to keep going and the little falls and slip ups I have overcome.

Stay tuned. :)

Wishing everyone on this awesome team - all the best.

Keep going. Keep taking small steps on less motivated days.

My mantra - One step, one pushup, one squat, one jumprope is still better than none at all.

Nidhi xo

PS - I went to Disneyland last weekend to celebrate my 2-year old's birthday. So I am channeling my inner Moana in the pic below. :)

Hey Jess,

I have had left shoulder and neck sprain for last two days.

Yesterday the pain was manageable so I did the workout (perhaps a mistake) and then this morning it was unbearable - so I was not able to do anything today.

It is much better now.

A few questions:

1. How do I manage neck and shoulder pain?

2. I have noticed that I store tension in my neck and shoulders usually. So when an exercise gets tough - especially the upper body ones, my neck muscles tense up. How can I work around this?

3. Any other advice to manage this better?

Thank you so much!

Nidhi xo

Hey everyone!

I started my Kenzai time by reading your blogs and felt super inspired to finish the programme strong. Yay to us for going through ups and downs.

My updates:

1. Last two weeks I was in India for family holiday. I stuck to my exercises on most days - perhaps missed one or two at most. Diet - I had a few small indulgences and allowed a little flexibility based on what was routine for the day. I still managed to stick to the diet like 75 - 80% of the time.

2. Took a day off from diet and exercises yesterday as I was down with a stomach flu and felt like I had zero energy in my body. Still got in 30 minutes brisk walking and had fairly simple light diet.

3. Today - getting back to program with a determination to stick to diet and exercises for the remainder of the weeks.

4. Changes - I received a lot of compliments on my holiday as how much weight I had lost since they saw me last year and that I looked younger - vanity is a huge motivator! :D I have also noted changes in my strength and am able to do some exercises better. Mindset changes - I have observed that my mind is getting more attuned to exercises and healthier diet in general. Getting in a workout no matter what and picking carrots to eat at airport - my younger self would not have imagined this. :)

5. Ups and Downs - Like many of us - I am getting ups and downs in motivation. Week 7 workouts were pretty intense and am glad I pushed through them. But I have to admit, my motivation took a dip around day 45 - thinking that I still had 45 more days to go and was missing carbs for dinner. The following day was a bit better.

Am learning to navigate these weeks and focusing on making this a life time philosophy rather than a 3 month programme.

Was a long post. I felt like I had not updated you all and myself in a while about my fitness journey.

Onwards and upwards!

Ni xo

Just not able to get this one right. Especially while travelling.

Have been substituting it with another ab exercise for the last couple times.

How is everyone doing that one?

Thank you!


Hey everyone!

We are reaching the half way mark?! Wow.

Showing up today to say a quick hello as I have been away from our conversations for almost 10 days now!

The reason for being MIA has been that I left home for my annual family holiday in India. So, between travelling, social visits, resisting temptations galore and managing two little tots on the go, I am learning how to make my fitness , diet and exercise a priority.

I feel like I am doing well on the trip so far. Missed only a day of workout and have been sticking to the diet almost 90% of the time (while making space for a few childhood favourites).

Will be back soon with more updates, thoughts, struggles and wins soon. Hope everyone is having a good summer while getting a regular dose of otter kicks and Da vincis!

Sharing a pic from the holiday meet-ups.



Hey there friends.

How is the Week 5 coming along?

I read some posts about different ideas for how to get our vegetables in our diet.

Being a vegetarian all my life, an ardent foodie and someone who loves cooking, I have been experimenting with recipes and ingredients for a long time.

Though the no oil, no (or less salt) has been a bit tough - I find myself trying different things so that I don't get bored of eating chopped raw carrots or boiled veggies.

I have been thinking of sharing recipes here and get all your ideas too.

I have been loving soups for Kenzai diet. I weigh 200 gms (or whatever is required) of cooked veggies and blend them into different soups. If carbs are allowed, I enjoy them with a toast or just as it is.

