Nidhi S.

Nidhi S.


day 3

  • Sep 12th, 2019 at 3:44PM

Had my weekly yoga class in the morning, and went out for lunch with friends but didn't leave 1/4 on my plate, I forgot all about it in the midst of conversation. But the good part is the portions were tiny so didn't feel too bad about it.
The work out was fine, substituted 20 mins on the exercise cycle instead of jump rope.
The push ups weren't easy for me, I had to put my knees down to complete the sets, I guess I was still sore from the hatha class.

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Jim MattJim MattKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer6 months ago

I find yoga to be a great complement to any Kenzai the stretching, flexibility and the mind/body components.

No shame in doing push-ups on your knees...I feel confident that you will see progression over the next 12 weeks on the push-up front.

    Jess SwarbreckJess SwarbreckKenzai Member
    Trainer6 months ago

    Great work, Nidhi and great blogging!

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