Nidhi S.

Nidhi S.

Kenzai Body | Day 11
Kenzai Body
Day 11
Program progress:
week 2 day 2

The work out was tough but I managed to do it !
Diet wise, the dinner quantity seems too much for me, hope its ok to leave a bit on the plate.

week 2 day 1

Workout went smoothly, I'm still doing the push ups with knees down, don't have the upper body strength yet.
Diet was good too, I had some serious sweet cravings especially while having my soy matcha latte. Couldn't finish the carb portion for lunch, I somehow wasn't that hungry . I was not on point with the fruits either, though I had 80% of them.

For cardio, went on the treadmill for 30 mins, followed by the workout, the otter kicks are killers!
Meals went smoothly, though I didn't eat carbs for dinner as I wasn't too hungry.
Next week isn't going to be as easy I guess, I will miss my coffee with coconut milk and a tsp of agave.


Hi, I'm Nidhi, and I live in Singapore. I'm married and have three kids, 13, 9 and 1.
I've had chronic neck pain for around 15 years, sometimes its manageable sometimes not. I have been seeing an osteopath for this since it got worse after my daughter who is 1 now was born.
My workouts since then have been limited to occasional swimming or walking and a bit of yoga. My eating has been very up and down, though I'm conscious of what I eat and try to eat more vegetables an fruits, but I do sometimes binge on chocolates or anything sweet I can get my hands on.
So I'm really looking forward to a new routine, discipline and develop full-body fitness and also loose all the extra weight from my last pregnancy.

day 3

Had my weekly yoga class in the morning, and went out for lunch with friends but didn't leave 1/4 on my plate, I forgot all about it in the midst of conversation. But the good part is the portions were tiny so didn't feel too bad about it.
The work out was fine, substituted 20 mins on the exercise cycle instead of jump rope.
The push ups weren't easy for me, I had to put my knees down to complete the sets, I guess I was still sore from the hatha class.


Having 3/4 of what I usually eat has been easy. Tonight’s dinner, my son took 1/4th off it before I could start!
I don’t like cardio other than swimming but pushed myself today.