Here are some different soups which have worked for me:

1. Sweet Potato Soup
2. Beetroot and Tomato
3. Carrot Gazpacho
4. Purple Sweet Potato
5. Carrot and Tomato
6. Green Pea
7. Spinach and almond
8. Broccoli and Corriander

I have some recipes for soups here on my blog:

Note the generous amount of oil / butter I used to use earlier. Haha! Nowadays, I simply omit that ingredient. :)

Would love to hear your ideas too!

Cheers and onwards!
Nidhi xo

Diet Questions

Hey Everyone!

Wow! We all have already completed 4 Weeks on the program! Feels great.

I have some questions regarding Diet.

Q1. What is the ideal time for Evening Snack? In the earlier weeks, there have been times when I had a late dinner due to work etc. and then did not feel hungry for an evening snack.

Q2. Is the evening snack supposed to be taken after dinner?

Q3. How do you space out the meals? Every 2-3 hours?

Q4. For my Week 4 - all veggies have been removed from the dinner and been added to evening snack.
Jess - could you explain the logic behind this? Why veggies post dinner? And why not during dinner?

Q5. Veggies - Most of the times, I am weighing cooked veggies. But sometimes, I have had raw carrots and cucumbers. Would it change how I should weigh?

Phew - seems like I had been wondering these questions since a long time. Thought let me clarify them now - better late than never! :)

Looking forward to hearing what everyone has been doing.

Nidhi xo

PS - Adding an end of week 4 image. Feels great that my back looks and feels stronger. :) Small wins!

Hi Jess and rest of our team,

I am finding it difficult to do some of the upper body exercises - like Shoulder ones and Triceps ones.

Yesterday - with double katana - I could not do a single one with the stretch band. So, I had to put that down and do the exercises without it. Followed the movement as shown in the tutorial and did reps until I felt the burn.

Any advice on how I can navigate these exercises?

Thanks so much!


Changes - Mind and Body!

Hey there team!

How's everyone doing.

Loads to share - as I have missed one full week of blogging.

Today I will share the changes I observed.

1. Mindset - a. My mind is getting in that mode where a daily workout has become almost ingrained like daily toothbrush and bath. Saturday we were out almost the entire day and I came home, put the kids to sleep and finished my workout at 11:00 pm before sleeping.

b. On the other hand - when it comes to food - it is being very clever and giving me all sorts of reasons and justifications as to why I should indulge myself to some sugar in my tea or eating a piece of choco. :)

Have not succumbed to major cravings yet. Except for a small teaspoonful of sugar in my tea.

2. Body - Have noticed my strength and cardio capacity go up.

3. Still not getting all the jumprope sets in one go. Only able to do sets of 50 counts in one go.

Also my ankles were hurting since two days so opted for 30 - 35 minutes elliptical.

4. Things have been super hectic with school year end and my own work. So I am trying my best to stick to diet and workout routines. Still not getting them done at same time of the day.

Felt like my thoughts were all over the place while writing this today. :)

Wishing us all very best for the week 4!

I am sure we all can have a little celebratory post at the end of this one. Looking forward to it!



Hey friends!

My mind was trying all sorts of tricks to make me postpone writing this blog. But I knew I want to do this - sooner than later. Also because, writing things will down will bring me clarity.

Okay - so what does end of week 2 feel like. I feel like I was surprised at times, felt challenged on many days and yesterday - felt like I survived.

What surprised me / What felt tough - I started with jump rope like a pro in the first week. And the second week - I felt like I dreaded it. There you go - I said it aloud and I feel relieved. It is hard for me to say that I felt challenged. But that is the truth. The muscle group workouts I could still manage, but jump rope was the tough part. This surprised me as I expected to get better at it. And this internal pressure made me feel worse. So I decided that I will not compare myself with anyone, nor even with myself and just take each day separately, on its own and go with the flow. There are times when I did only 20 reps of rope in one go, but I continued until I got every single count. Writing that line makes me smile and a little bit proud that I persisted. :)

What felt easy - Managing the diet, finding ingredients to support my diet and sticking to portions. Overall it was easy - though two days I struggled with a sweet craving. Used the lesson reminders and worked around it.

Other lessons:

1. Some recipes work out better than others. So I believe the first couple weeks will be all about trial and error.

2. Use other team members blogs as inspiration, but not for comparison

I realized that everyone in our group is having different responses to their exercises and diet. Some are finding diet difficult, some are finding exercises easy, some stay full, some stay hungry. When I compare I wonder - if I am on the right track. So, I have decided that I will take inspiration, but not compare or get worried. We are all together and yet have individual goals and journeys. So it is okay if our experiences are different than others.

Well that's it for now.

All the best to all of us for an exciting week 3!


Hey friends,

How's it going for everyone?

For me, I was pondering over "What surprised me at End of Week 1" and I could not find a definite answer. Because nothing came as a shock. I was fine with most of my exercises and dietary rules. As I had been on my own self-defined fitness programme for the last few months.

Two little surprises - In week 2, I was finding it easier to do push ups (with knees) and abs, than I did in week 2. Conclusion - body adapts quickly. Second, I was not craving some of the food things I thought I would and craving something else instead. :D


Week 2

The exercises in the second week hit me hard. I am struggling to do 5 sets, 80 reps of jump rope. There were some exercises I was finding difficult too. Jess - will email you separately about those.

Skip Rope - Still not able to pull 5 sets of 80 reps in one go. So doing 40 reps in one go, taking a few seconds break and then another 40 to finish one set. Hoping to build on this one.

Diet - Has been fine mostly. But like Nik said, I am struggling to finish the large portions.

Still a few days left in week 2. Excited to see how I progress.


Hello Kenzai Team,

As someone who follows vegetarian diet - paneer has been a big part of my diet for protein source.

I have two questions:

Q1. Is Paneer allowed in the Kenzai diet? If not - what is the rationale behind it?

Q2. If I can eat Paneer, can you please advice what will be the Base Protein Multiplier for that food group?

Thanks a lot.


Hi my fellow fitness friends!

Nidhi here.

Wow - we made it to end of first week and to a pretty good start!

1. Tell us about your life...
Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time?

I live in Hong Kong with my husband and two cheeky monkeys (5 year old girl and 2 year old boy) :).

In my day job, I work as an executive coach and keynote speaker specializing in Communication and Leadership skills. I run my own company so I spend a large part of the day running my business, facilitating trainings and coaching clients. I also love to write (I write my blog), practice Yoga and read books, play with my babies and go on hikes with my husband. So I spend time doing a little bit of all of these things.

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you?

I put on quite a bit of weight during / after the birth of my second little one. He is almost two years now, and I feel I am mentally at a place where I can make my fitness and my wellness my first focus.

Starting this year, I told myself - this is the year I will be my fittest, sexiest, healthiest self. Before I got on this programme, I was on a self-made fitness regime. I have the momentum going and want to give myself the extra push - so here I am!

SPECIFIC GOALS - Decrease body fat % and increase strength

3. A problem shared...
What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these?

Less Dairy and No sugar - Perhaps these will be my biggest obstacles. So far I have been alright. I do miss a little piece of chocolate and an Indian sweet every now and then though.

Navigate this? - My brother suggested I write down why I am doing what I am doing. So when we waver, we can go back to that journal entry and remind ourselves. This might work for me. We will see how that goes!

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)

Workouts - on empty stomach or after breakfast? Is one better over other?

Thanks and all the best to all of us!

May the force be with us! :)

Hi All,

Day 1 was great overall. Controlled portion was not a challenge.

However, I admit. I am still figuring out the push ups bit.

I am not able to do a single push up, YET. I have never done them so far.

I tried to do them with knees on the floor.

Trainers - how can I up my push ups game? Would you recommend any alternative exercise?